Why do you like techno/electronica ?

  • Why do you like techno/electronica ?

    I decided to start a thread and the title pretty much says what it is about.

    But I am going to add another aspect to the thread. Post why you like techno/electronica, and who's your favorite artist(s).

    Now this maybe a boring thread but it's a start so please one person post a comment! D:

  • I'm not really sure why I like techno so much. I guess I just like the sound of it.
    E Nomine is the group that really got me into it later on. Possibly the best techno-y type group there is! XD I also like Zombie Girl, Schwarz Stein, Sisen, Bespa Kumamero, and Art Marju Duchain.

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  • Awesome thanks for being the first to post :D those are some awesome artist indeed. I happen to like Felix the Housecat and Boys Noize :)

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    • 26 avr. 2010, 15h30m
    Can write in spanish? Is complicated express myself correctly in english.

    Escucho música electrónica desde muy chico, creo que empezó a gustarme cuando escuchaba eurodance de los 90, así que ese tipo de música me pone de muy buen humor :D
    He seguido la evolución de la música electrónica desde esa época, sin embargo no me gusta mucho la electrónica experimental, si tengo que escoger entre un estilo
    me quedo con el Deep House. También me gusta mucho la música con sintetizadores como el electro clash. Es difícil poder decir exactamente por que me gusta la música
    electrónica, simplemente me gusta.
    Me gustan muchos grupos, pero dentro de todos creo que destaca mas Daft Punk.

  • Awesome! Thanks for posting in the thread.

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    Hiya, well im not even sure if the music i like actually is techno, some people say its more like trance ;-) But i saw Röyksopp in the list, so i think i do fit in here :P
    I think i like Techno (or whatever it is) mainly because its easy to listen to, plus i have a high affinity to electronic stuff anyway :D
    I dont really have any favourite artist, but i happen to listen quite often to DJ Tiesto and Paul van Dyke =)

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    • 4 août 2010, 19h27m
    I like electronic because it sounds awesome, as a kid i was influenced by my parents to listen metal (rammstein metallica etc) , i liked it and all but was blind to music itself.
    As time passed i got to live alone and "without watch" so i started hearing new music and was surprisingly(for me back then) impressed by trance/techno etc , since then i've been trying to be as open minded as possible to everything.
    (ok essay over now to the point)
    I like it because it sounds cool , theres rarely meaningless lyrics breaking the song or if there are lyrics its on "background" sound and its not always supposed to mean something (for example repeating smt etc just to make the listening better).
    Its often hard to explain why you like something (such as music), i like the sounds and mainly because such type of music almost never includes grief/sorrow/war and useless crap like that but its about people uniting. Lots of techno reminds me of summer+beach as well (just the sound of it) which makes it even better. This doesn't mean i don't like "slower" and "sadder" electronic music , first theres very few songs like that and 2nd i think i got 2 or 3max in my playlist ~

    oh well, i tried

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