The Eighties Habit

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Leader : TheBlank
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Créé le : 20 nov. 2004
Description :
Like, Oh My God! If you like to gag on spoons or forks and like, hate totally grody people to the max- then this group is totally for you, for sure! So don't be a square peg, join...

Celebrate the most eclectic decade in fashion, television, movies and most importantly... music!

The Decade of the 80's was home to a multitude of genres and often trailblazing styles, from classic synthpop and new wave to the birth of hip-hop and rap, from the evolution of the power ballad through to the laying of the foundations for the "Cheese" threshold, and from crowd-packing, crowd-pleasing stadium and hair rock to, uh, Jason Donovan. If you love the decade, join the group - tell us how the 80's was for you, what songs get you all nostalgic and why you can't bear to throw out those leg-warmers and shoulder padded pinstriped blazers...

Description by: Heathcliff_2040

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