The Official Metal Police

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Leader : true_belief
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Créé le : 19 fév. 2010
Description :
HEY YOU! Yes you! Are you tired of posers fucking up Metal? do you get pissed when your kid sister steals your metallica CD's? do you want to put a bullet in Gerard Way's head? Say no more!

We are the metal police and we will stand and fight for all that is true, righteous and fucking metal! We will troll, pwn, shoot, stab, and hog tie any and all posers, on the web and IRL until all falseness is cleansed. You fuck with metal and we take you outside the 7-11 and curb stomp you for claiming it dies today is gothenburg(it's metalcore you faggot) Just dial 6-6-6 and our operators are standing by, to take care of all your metal health needs. Listen to nickelback, eat your greens, snort cocaine, and remember, keep it metal...OR ELSE!

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