melodic, even more emotionally skramz

    • Foln a dit :...
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    • 1 mars 2010, 20h58m

    melodic, even more emotionally skramz

    now i gotta ask... we all know the tons of chaotic skramz bands out there like orchid, pg.99(more or less) etc. etc. but where are more of some like the saddest landscape, pianos become the teeth or la dispute? the more melodic and emotionally ones. please tell me!

    • lordzouk a dit :...
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    • 2 mars 2010, 9h44m
    hey i have the same needs :P, well i can recommend funeral diner, ache;emelie and I hate myself to name some but i am looking for it as well

    • loccer a dit :...
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    • 2 mars 2010, 21h59m
    Emotional and/or melodic:
    Swedes, Tunes For Bears To Dance To, Toru Okada, This Computer Kills, versusversus, The Spirit Of Versailles, Portrait, Polemarch, Noisy Sins Of The Insect, Merchant Ships, mapadelmundo, Loma Prieta, Kite Flying Society, Jose Phine, ...

    • Cornflames a dit :...
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    • 24 nov. 2011, 23h49m
    Suis la lune, Portraits of past

    • Vote4cake a dit :...
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    • 29 nov. 2011, 3h17m
    Try out the band "Archer In Jeopardy."

  • from most-recommended to slightly less-recommended

    Caravels (seriously, listen to this band)
    Old Gray
    William Bonney
    Age Sixteen
    The Reptilian
    Midwest Pen Pals (not as much screaming but very melodic and emotional)

    • Spartannnn a dit :...
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    • 25 jan. 2012, 9h05m
    Guy above me is right on all counts, also;
    Lizards Have Personalities
    Holiness Church Of The Valley(From my hometown)

  • The Book Of Dead Names, Song Of Zarathustra.

    The Birds Are Spies They Report To The Trees. (not so sure of them..)

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