The Mothership of Alternative Rock

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Leader : SirAlecHendrix
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Créé le : 25 oct. 2008
Description :
The Mothership of Alternative Rock—'s cruising meeting point for lovers of the real thing and hub for all kinds of alternative rock. Mothership—your guarantee for quality in music.

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Welcome to the Mothership—the greatest hub for alternative rock on
© 2006 by Declan McCullagh,

taste the difference
glad you made it to the Mothership ! this is your salvation. finally it's becoming
easier to find music and groups. the Mothership is your hub, connected to all
other Motherships and great groups via the ➤ Port ➤ . within this network of fine
music, you'll never get lost any more. so join now, it's open and it's free :)

if you've been looking for contemporary pop rock that's called 'alternative' or 'indie',
you've come to the wrong place. ironically, everything after 1980 is called 'alternative'
... instead of 'after 80'. not with us, we use labels that fit. this is the MotherShip,
the supergroup that never sleeps, your guarantee for great taste, for the REAL thing

groups we recommendin prep

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Mothership—a SiR HendRix Group production

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  • Lulzalot

    HAHAHA OH WOW. Post-Punk DOES mean something. Post-Punk is a term to describe bands that took punk's style and added experimentation to it aand drew from other genres, bands like Joy Division.

    25 sept. 2010 Répondre
  • SirAlecHendrix

    post-punk doesn't mean anything, that's why people tag it all over the place. this holds even more for "alternative".

    9 déc. 2008 Répondre