Bronx III: Discuss

  • Bronx III: Discuss

    I've had this post written up since November 18th, lol, and I still haven't actually finished it but I figured it'd deserve it's own thread and then everyone else can have their say about it. We were all so siked for III but now it's out we haven't said a thing about it, lol

    Two caveats:
    1) I'm currently listening to the leaked version until gomerch sorts itself out and I can grab the flamingo pack I can buy the cd, just fyi. Unless things are drastically changed between the leak and the retail versions I doubt that'll mean much though.

    [gomerch said they were gonna get security on there but the flamingo pack sold out before then so I am flamingo-less :( ]

    2) I'm currently in a kpop mood at the moment and that might be influencing how I'm reacting to The Bronx III right now.

    For some reason I wasn't as siked listening to this on the first run as I was listening to The Bronx II. I sorta feel like a bad fan in some ways, coz I love Bronx II a lot and they seem to...maybe not hate it, but it leaves them with a bad taste in their mouths or so I'm lead to believe from interviews; I think it's got the perfect blend of fast and slow - god I love Dirty Leaves!

    Anyways, the more and more I listen to III though, the more it all sinks in.

    Knifeman: I think The Bronx II had bit of an atmosphere with it, opening with Sombre and all. Maybe my listening to knifeman for a bit before it came out kinda dampened the impact? I dunno. Maybe for Bronx IV I shouldn't listen to anything before it comes out and stay spoiler free, even though I'm sure I'll be like a kid on Xmas eve and try to get a peek at what's under the tree.

    That being said, I've come to appreciate knifeman in the context of the album, considering my misgivings with it in the beginning.

    I've always thought the guitar just after "But out here on the border line, you've got to hold it together!" sounds kinda 80s-ish, but I'm crap at comparing music so....

    Inveigh: I guess it's kinda fast [Craveonline says it takes no half-steps in strapping you to a fucking rocket and launching you skyward- a thousand BPM trip], but Matt's voice lulls me into this false sense of...melody? Tempo? Space-time? lol I dunno, but it sounds like it's going slower than it really is, which is AMAZING! It's almost like a Bronx lullaby to me, haha. It's one of my fave songs.

    Past Lives: Everything about this one just makes me want to go out and dance, and I don't dance. It feels pretty poppy and who doesn't love pop? If someone says they hate it, then they're obviously lying - no-one can resist the allure of head bopping, toe-tapping pop!

    "Maybe in the next life I'll be a hero, not a criminal." Nawww :(

    Enemy Minds: "Wired, you're so wired. Tired, I'm so tired." - love those bits. [I'll get around to filling this in properly later]

    Pleasure Seekers: I think this is gonna be my new Around The Horn, which is like, my second fave Bronx II song.
    [I'll get around to filling this in properly later]

    Six Days A Week: [I'll get around to filling this in properly later]

    Young Bloods: [I'll get around to filling this in properly later]

    Ship High In Transit: [I'll get around to filling this in properly later]

    Minutes In Night: [I'll get around to filling this in properly later]

    Spanish Handshake: [I'll get around to filling this in properly later]

    Digital Leash: [I'll get around to filling this in properly later]

    I think Joby reckoned that III fit in between I and II but I think it fits perfectly after II. Might be alone in that feeling though...

    As I was listening to the record it seems to have some pyromania going on there; few references to fire and flames. Bronx I had a few references to scars, hearts and lungs, and II had a few to death/suicide.

    Behold my basic observational skillz!


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    • 15 déc. 2008, 18h04m

    Love it!

    Well, I loved it right away the first time I heard it and I still love it one month after that. When I first heard Past Lives, It gave me goosebumps - big time. One of the best Bronx songs to date and definitely the best one on the album. The rest of it is pretty amazing as well, I especially love the last five songs. Oh, and Digital Leash is fucking brutal.
    Anyway, I wasn't sure what to expect, cause I wasn't really that much into Knifeman when they released it before the album. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this band for who they are and their first album is my number one favorite of all time, but the second one was kinda... meh. I liked it at first, and I still kinda do (White Guilt, Safe Passage), but it lacks the rage and great riffs of the first one. I guess I wanted them to make another Bronx I, not another Bronx II. They did something in between, taking the best from each of the two and sorta merging them together. And they did great fucking job at that. To sum it up, I'm more than happy with this album.

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