Listening habits

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    • 30 août 2008, 19h23m

    Listening habits

    Everyone listen to music in different ways. Our common ground of music listening is, that we do not use shuffle. But how do you listen to music else? Some guys listen to music while they jogging, some while sleeping. What do you do while you listen to music? And where do you listen to music?

    In the morning I wake up with music. The configuration of my notebook allows me to let it automatic reactivate of sleep mode and play automatic an album with Winamp at a specific time. It's really enjoyable to stand up with good music. Sadly I have no time for a full album sometimes. Even better than a alarm clock.
    Besides, it's a habit to fall in love with a single song in the middle of an album. Than I have to play it again and again and again, 'til I'm ready again to listen the remaining songs. Some songs can be really addictive.
    The most music I listen with my computer at home. I hate all the workaday noises, that people make on their way from A to B on streets, in shops, in trains, in the school or at work. It's nasty, if you want to think about something; it's distracting, if you want to listen to quiet music.
    Well, what I do while I listen to music at home is work. Music is a big source of inspiration, so I work best on pictures (photography/photo manipulation) or on some orders accompanied by music. Lying still, doing nothing, just searching in yourself for something while you listen to music is nice as well.

    What's about you?

  • I'd love to wake up with music, but my old computer doesn't have this feature...
    I listen to music basically all day long, if I'm at my computer or reading a book, or getting some order into my room, etc...
    In the evening I like to listen to some Ambient or Neofolk, like Eluvium, Tenhi, Nebelung and the likes, while drinking some good red wine (dry, please) and with a candle instead of nasty electric lights. Very relaxing. ;)
    Sometimes I also listen to one of my CDs with my portable CD-Player when I'm sitting in the bus or walking somewhere, which can also be quite interesting, especially if the music forms either a contrast to the movement and the ambience, or fits it perfectly.
    Ever tried listening to Bohren & der Club of Gore while sitting in the bus at night, or while walking through the city? ;)

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    • 31 août 2008, 21h57m
    There are diverse plugins to wake up Winamp. Unfortunately your computer has to run.

    Your evening sounds fine. Good taste for ambience and music ;) ...and wine, probably.
    Bohren & Der Club of Gore is the most perfect soundtrack for silent and dark nights I know. It's intended for the night with songs like "Midnight Black Earth", "Midnight Walker" or albums like "Midnight Radio". Strongly recommended for every friend of the night (well, this is Mogwai).

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    • 5 sept. 2008, 18h50m
    I listen to whatever in a certain moment. There's much hardcore in my top artists, but I like to change from such music to more laid back music in an instant, just to change back to GG Allin ten minutes later. I usually prefer podcasts in the morning, it's a great way to start a day and forces me to concentrate to whatever I'm listening to - which pretty much also forces me to stay awake.
    During work it's kind of an whatever fits my mood situation again. Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies are great for certain moments in which my pulse is racing and slow stuff like Johnny Cash fits moments like these, when I'm surfing the net perfectly. While being in cities or riding a bus music becomes a total "must", my tolerance level for other people's bullshit is quite low and listening to some teens bragging about whose wearing the better baseballcap for more than five minutes brings me to the edge of sanity. It's good to listen to some spoken word stuff like George Carlin or Lewis Black in such moments, that's like having instantly agreeing with you, just because those guys always seem(ed) to be pissed of as hell as soon as the entered the stage.

  • I like to wake up with music as well and my stereo has this feature but unfortunately something seems to be not ok with it because sometimes it turns on radio in the middle of the night. Late time I got frightened so much that I prefere to keep the plug out of socket so I can't let me wake up with music...

    Then I listen to music mainly when I'm in my room sitting on my computer. But I also listen when I'm cleaning up, drawing, reading, learning etc.

    I used to listen to music when I left the house but since I moved to another town and go by bike almost every day there is only a few minutes until I reach my goal and get to talk to people so it's not worth it switching on a song because a lot of songs last longer than I have time to listen to them when I'm en route. So I leave my mp3-player in my room most of the time.

    Additionally I noticed that there is less time for music since I have started studying =/

    What I listen to is varying. Sometimes I listen to albums with a similar mood one after another but there are also times I listen to Deine Lakaien after having listened to Negură Bunget. So there is no scheme.

    That's it for now...

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    • 19 nov. 2008, 19h29m
    There's not a whole lot I haven't done whilst listening to music. I get ready for my day, do Uni work, play computer games, play board games, read, sleep, walk, get public transport and drive whilst listening to music, though the latter ones are done via my MP3 player. I used to live with people where we'd just sit in for the evening listening to good tunes. I've even been known to watch a DVD and play computer games whilst listening to music.

    There is very little, I feel, that cannot be enhanced by listening to good music whilst I'm doing it. It is essentially because I love music, but it also allows me pick songs to play on the radio show I do at my University's radio station. It's both helpful and bucket loads of fun.

    No. Not even in the face of armageddon. Never compromise.
  • Oha, listening to music while watching a DVD?

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    • 24 nov. 2008, 22h44m
    For me there is very small part of the day when I dont' listen to any kind of music. While sleeping, watching TV/DVD/co. , observing interesting or important lectures, or being in conversation with someone. I know only that immediately after waking up or going to sleep I listen something chill-outish, low energic .. But rest of the time depends on mood, weather,type of obligations for that day etc.

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    • 15 fév. 2009, 15h31m
    I listen to music while I sleep (always the same album, () by Sigur Ros) and when I wake up, which is nice because I often get a particular song stuck in my head the rest of the day at school. I don't listen to music while doing reading-involved homework because i find it too distracting, but i can listen to it while doing math a bit. I am in many art classes, and I find it extremely nice to listen to music while I draw and stuff, I feel like it increases your creativity and patience. I usually pick something to listen to that resonates with the mood of the piece I'm trying to create. In my free time, I obviously like to listen to music on iTunes while on the internet, or listen to music on the stereo in my room. My stereo has a built-in iPod dock, so I can often scrobble most of what I listen to my stereo onto my, which has greatly improved my charts.

  • How long have you played this one album while falling asleep?

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    • 22 fév. 2009, 15h11m
    a little over 3 years.. I've memorized every note haha.

  • Wow... you must have a special connection to this album.
    I can't imagine listening to an album every time I go to bed for three years.

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    • 20 sept. 2009, 16h32m
    Anywhere and everywhere, but my favorite place to listen to music is on my way to studies or anywhere. I use public transport, and I often spend 1-1,5 hours just to get to studies and ~2 hours to get home [more if I have to wait longer]. For some reason, it creates some kind of a special atmosphere.

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