Sound of the Universe

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Leader : Lolotakun
Politique d'adhésion : Ouvert
Créé le : 6 oct. 2006
Description :
Lucious, uplifting sounds that make you touch the stars. For all those who like their music really big.

In space, there is no boundary, no limit and no guilt. Over the centuries and until this day, the Great Sound of the Universe has only been able to be reproduced (and heard) by jack-of-all-trades that weren't to shy to light the fuses with suns. If only tripping beats, spacy guitars, resounding pianos and/or grandiose orchestras can make your heart beat in the rhythm of the cosmic spheres, then this is the place to fill up your ears and soul.

In other, less "spaced" words, this is, among others, about classic rock, hard rock, progressive rock, trip hop, trance, house and phillysound. Notice that melody is the dominant element of these genres, so if you are exclusively turned on by punk, grindcore, hardcore/gangster-rap, or '00's R&B, this group might not be very enriching for you.

Don't hesitate to tag your greatest songs with "sound of the universe" and enlighten us with your recommendations. There's plenty of space for every star in here.

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