• ok the artist of the week at group 100 to 1 for the week dec 17th-23rd are...

    19 déc. 2005, 2h29m par klap25

    the overall artist of the week is Portishead and the group's artist of the week is Yes. we have a very broad range of music in this group. so join the group and play 1 song from each artist. both are streamable
  • Top Tracks - Dec 11 - Dec 18 2005

    18 déc. 2005, 23h24m par clearskies

  • More free stuff on WM Recordings

    18 déc. 2005, 14h40m par Weirdomusic

    Hey folks,

    Two more free albums available from http://www.wmrecordings.com now:

    Sid Peacock - You can't buy everything forever

    Nambavan - Sex, drugs and Russian girls

  • the artists of the week at group 100 to 1 for the week dec 10th-17th are...

    12 déc. 2005, 2h30m par klap25

    the overall artist of the week is Cake and the group artist this week is Death from Above 1979. we had a good turnout last week for our artist garbage and the wallflowers. join the group and play 1 song from cake and death from above 1979 this week. both artist are streamable.
  • My Top 10 Albums of 2005

    11 déc. 2005, 0h21m par Anrky

    'tis the season to look back and reflect, here are my top 10 albums of 2005

    -1- Morcheeba ~ Antidote

    -2- Goldfrapp ~ Supernature

    -3- Esthero ~ Wikked Lil Grrrls

    -4- Garbage ~ Bleed Like Me

    -5- Conjure One ~ Extraordinary Ways

    -6- Hooverphonic ~ No More Sweet Music

    -7- Nine Inch Nails ~ With Teeth

    -8- Röyksopp ~ The Understanding

    -9- Afro Celt Sound System ~ Anatomic

    -10- Brazillian girls ~ Brazillian Girls

    Honerable mentions to albums I discovered in 2005 (most in thanks to last.fm) but were not released in 2005

    Feist ~ Let It Die
    Airlock ~ Symptomatic
    The Killers ~ Hot Fuss
    Sia ~ Colour The Small One
    Artefact ~ One of a Kind
    Vast ~ Visual Audio Sensory Theater
    Emiliana Torrini ~ Merman
  • Record of the Year?!?!

    10 déc. 2005, 21h28m par Rodderz

    I've just watched ITV's Record of the Year, the annual backslapping extravaganza where they 'celebrate' the best music of the year. Well, thats how ITV think it should be seen, unfortunately i'm not so sure. The main reason i say this is that the winner is decided by a phone-in vote and is affected in no way by record sales. Whilst this may seem a good idea it doesn't really work out that way. For example, the main people that will be ringing in to place a vote are more likely to be younger girls (say 12-15) than middle aged men. This is just an assumption of course but i cant help but feel that Westlife's generic slushy songs aren't really good enough to win four separate times. In fact i think they could probably release a cover version of 'I'm a little teapot' and still find that they win with over half the vote.

    The other (main) issue with the show is that the finalists dont really seem to be deserving of their place there. For example, the Black Eyed Peas were in the final with 'My Humps', a song that hasn't been released long enough to make a big enough impact surely? If this was for the Record of the Year surely it should've included songs from earlier in the year, for example 'Is This The Way to Amarillo' by Tony Christie (Just an example, i'm not saying this should've been in there at all lol)?

    Anyway, rant over, i'm going off to watch some boxing :D

    (As a matter of interest, Mcfly came second in Record of the Year, again showing the weakness of the phone vote?)
  • ten free CDs - if you're into that sort of thing.

    5 déc. 2005, 21h21m par tarbox

    for fans of avantgarde, japanoize, noise, etc., you really MUST visit the "Koji Tano Tribute" web site.

    there are 10 full length CDs compressed by ZIP and downloadable for absolutely nothing except that you might enjoy them and so honor the legacy of koji tano.

    artists from around the world provided work based on the contributions of Koji Tano, and it is really bloody overwhelmingly brilliant, i think... at least from the first couple of discs worth.

    but it is a bunch of electronic minimalists, avant garde composers, and noise artists. so if you are not into that, don't waste their bandwidth or your own time.


    here is a link to an image of the innersleeve with all the 100+ artists listed.
  • Recent nice experiences

    5 déc. 2005, 16h13m par SimpatiK

    This is a list of bands that are fairly new to me and that I appreciate.

    HORSE the band
    Great Hardcore band that mixes their rage with a fair sense of experimentalism and nintendo synths.

    Hardcore punk band with really nice sounds. Like the acoustic song Penelope and Seven Years the best.
    Would love to hear more about them.

    I haven't heard much. Just 2 songs. I'd love to hear more of them.

    Jose Gonzalez
    I loved the Bravia TV commercial so I tried hard to find out who the singer/songwriter was. I already knew Jose but only from before when I was a metal geek.

    The Advantage
    A band covering old Nintendo songs. Groovy as hell! Would love to hear alot more of them. Preferably own songs also.

    Kaizers Orchestra
    A norwegian band with great talent. Got their old stuff as well as the new album Maestro.

    Where did I get this lovin' for hardcore :/
  • Antony and the Johnsons Live

    5 déc. 2005, 13h50m par chinapig

    Ok so I finally got to see A and the Js (Bristol UK 2 December 2005). How often do you find yourself saying "I love (such and such an artist/band)"? Hyperbole usually, overused word, like "genius". Probably the only artist I could honestly say that about is Brian Wilson (for whom genius is not too strong either).
    Antony comes close though, and remarkably is even better live than recorded. The purity of his voice and the sincerity of his singing are matched by his exquisite piano playing (no basher of chords he). He has an appealing blend of shyness and confidence - the latter especially when the occasional moron has something to say to demonstrate their "wit".
    I expected something pretty intense and wasn't disappointed, but I didn't expect to get so much humour and especially not a singalong on "For Today I'm A Boy". This involved all the men in the audience singing "One day I’ll grow up, I’ll be a beautiful woman,One day I’ll grow up, I’ll be a beautiful girl" and the women "But for today I am a child, for today I am a boy"! Needless to say a lot more women sang along than men! In fact I got the impression that a fair proportion of the men found Antony a little threatening - which says more about them than him I think. I had occasion to ask a couple of such guys behind me to be quiet. To my surprise one of them came up to me at the end to shake my hand and thank me. Antony's benign influence I think.
    Hard to pick out highlights but I suppose his version of the Velvet Underground's "Candy Says" brought out just what a desparately sad song it is. "Trust Your Mother" (where Antony had us hum the accompaniment and where the resonance was so perfect we sounded like a professional choir) brought a lump to my throat, but during "What Can I Do?" (minus Rufus Wainwright of course)I got a speck of dust in my eye - honest!
    A word for the Johnsons by the way, as multi-talented, sympathetic and subtle group of musicians as you could wish for.
    For me album of the year and gig of the year - and I for one will continue to claim Antony as British!
    Antony and the Johnsons
  • the artist of the week at group 100 to 1 for dec 4th- 10th are...

    5 déc. 2005, 4h32m par klap25

    the overall artist of the week is Garbage and the artist for the week for group 100 to 1 is The Wallflowers. so everyone join the group and play 1 song from both of these artist. both of theses artist should be on the top of our charts next week. everyone in the group should play 1 song by each artist