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    • 28 avr. 2010, 8h06m
    NightVermillion said:
    My apologies for railing a bit off from the current topic, but I have a couple of questions:

    1) was squired by a company? I saw a post about it on page two. Can anyone give me more information, like what company and the year this happened.
    2) I am "pro" to the cuase of this group, and I noticed this thread. Isn't that thread a bit risky to have on times like this? I mean, I personally enjoy that kind of stuff, likewise I actually enjoy jokes against atheists, agnostics and everything so it doesn't bother me, I am just wondering about the "validity" of that thread towards's policies. After reading the whole thread, I'm officially confused.

    I think the title is exaggerated. It started out in a way to do the "point fingers and laugh", but now I think we usually bring up extraordinarily odd stuff almost in an ironic way. I think even most Christians would agree with our sentiments with some of the stuff being mentioned.

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