Did anyone of you ever think about the fact

  • Did anyone of you ever think about the fact

    that there are Tracks of 78 Minutes or more i.g. Transatlantics Whirlwind or a Wagner Opera, a whole live Concert or so,
    while there are Artists who put up to 36 Tracks on one CD?

    How about analysing the Time, one spent listening to his Artists?

  • I've definitely considered this. I did find something that calculated your bands based on time played. I think that it was in the Stats group.

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    • 23 sept. 2011, 6h44m
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    • 22 jan. 2012, 0h55m
    HaraldUrKv said:

    Thank you! I've been wanting something like this for quite a while. Time, for me, is a much more important metric than play count.

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