• Mantis Radio 093 + Bas Mooy / DL /

    31 oct. 2011, 10h43m par _DVNT

    Mantis Radio 093 + Bas Mooy
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    hour 1 / DVNT
    Malicious – Sterilise [Black Hoe Recordings]
    Mobthrow – My Dub Kingdom (Mobthrow remixes FSOL) [Spectraliquid]
    Sean Walsh – Sleeping Giant [dub]
    Emptyset – Avichi [CLR]
    Versalife – Night Time in the Computer Labs [Clone West Coast Series]
    Kassem Mosse – GSO2 [Nonplus]
    Solar Chrome – Robotnik [Maschinen Musik]
    Boddika – Grand Prix [Naked Lunch]
    Lory D – Acidronix [Numbers]
    Bias, Gurley – Roll [Keysound]
    Cova – Lacre [cova.bandcamp.com]
    Drugstore – Shadai [Cicuta]
    Rory St John – Sadbat [Teskoba]
    JSTAT – Positive Feedback Loop [Void Tactical Media]
    Jon E Alpha – Dreadfire [jonealpha.bandcamp.com]
    Abu Duque + Paris the Black Fu – 9MM Monk [EPM]
    Eomac – bashy [Invisible Agent]
    Alphaxone – Primal Dusk [Petcord]

    showcase / BAS MOOY
    Sandwell District – Falling the Same Way (Dommune Version) [Sandwell District]
    SP-X – Extract [Time to Express]
    Ascion – Untitled [Repitch]
    Unbalance – Rhythm Slave [Unbalance]
    Perc – Gonkle [Perc Trax]
    Surgeon – Those Who Do Not [Dynamic Tension]
    donor / truss – Endo 3 [Perc Trax]
    Forward Strategy Group – Corporate Stress Tools [Substance Audio]
    Hans Bouffmyhre – Demon Within (Pfirter remix) [Perc Trax]
    Never Existed Boy – A Non Place [Gynoid]
    Bas Mooy – Warsaw (Walker FSG remix) [Audio Assault]
    Smear – Inert (Retail + Leisure remix) [Dynamic Reflection]
    Surgeon – Force + Form Remake 2 [Tresor]
    Plastikman – Mind in Rewind (Steve Bicknell remix) [Minus]
    Regis – Blood Witness [Blackest ever black]
    Inigo Kennedy – Scatter [Token Records]
    Reeko – Omnicide [Mental Disorder]
    H229 – Repulsine (Bas Mooy remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
    DJ Hi-Shock – Darkness Below (Go Hiyama remix 1) [Gynoid]
    Planetary Assault Systems – Rip the Cut [Ostgut Ton]
    Mr. Jones – Zoom 41.0 (Eventually Jack) [The Public Stand]
    Brian Sanhaji – Regum (Pfirter remix) [EgoTon]
    Go Hiyama – Thirst for Blood [Audio Assault]
    Rod – Mori 3 [Balans]
    Dead Sound – Laughin’ at You (Bas Mooy remix 1) [Elektrax Recordings]
    Surgeon – Optic (loop) [Downwards]
    Reeko – Follow Me (You Can’t Escape) [Mental Disorder]
    Paul Bailey – Saturday Boy (Surgeon remix) [1881 Records]

    093 /
    Following on from where Perc left us a few weeks ago we’ve huge pleasure in welcoming Bas Mooy to our humble show.

    the SHOWCASE
    Bas Mooy has been on our showcase shortlist for a while and I’ve little doubt his exclusive session for Mantis Radio is well worth the wait. Based in Rotterdam, since 1999 Bas has been leaving a trail of techno flavoured destruction for all to hear. Heavily influenced by his self-described industrial strength 24-7 city, his dark sound is a stable requirement of many of the world’s finest and respected DJs and clubs.

    Together with Jeroen Liebregts of the brutally essential Radial in 2002 Bas opened the floodgates with Audio Assault, one of the go-to labels for industrial hard and dark techno. One year later the sub-label ARMS began its onslaught. Since then both the labels and Bas have consistently delivered.

    Bas as a DJ has continues to perform around the world and is a regular at the Dutch Awakenings parties. As a producer his work is never out of favour and finds homes on labels Planet Rhythm, Roots, Fine Audio Recordings, Naked Lunch, Impact Mechanics, Submissions, Patterns, Blank Records together with his own imprints; Audio Assault and ARMS.

    Recent releases include his Uniform of the Outsider EP and a joint EP with Exium: Untitled both on Planet Rhythm.

    Forthcoming you can expect remixes for H229 on Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Dead Sound on Elektrax, Go Hiyama on Gynoid, and Mutate on Blank Code. He’s more original production work in the pipeline as well including releases for Luke Slater’s Mote Evolver, Perc Trac, Go Hiyama’s Blank, Gynoid, Audio Assault and an upcoming album on his new label Morderstwo. More details on that one soon.

    A new CD is planned for March/April release in 2010 AND he’s working on a studio collaboration project with Darkfloor fave Dead Sound. A productive and prolific producer then.

    Strap yourself in, it’s a proper ride this one.

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  • Kerkez - We Float EP (Logos Recordings)

    29 oct. 2011, 6h58m par logosrec

    Artist: Kerkez
    Title: We Float
    Label: Logos Recordings
    Release date: 20 September 2011
    Format: Digital
    Catalog No: LOGOS036


    Goran Kan aka Kerkez is coming back with a new EP for Logos “We Float” This is a wonderful 3 tune release. It started with “We Float” an amazing tune, fresh sounds, beautiful melodies. “Fog” is a dance floor friendly club tune with deep basses and nice synthesizer textures. “In the box” is a groove club track.


    01. We Float
    02. Fog
    03. In the box


    Goran Kan started DJing around 1998. In the beggining of his carrier as a DJ,he mostly played house music. From then till now, the tribal vibe is still in his DJ sets and production as well. Back in 2001, he had his first residency at summer club ‘Havana’ in Skopje. After that summer he got into techno. He has played in all of the cities in Macedonia, as well as in Albania (Tirana, Durs), Serbia (EXIT festival 04, Belgrade, Nish), Kosovo (Prishtina), Croatia (Rovinj) … Because of the bad club politics in Skopje, he started organising parties himself at different locations, parties under the promotion group called ‘V.C.P.’ He received the award ‘The most successful macedonian DJ in 2004 at manifestation named ’13 for the best’. Goran Kan has played side by side with Ben Sims, Mark Williams, Mark Broom, Terry Mitchell, Deetron, Samuel L Session, Umek, Dave Angel, Paul Mac, Oliver Ho, James Ruskin, Darren Emerson, Jeff Mills and many more. He was a part of the project called ‘Bang Box’ (Tour with some other Djs from Macedonia). He started producing in 1999. From then till now, his production has changed from house to techno. His first release was on Terry Mitchell’s ‘Primal Force’, EP called ‘Dirty Dance’, and he has also signed for some other labels like Real Sessions, Dark House Music.. Regarding the new music wave, Goran started to make music also under the name Kerkez, different but still groovy melodic minimal/house. Supported by John Aquaviva, David Squillace, Mark Broom, Florian Meindl, Patrick Lindzey and many more.. Some of the tracks will soon be released on labels such as Minisketch, Material, Impact mechanics, Q sound recs and more.. In year 2005 Goran Kan and Mark Williams started ‘Concept’ radio show wich was going live on ‘Club FM’ radio in Macedonia.Now it’s broadcasted on italian radio ‘Orion’. More information about the whole ‘Concept’ project on www.conceptshow.com

    More info: http://logos-recordings.com

    Some Feedbacks:

    Kerkez “Fog” this is he one for me on th ep!
    -DJ 3000

    nice release..i will play it! Thx
    - Motorcity

    Very nice release, difficult to make a choice ,very good quality in the production and sound,but my favorite track is “in the box” ,thanks
    -Hughes Giboulay

    Full support! Greetz from NY!
    - Angel Rize

    Realy good
    - Edmond Binoge

    Full Support
    - Samoil Radinski

    Logos Crew
  • Out on Space Factory! Yasmin Gate "YG the Album"

    17 août 2011, 0h12m par equitant

    Space Factory is proud to announce the long awaited debut album from Yasmin Gate "YG the Album"!

    Yasmin Gate, former member of the band “Dirty Princess”, has ventured onto the dance floors of the worldwide electronic scene with her latest release on David Carretta’s (Space Factory Records). "YG the Album" is a refreshing and uplifting eclectic mix of many styles on one album. A classic unique sound of audible art, with dark beats and hypnotic voices that will make you move. "YG the Album" features collaborations with renowned artists: DJ Hell & Christian Prommer, Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb & Fixmer/McCarthy), T.Raumschmiere, Equitant, Pillage and Ikki. The key has been found and the “Gate” has opened…get your body ready.

    "YG the Album" has been preceded by a number of EPs on Space Factory in 2010 with: (Go On EP) featuring T.Raumschmiere and (Lips EP) featuring Douglas McCarthy.

    Supported by: Wolfgang Flür, Dj Mini, Nomenklatur, Dj Stendhal, Darkness Radio Bro Gwened, Electrosexual, Ascii Disko, The Hacker, Acid Washed, Dj Hell, Philipp Straub, Angel Molina, Agoria, Stuff, Karim Chouchou, Trevin Matcek, Aymeric, Luciano, David Shaw, Arnaud Rebotini, Karotte

    Release date: August 15th 2011

    Space Factory Records (2011)

    Preview & purchase here:

    Yasmin Gate, DJ Hell, Christian Prommer, Douglas McCarthy, T.Raumschmiere, Equitant, Pillage, Ikki

    2 août 2011, 1h59m par equitant

    OUT NOW ON SPACE FACTORY! YASMIN GATE AND PEOPLE THEATRE - WAITING FOR YOU EP - featuring original mix + remixes by: David Carretta, Heko, Salamander and Equitant.


    Preview full release here:

  • Equitant - Flash of Light (featuring Lea X) Out Now on Black Montanas!

    23 juin 2011, 13h41m par equitant

    Out Now on Black Montanas! Equitant - Flash of Light (featuring Lea X) BM120
    Preview & purchase @ mini-site: http://ra.lunarservers.com/~agura3/equitant_flash_of_light.html Preview & purchase @ Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/equitant/equitant-flash-of-light-original-mix
  • Nino Sebelic - Birth of new life (Album) Logos Recordings

    3 juin 2011, 8h30m par logosrec

    Nino Sebelic - Birth of new life (Album) Logos Recordings

    Supported by : Ben Sims, Estroe, Alan Oldham aka T-1000,Djinxx,...........

    info and preview: http://logos-recordings.com/WP/?p=2453/


    Logos Recordings
  • archive: MANTIS RADIO 084 + LIFECYCLE

    30 mai 2011, 9h50m par _DVNT

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    hour 1 / DVNT
    Ed Devane – Squib (The Person mix) [Takeover Recordings]
    Bahir – Etrag [Chi Recordings]
    Bengalfuel – Forest Ghost [Hibernate]
    Gridlock – Chrometaphor [Hymen Records]
    Dogboy – Tau [Fullfridge]
    Substep Infrabass – The Satheist (Ptr1 remix) [dub]
    Lee J Malcolm – OneStar [EPM Music]
    Lee J Malcolm – OneStar Applicant (James Ruskin rework) [EPM Music]
    Octave One – Love and Hate (Cari Lekebusch remix) [430 West]
    The Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea (FOG’s Future Retro remix) [dub]
    Dijj – X_64 [ASRX]
    Phat Chex – Party People [dub]
    Lolo aka Acidus – Slater [Audioexit]
    Rabitza – Last News of the World (Sub remix) [Russian-Techno]
    T.R.O. – Communication (Dr. Schmidt remix) [Maschinen Musik]
    Dijj – Fin_droon [ASRX]
    Jnr Hacksaw – Hoffman [Subatomik]
    Darkmode – DYN [Elektroda Ziq]
    The Hidden Persuader – System Saboteurs (Pip Williams THP remix) [thehiddenpersuader]
    Lolo aka Acidus – Toferina [Audioexit]
    Mobthrow – Street Breakz [Ad Noiseam]
    Mobthrow – Iron Tribal [Ad Noiseam]

    hour 2 / LIFECYCLE
    Lifecycle – Flam [Glack Audio]
    Andrea Parker – Invasion [Touchin' Bass]
    Lifecycle – Euphorics 101 [Ricochet Records] forthcoming
    Habersham + AOE – Duneza Danza [Lobotomy]
    John Tejada – Time Factory [Palette]
    Ion Driver – Hang In There [Ricochet Records] forthcoming
    Re:Group – AntiChance (Jesse Somfay remix) [Detroit Underground]
    Bownr – Water And Fire [Ricochet Records] forthcoming
    Audiovoid – Smear Your Mind [Addictech]
    Sinthetix – Glass [Ohm Resistance]
    Kawatin – Bended Park [Ricochet Records]
    Photek – 124 [Science]
    Lifecycle – Correcting Fluid (Ochre remix) [Ricochet Records] forthcoming

    084 /
    Coming up this week we’ve a producer, DJ and label owner I’ve been hankering for a while to get on the show. Digging deep and wide with an awesome exclusive showcase session is the one known as Lifecycle.

    the SHOWCASE
    Head of independent electro imprint Ricochet Records, Lifecycle has an ever growing reputation from his releases on Londonbreakz, Electrofly, Fluid and Looq for producing compelling records which are hard to categorise. Energy from last century’s rave scene is channelled into deep, dark, progressive electro.

    Recent releases have been described by the press as ‘lavishly psychedelic‘, ‘invigoratingly intense‘, ‘on crack‘, ‘tensely unpredictable‘, ‘thinking man’s tear out‘ and ‘a growling, percussive carnival of a warehouse adventure‘.

    A full live band is currently out on the road fleshing out new material with a sound that is equally hard to pin down, somewhere between progressive rock, tribal electro and jazz-tinged breakbeat, with a heavy emphasis on improvisation and interplay between each of the group.

    Lifecycle has constructed a very special 3 deck mix for the show with new and exclusive bits from himself, Ion Driver and his latest signing to Ricochet: Bownr.

    Earlier this year we opened the Darkfloor forum: a collection of message boards to discuss all things darkfloor electronica, together with other music both electronic and beyond, as well as events.

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  • Yasuo Sato - Sunnydays Cats Dream (Logos Recordings)

    12 mai 2011, 7h48m par logosrec

    Yasuo Sato - Sunnydays Cats Dream (Logos Recordings)

    Supported by: Ian Pooley , Vince Watson, Delano Smith, anthony shake shakir.................and many more

    preview and info: http://logos-recordings.com/WP/?p=2180

    Enjoy !

    Logos Recordings
  • MIX: DVNT – More’s the pity, Divinity

    3 mai 2011, 10h46m par _DVNT

    DVNT – More’s the pity, Divinity
    Download / Stream / Darkfloor / Comment

    AVOIDANT – Birth in Carpathia I [Enough Records]
    Pan Sonic – Hertsilogia / Herzlogy [Blast First Petite]
    + Kangding Ray – Pruitt Igoe (Alva Noto remodel) [Raster-Noton]
    Frank Bretschneider – Flight 09 [Shitkatapult]
    Mike Dehnert – Klartext [Delsin]
    Margaret Dygas – For Five [Ostgut Ton]
    Samuli Kemppi – Quantum Mechanics (Planetary Assault System Dub edit) [Mote-Evolver]
    Sleeparchive – Ronan (Point One) [Tresor]
    Jeff Mills – Late Night [Tresor]
    Sleeparchive – Ronan (Point Two) [Tresor]
    Traversable Wormhole – Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettmann remix) [CLR]
    The Bug – Skeng [Ninja Tune]
    Forward Strategy Group – Code#01 [Perc Trax]
    Luke Creed – Leichtreas (Gunjack remix) [Gobsmacked Records]
    Datacrashrobot – Piezoelectric Actuator [Crazy Language]
    Casual Violence – Briefly Sexual (Voidloss and now cold and alone mix) [Singularity]
    Milanese – The End (Untold remix) [Planet Mu]
    Nicolas Bourbakiv – Functions of One Real Variable [Furioso]
    Harvey McKay – 1992 [Soma]
    Lucy – Lav [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
    Bombo – Northside [Trax]
    Anodyne – Destruction [Earwiggle]
    Amon Tobin – The Lighthouse (King Cannibal remix) [Ninja Tune]
    Autechre – Gantz Graf [Warp]

    [i]Back on Monday, April 25th a new mix I recorded specially for the occasion was broadcast on Tyler Smith’s BSide radio. His show gets just 4 broadcasts a year, going out as it does, just once every 3 months. Was quite taken to be asked. I’m told the mix was very well received and seeing as I’ve already posted up Tyler’s own mix for the show; his tribute to Surface Records, it’s only fitting I upload and share my effort as well.[/i]

    [i]As the show is primarily a techno affair, you can be sure that I dug out a hefty wedge of darkfloor approved techno and electronics for the occasion. Pan Sonic, Frank Bretschneider, Mike Dehnert, Sleeparchive, Jeff Mills, Dettmann, Gunjack, Lucy and Autechre all feature.

    Often as I’m sure many of you who DJ and record mixes, I feel less fond of the recording when I listen back to them, not so much with this one, anyways, I hope you enjoy the track selection and programming.

    Artwork is by [url=http://www.makemassair.co.uk/ nofollow=yes]makemassair[/url], which if anyone is interested is the artistic alter-ego of me (click the image for a larger version). It was based on the existing artwork for the show together with my interpretation and methodology behind the mix. Bonus points if anyone can identify the mix title. Oh yea, the downloadable version is a 320kbps MP3.[/i]
  • Denny Trajkov - Man From The Future (Logos Recordings)

    10 mars 2011, 10h21m par logosrec

    Denny trajkov - Man from the Future(Logos Recordings) Out Now

    Supported by : Vince Watson, Dimitri Kneppers, Glenn Underground, Anthony Shake Shakir,Gary Martin....and many more

    More Info: http://logos-recordings.com/

    Enjoy !