Suggest Texas based psych labels/ worldwide labels that have put out Texas psych…

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    • 1 avr. 2008, 12h25m

    Suggest Texas based psych labels/ worldwide labels that have put out Texas psych music

    Name some.
    Would you?

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    • 1 avr. 2008, 12h28m

    and artists

    I want to make more artist connections, I think I've gotten us off to a good start, the idea is always to discover more.
    Thanks for your help.

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    • 4 avr. 2008, 3h50m
    I think Indian Jewelry and Jana Hunter should definitely be added to the list,

    Also, maybe two of my shitty projects, lo-fi psych-shit-folk Ghost Boat, and this might be stretching it, but my shitty noise rock group zooz might possibly be considered psychedelic punk in some spots of some songs.

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    • 5 avr. 2008, 1h20m

    gb, zooz

    ghost boat... yes.
    zooz is definitely psychedelic. sounds like comets on fire crossed with triple x stars, or something.
    space grunge math punk.
    good stuff!

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    • 5 avr. 2008, 19h45m
    Thanks, man. It's nice to know some people besides my buds and I like it.

    I'll tell two of them to join the group also, because they like their psych and their texas.

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    • 9 avr. 2008, 0h55m
    What's up freaky Texas people? I really dig this group because I've always been a fan of the odd mixtures that the psychedelic and Texas influences bring together.

    I think the artists connections is missing a few:

    Roky Erickson: leader of the 13th Floor Elevators who has a pretty good solo output

    Butthole Surfers: pretty crazy group that make heavily psychedelic noise/punk rock

    Bill Hicks: legendary comedian/philosopher/master of ranting from Texas; while pretty cynical about some things, he also has a pretty uplifting psychedelic-influenced philosophy.

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    • 10 avr. 2008, 13h35m
    Roky Erickson! I met his brother! How could I forget to put him on the list? I DID add golden dawn, and 13 floor elevators, but forgot Roky solo, what's wrong with me?!
    and Bill Hicks... I'm a huge fan. Didn't think to add him cause he wasn't a musician... as far as I know... We'll put it to a vote!
    Who wants Bill Hicks added to artist connections?
    I vote yes.
    Well it's done then, Bill Hicks is going on the connections!
    Oh, what, there's more?
    Right, butthole surfers...

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    • 10 avr. 2008, 14h42m
    Actually Bill Hicks was a guitar player in the band Marblehead Johnson, although I'm not sure if they were necessarily psychedelic. Some of his comedy albums have trippy interludes with him playing music and parts of his performance mixed together (especially on "Rant in E Minor").

    "Right, butthole surfers...
    Haha yeah they tend to elicit that type of response.

    I'd also like to recommend The Black Angels, a newer psych band from Austin.


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    • 5 mai 2008, 21h03m
    Oh, I completely forgot American Blues and Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast, and I have no clue why. Also, Lift to Experience can be considered psychedelic.

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    • 14 mai 2008, 23h16m

    about Bill Hicks,

    I didn't know that! How cool, I'm gonna try to find a recording of that.
    about B.S., I added them, didn't I?

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    • 22 juin 2008, 23h25m
    Cold Sun is from Texas

    Dada smells of nothing, nothing, nothing.
    It is like your hopes: nothing.
    Like your paradise: nothing.
    Like your idols: nothing.
    Like your politicians: nothing.
    Like your heroes: nothing.
    Like your artists: nothing.
    Like your religions: nothing.

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    • 23 juin 2008, 5h35m
    1990's Texas psychdelic bands based out of Houston: The Pain Teens, The Mike Gunn Band and The Linus Pauling Quartet.

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    • 26 jan. 2009, 17h22m
    Kan'Nal is from Austin. They're a tribal/psych rock band with a didjeridoo base section.

    Batman's a bitch.
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