The Future Sound of Jazz

  • The Future Sound of Jazz

    What do you consider the Future Sound of Jazz?

    How would you define it in one sentence?

    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results since 1962.
    • buzjaz a dit :...
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    • 3 juin 2007, 5h13m

    Future sound of jazz

    I think the future sound of jazz will be elements of jazz mixed with other influences and styles. I'm sure the purists will not want to consider that jazz but there could be a mix of electronics and elements of jazz (improvisation in particular) that could be considered jazz. I quess that was more than one sentence but hey...

  • The future

    if you look at where music is now and where it was, the future will be a mixture of the old tunes, mixed with the ideas that are popular now. That is the sound of tomorrow, but that sound will be the sound of yesterday in 2 days. In music, nothing is certain...

  • fUnkY fResh Melodies oF Spring -

    fUnkY fResh Melodies oF Spring - by the
    Pigeon Killer.....

    anyone heard of Ben Westbeach?

    kinda jamiroquai, but much more eclectic mix of hiphop, drumnbass beats as well as dance...

    SyNCopated cUts to FUnK up UR F#$*
    • Cakdje a dit :...
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    • 27 sept. 2008, 4h27m's logical.

    Miles is started in 60. Just follow evolution, fusion...

    • imhuman a dit :...
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    • 17 nov. 2008, 23h57m

    not gonna be a sentence but i'll do the best i can

    My thoughts are essentially that in order to understand music it is important to look to other dominant art forms and their current standing. Though historically musical genres have followed the genres of visual art by several decades I am not completely familiar with todays movements in visual art but I guess conceptual music would be the best thing i could come up with using this model...

    I think maybe the best comparison I could think of right now for music would its ties to the culinary arts and literature. Globalization has influenced these art forms in very profound ways. People across the world seem to be tying together historical and contemporary influences from various cultures into one melting pot art form. This expression of a fusion or melting pot art form seems to express itself through all artistic mediums.

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