New Rilo Kiley

  • New Rilo Kiley


    i think it's good, but i dont like moneymaker. lol

  • I'm down with it. Except it was playing in our Starbux the other day and that was kind of weird.

  • Yeah, it's okay. They're a bit more adventurous now and they've sold out a little bit.. I miss stuff like from take off and landings and the execution of all things. Ditto BayaPicante, heard them playing it Starbucks and it creeped me out.

    • hazmmmm a dit :...
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    • 24 fév. 2008, 10h33m
    Singapore's radio has finally caught up on rilo kiley, and now breakin' up is plaguing the airwaves.

    Personally, I really don't like this new album, except for silver lining (they knew what they were doing in titling this song). The execution of all things is much much much better.

    let's talk about the modern age
  • agreed.

    • Hufke a dit :...
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    • 4 sept. 2008, 22h28m
    It's not that bad, but certainly not that good either. She's too manyl on this album. If I wanted to listen to women emancipation songs I'd go to an Alanis Morisette show.

  • snap.. They were signed to a big label before this album which is why it is getting more attention than usual. The label actually signed them just over listening to "portions for foxes" and all the hype 'more adventurous' got. I find it amusing because 'under the blacklight' is definitely carrying some 70's influences and doesn't sound like their old stuff.

    [I actually like moneymaker, the beat is nice]

  • I hate when people talk about how they don't like a band "because they sold out", bands sign on labels because they need money for things like rent and food so they can still make the music we love. I have no fear Jenny Lewis will continue to make good music. She took a risk and tried something different with this album, and that's cool.

    sometimes though when bands are on major labels they record in big studios with fancy equipment that cuts out that rough sound indie music is known for. Some labels tend to overpolish cds so it just sounds like manufactured pop. that is not cool, plus I like seeing bands in bars for ten bucks instead of arenas for fifty, that'd be my only complaint. That and there is something great about being the only person to love your favorite band instead of the whole world. [shrugs] enough ranting for me.

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