Top 3 Hip Hop Artists.

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    • 29 avr. 2008, 17h43m

    Top 3 Hip Hop Artists.

    What is everybodies top three favourite hip hop artists?

    Just wondering, just to find out what you guys are into...

    My favourite rapper has to be Aesop Rock. I'm sure, everytime I listen to him, he gets better and better.

    Quite a way behind Aesop, has to be Braintax, but I've stopped listening to him as much recently. I'm still loving his sound though.

    Not a rapper, but my third favourite hip hop artist, has to be Wax Tailor, a DJ producing instrumental hip-hop. I've only just discovered him. I bought his Hope & Sorrow album, and it is so good. The whole album is full of good sounds and fat beats. :]

    But, then again I have to give a mention somewhere to;
    DJ Shadow, for his awesome Entropy tracks.
    Sage Francis, for getting me into underground hip-hop.
    Dizzee Rascal, for his catchy grimeyness.
    Astronomy Class, for being the first australian hip-hop that I owned.

  • Taskforce are definitely my number one favourite group ever - let alone just in hip hop. I just love their sound and lyrics, and they are really good to skate to as well. I have at least "very liked" everything they have come out with, and I'm hoping that MFTC5 is not just a rumour.

    I think Braintax would be my second favourite too. For pretty much the same reasons as Taskforce... And Biro Funk is such a classic album.

    My 3rd favourite hip hop artist is MF Doom. Whether it's his solo stuff, or some collaboration like DanderDoom or MadVillain, he's always good to listen to. I like his kind of eccentric style as well.

    Honourable mentions go to DJ Louis Slipperz, Jehst, and Skinnyman.

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    • 20 mai 2008, 15h33m
    MF DOOM No.1 - He's Magic

    Jehst No.2 - For his lyrical tongue twisters, i can't even say some of the shit he comes out with

    Outkast mainly Andre 3000 (from the early days ATLiens and Aquemini) No.3 - Extraterrestrial, out of this world

    Others Quasimoto, Wildchild, Task Force, and Dabbla from LDZ

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    • 26 mai 2008, 17h09m
    Chester P & Farma G (together and seperately)
    Roots Manuva

    these guys are my top 3. i love them for their cryptic lyrics. u have to listen over and over before u really understand their meaning. this is a trully english phenomenom in hip-hop writing.

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    • 26 mai 2008, 17h09m
    top 4 sorry

  • 1. Jehst - Currently is the best lyricist in uk hip hop, and has been for a long time. Some of the stuff he writes is insane. I aspire to be as big as him!!

    2. Brother Ali - Simply awesome. can;t stop listening to him. he puts other us rappers to shame

    3. Eminem - Purely for the slim shady lp & marshall mathers lp. insane on both of those albums

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    • 4 oct. 2009, 0h08m
    1. Wu-Tang Clan
    2. D12
    3. Gravediggaz
    4. Brooklyn Zu
    5. Deadly Venoms

    1. Ol' Dirty Bastard
    2. RZA
    3. Eazy-E
    4. Masta Killa
    5. Big L
    6. Tupac
    7. GZA/Genius
    8. Method Man
    9. Notorious B.I.G.
    10. Eminem

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