Music Suggestions for Posting?

    • ZacMagnum a dit :...
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    • 17 jan. 2010, 17h33m

    Music Suggestions for Posting?

    Do you have any bands/ artists you would like to see posted up on the Styrofoam Drone? Do you possibly want YOUR band posted on the Styrofoam Drone? Well, if so, then that could totally be arranged. This is the place to do so, so please, suggest away! Once again, I'm open to pretty much anything, and I'll never turn down new music. Let the suggestions begin!

    • DeanTurs a dit :...
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    • 23 jan. 2010, 1h31m
    theres this band i know called camursi. they have this one song manty mantis, and its way better than titus...Camursi

    D Turs...
    • ZacMagnum a dit :...
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    • 23 jan. 2010, 16h59m


    One of these days my friend. That will become a reality.

  • how about tom vek n my bloody valentine ?

    • ZacMagnum a dit :...
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    • 26 jan. 2010, 17h33m
    My Bloody Valentine would be a good one. I'm not too sure I know who Tom Vek is though. Hook me up with some material!

  • he's from London...check his "we have sound"(2005), dude

    • ZacMagnum a dit :...
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    • 28 jan. 2010, 16h09m
    I will check out Tom Vek...but I have better news for you. Today's entry was My Bloody Valentine. Check it out!!! >>>

  • .. thanx for keeping the nostalgia alive...God, i love them!

  • btw ,whaddya think about Ride ?

    • ZacMagnum a dit :...
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    • 9 fév. 2010, 17h27m
    hhahaha the pleasure was all mine. I've never actually listened to Ride to answer your question.

  • Ride?u know,bro,one of those shitgazers..;p, fuzzy monotone vocals n blurry guitars..(there's no torrent available, though...;p ) if u dig stuff like that check THE HORRORS..("Primary Colours' 2009 )...a cracking blend of shoegaze ,goth ,post punk(on this record tamed,though,the previous one was more in-yer-face,know what Im saing.)with some Kraut nerve (plus T.Moore's riffage in "Scarlet Fields "),but dont worry, they quote those BIG ONEs with a class ...

    talking about my fave lps u definitely have to download the Foals , Health n Think about Life...n Theengirl Fantasty( not sure if thats ur cuppa tea, ace balmy..hmmm post - house (my tag ;p)....n Toro y Moi n Washed etc..I can talk about my music breathlessly
    p.s. Ignore my mistakes,sir Im a Gal Polack ;p ,now London is Calling me.. ;p (the last 3 years, n its serving me well..

  • damn it , the Moore-esque riff was on the "New Ice Age" indeed,not Scarlet...!
    TEENGIRL FANTASY ,of course(next time i will use my spell check n a wee bit of brain too;) ,Foals,not " the" Foals...(!!)
    (I was sort of semi- toasted back then...;p)
    sorry for violating ur site ;p ,mate,have a nice evening !

    n check them out, im sure ur gonna love the album!(im talkin bout the horrors, Foals r great too ,of course- their "ANTIDOTES"is brill!!- dont expect any shoegaze ,though,more of a punchy groovey math shit,also one of those Lps that deserve FULL listen no matter how many times u hear it...

  • hi zac! you've reviewed us before...i think you'd enjoy this new record of ours: Radio San Francisco

    or here:

  • I'd love for you to give my self titled debut "Awake in a Dream" a listen
    Awake In A Dream Thanks in advance Jeromy

  • hey check out Strange Hands

    psychedelic garage rock from france

    • ekesner a dit :...
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    • 9 avr. 2012, 1h43m
    True Colour of Blood Guitar based ambient/drone

    I am THE Greatest
    Mother Fucker
    That yr Ever Gonna Meet.....
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