Turbo Recordings

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Leader : iDinus
Politique d'adhésion : Ouvert
Créé le : 26 jan. 2009
Description :
Tiga, ZZT, Chromeo, D.I.M.,Dahlback, Boys Noize, Popof, Brodinsky...

Turbo Recordings is a label dedicated to releasing only the highest quality of electronic music. Based in Montreal, Canada, Turbo has quickly become an internationally recognized brand with their trademark mix of uncompromising music and cutting edge artwork. At the core of Turbos success is their family of artists, combining local talent with the best new generation of international producers and DJs. With their strategic global distribution deals and their ambitious release schedule Turbo Recordings continues to expand and flourish in todays over saturated music market. More importantly, they have created a subtle style all their own. Avoiding easy trends and obvious projects, and managed to forge their own sound, which is always the sign of a true record label.

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