Artists on SoGoPro

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    • 8 jan. 2010, 20h51m

    Artists on SoGoPro

    Hello kids :) well to continue the stream of solo posts, here's another. This one might elicit a response!

    Thanks to SoGoPro, I've been introduced to a slew of new bands. My favourite right now is The Very Most, who most of you will recognize from the podcasts. This (plus the twitter contests sponsored by the label) got me to checking out the other artists on Indiecater Records, and thanks to a lovely discount on their site (25% off, go now, you might still benefit!!) I was able to download a few other albums and have enjoyed it tremendously. I especially am loving the Honeyheads (find them on

    Through other SoGoPro fans, I've also been introduced to some really amazing bands. My friend and fellow SoGoPro-er has recently turned me on to The Elements aka The Edinburgh Elements, fronted by Alan Davison, and I am in love! If you don't have the time to check out a lot of music, do at least check out Sunlight by The Elements. They're not on YET but do check them out on Myspace. (check out New York, bone tingling good!)

    Another really good band, Mumford & Sons. Also recommended by a SoGoPro-er.
    Both the fan recommeded bands would be a great fit for SoGoPro and it would be smashing to see hear them on a podcast or even another project.

    One of the best things about this company is the organic integration of music. Some really great bands have been highlighted and it's been a delightful musical journey!

    Having said all that, what other great bands have you discovered? Which artists have SoGoPro introduced you to? What do you think of the music showcased on the podcasts and the other projects? And, which unsigned artist or artists that are not well known, do you know and love and would be a great fit for SoGoPro?

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    • 25 jan. 2010, 15h00m


    There are a great many artists that SGP has introduced to us all...and I am so grateful for it. I spend my days scouring for a new sound.

    Hmmm...there are so many bands and artists that I've listened to recently that I've really responded to.
    These are all Australian artists:

    Georgia Fair definitely comes to mind...There EP is brilliant and I really can't get enough of it at the moment.

    Aluka There an incredible a'capella group. Take a listen to 'Shadow'.

    Rushcutter I absolutely love their sound. Especially 'The Liveable City'

    Washington ahhh...she just does something to me. 'Clementine' is beautiful!

    Kate Miller Heidke It is essential that you take a listen to 'Out and In'. This song is in my Top 10 ever. It just gives me chills, and goes a few years back for me. Plus Kate is quite literally a powerhouse. She is classically trained and her operatic sounds are insanely incredible when she goes off at a show.

    I think that's enough of a mix to start off with. So take a listen and tell me what you think. Alan Davidson is simply lovely.
    I'm really digging The Elements...I was introduced to them this morning! So thank you...(you know who you are).
    Mumford and Sons...are pretty good, I'd be happy to listen to them.


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