Season 4 New Artist Voting NOW CLOSED, CHECK FOR RESULTS!

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    Season 4 New Artist Voting NOW CLOSED, CHECK FOR RESULTS!

    Hello and welcome to the voting for new bands for Season 4!

    We need four new artits to replace the four relegated from Division Four in Season 3. And it's entirely up to you who we get! Pick four artists that match the following rules:

    1. The Artist is British. This means they are in some way linked to England, Scotland or Wales, but NOT Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland/Eire. The Irish Rock League has taken over the Northern Irish reins (although Ash remain ours). All members of a band may be from Britain, for instance like Muse. Or they may be from another country even, but moved to Britain to start their music careers, for instance Placebo. I think one rule I am going to go with is to say that if an artist is somewhat British but more from another country, which is represented by a league of its own, then I'll let them take the artist on instead.

    It will ultimately be up to me as to whether a band is considered British, and what I say goes.

    2. The artist is not already in the British Rock Artists League or any other league. Self explanatory, although note that the artists who have been relegated in Season 3 are also excluded, but not those who were relegated in seasons before that. Here follows a list of the artists already in the league:

    Arctic Monkeys
    Belle and Sebastian
    Biffy Clyro
    Black Sabbath
    Bloc Party
    Bullet For My Valentine
    David Bowie
    Deep Purple
    Diamond Head
    Dire Straits
    Franz Ferdinand
    Iron Maiden
    Jethro Tull
    Joy Division
    Judas Priest
    Kaiser Chiefs
    King Crimson
    Led Zeppelin
    Manic Street Preachers
    My Dying Bride
    Napalm Death
    Paradise Lost
    Pink Floyd
    Porcupine Tree
    Primal Scream
    Sex Pistols
    Snow Patrol
    The Beatles
    The Clash
    The Cure
    The Fratellis
    The Futureheads
    The Jam
    The Jesus and Mary Chain
    The Kinks
    The Kooks
    The Libertines
    The Police
    The Rolling Stones
    The Sisters of Mercy
    The Smiths
    The Stone Roses
    The Verve
    The Who

    Also, as said in the bolded bit, they also cannot be in other leagues. This is possible if artists have several nationalities or claims to other countries in them. An example would be Jimi Hendrix, who is in the American Rock League, but could have also qualified for the British Rock Artists League if we got him first.

    Again, all decisions will be made by me and be final.

    3. The artist is some form of rock act. This could mean rock, alternative rock, punk rock, post-rock, hard rock, metal, heavy metal, progressive metal, progressive rock, singer songwriters, ska, etc, etc. We all know there are so many different types. I think the rule I am going to use is that if they use guitar for the majority of the time, then they can be considered rock. This does rule out synthesiser based bands, which is different from what I said before, but I think that's a whole new world of pop that isn't wholly relevant to rock.

    Again, all decisions will be made by me and be final.

    Please post if you want any of this clarifying.

    Also, please note:

    Please post your artist in the form of a link, which you can do by putting artist tags round them, eg [*artist]Muse[/artist*] (but without the asterisks). This will help me by being able to more quickly see where the artist is from and what sort of music they play.

    Remember, you can pick only four artists. If you want to pick less, that's up to you. If you pick more than four, I will just take the first four valid artists as the ones you mean. If you specify artists that don't meet the above criteria, I will tell you this and give you the opportunity to change your vote. You may change your vote at any time after posting, but what it is when I do the final count will be what matters.

    I know there will be people wanting a certain artist in desperately. I encourage those of you in that mind to get as many fellow fans on board! I encourage this as it makes it more competitive and it will also get more voters on board ;)

    Voting will close on the weekend of the 16/17th January 2010. This is subject to change though.

    I will try to update the vote as it happens, and I will post that here!

    So, enjoy voting for your new artists!


    23 votes
    1st: Gorillaz (Colchester)

    21 votes
    2nd: Amplifier (Manchester)

    15 votes
    3rd: The Damned (Croydon)

    14 votes
    4th: Foals (Oxford)

    12 votes
    TheTrees (Basildon)

    11 votes
    65daysofstatic (Sheffield)
    The Specials (Coventry)
    Uriah Heep (London)

    10 votes
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer (London)
    James (Manchester)
    Razorlight (London)
    The Horrors (Southend-on-Sea)

    9 votes
    Babyshambles (London)
    The Cribs (Wakefield)

    8 votes
    Gallows (Watford)
    Portishead (Bristol)
    Ride (Oxford)

    7 votes
    Spacemen 3 (Rugby)
    Supergrass (Oxford)
    The Stranglers (Guildford)
    The xx (London)

    6 votes
    Cock Sparrer (London)
    Depeche Mode (Basildon)
    Nazareth (Dunfermline)
    Siouxsie and the Banshees (London)
    Supertramp (London)
    The Enemy (Coventry)

    5 votes
    Bolt Thrower (Coventry)
    Maxïmo Park (Newcastle upon Tyne)
    PJ Harvey (Yeovil)
    Status Quo (London)
    The Wombats (Liverpool)
    White Lies (London)

    4 votes
    Blackfield (London)
    Electric Light Orchestra (Birmingham)
    Los Campesinos! (Cardiff)
    Madness (London)
    The Exploited (Edinburgh)
    The Toy Dolls (Sunderland)

    Many others on 3 votes, more on 2 votes and even more on 1 vote.

    voting has now closed


    The Damned

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  • My Top 3 of the "truest" song titles:

    1. This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream - Alesana
    2. Good To Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have To Do Is Die - Brand New
    3. War Sucks, Let's Party! - Anti-Flag
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    Popular Culture No Longer Applies To Me
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    Queen Adreena
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    Bolt Thrower

    (@perryvers: I'd vote Goldfrapp if I believed they count as rock...)

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  • Gorillaz
    Them Crooked Vultures changed to Uriah Heep
    Depeche Mode (well... they are a bit rock)

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  • *Are your eyes showing off for mine?*
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    The Cribs
    Peter Doherty
    The Horrors

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  • Maxïmo Park
    The Enemy
    The Horrors

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    Maximo Park
    The Wombats

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