Where and when are you DJing? (in SL or elsewhere)

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    • 3 mars 2010, 16h19m

    Where and when are you DJing? (in SL or elsewhere)

    Aside from the rare guest spot and impromptu sets here and there, I DJ Thursdays at Fracture 7-8 pm SLT (PST) / 10-11pm EST.
    If you're inworld come join us at Fracture. If not visit Fracture's Blog and "click to listen" on the top right of the screen.

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    • 9 juin 2010, 17h07m

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    • 22 juin 2010, 21h27m
    I'm at the Laundromat Mondays from noon to 2pm SLT, 2-4pm CST.

    I'm at Bombay (b)Indie Sundays from 7-9pm SLT, 9-11pm CST.

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    • 24 juin 2010, 3h26m
    I just started DJing at The Mission every Wednseday @ 8-10 am slt.

  • I don't DJ as much as I used to. Deadlines are kicking my ass these days so if you catch me it will be a miracle. You can most likely find me hanging out afk at The Laundromat, Alt7, The Mission (Formerly Club 42), waxing nostalgic at the front doors of Indie Rock wishing Space was back spinning, Bombay, and a few other places. You never know when I'll do am impromptu set and if it will even be an Indie set. I've been known to cross tracks.

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    • 29 juin 2010, 17h12m
    I play Mixtape Fridays...sometimes around 6PM but maybe 5 or 4, depending on how the day goes. And Sunday morning wake 'n bakes at the Velvet circa 9AM SLT.

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    • 26 sept. 2010, 6h57m

    Chatting, dancing, free English practice.

    If you're interested in practicing your English with people from around the world in SL with some BGM thrown in from yours truly, drop by the Tiki Bar at Cypris Chat in-world at 6 AM PDT Mondays. Anybody welcome, but we use Voice Chat pretty exclusively.

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    • 14 jan. 2012, 19h55m

    Back to The Velvet

    Tonight DJ Katherine Ivory and myself return to The Velvet 9-12 slt. We're doing a split 3 hour shift tonight, then splitting the Saturday 9-11 shift every other week or so.

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