Worst Rush-album

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    • 16 sept. 2009, 15h29m
    Chronicles // Rush best album

    Because I have all Rush album.

    : )
  • Test for Echo sucks except Driven

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    • 24 sept. 2009, 14h09m


    Not unlike pizza - there's no such thing as a bad Rush album. Having said that, there are few things I can say about the discussion about a "worst album"...

    1) Vapor Trails is not only NOT on my short "worst list", it's in my TOP TEN. What an awesome return for Rush. They always seem to take their music and tweak it a bit to be relevant. I don't get where you would put that one last - IMHO. Same with Test for Echo, although I can understand an argument for it.

    2) If I had to pick one it would be Counterparts - overall, it's their most "forgettable album" and really does not represent who they are and what they mean to Rush fans.

  • To be honest, the vast majority of songs from the period from Signals (1982) all the way to Roll the Bones (1991) do nothing for me. The whole poppy, synth-driven, way-too-80s sound is not something I can enjoy.

  • Possibly Counterparts or Presto.

    As for Feedback, I wouldn't consider a covers album to be in the same category as original work.

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    • 28 oct. 2009, 23h11m



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    • 31 oct. 2009, 1h54m


    I like Moving Pictures! its very good! i have 3 cds!

  • Worst Rush album

    Maybe "Hold Your Fire". Thing is that Rush normally do good albums with some of the 80's ones being weaker than the 70's ones. Their sound has drastically changed since their debut going from a Zeppelin style to prog to keyboards and then back to rock. They are an ever evolving band.
    There are the odd certain tracks, however, which are weak....still one of the best bands ever !

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    • 16 nov. 2009, 23h35m
    Hold Your Fire, Presto, Roll the Bones, Counterparts, Test for Echo, Vapor Trails, and Snakes & Arrows all sound like they came from a different band. Rather than progressive rock, they completely switched to genres such as arena rock, and hard rock.

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    • 1 déc. 2009, 15h05m


    I'd have to say that last one 'Snakes and Arrows'. With Vapor Trails a close second.
    After having bought some of their albums up to 3 times (LP, CD, CD remaster) I tried getting into S&A after the relatively less dissappointing Feedback but it just doesn't work for me. My track ratings for S&A (all out of 10) are 6,4,4,4,5,7,6,6,5,3,3,8,5 (compared to PW which was all 10's in my book). Vapor Trails was close with 5 tracks getting a 4/10 and 'One Little Victory' was the 'best' track at 7/10. I must revisit my ratings as VT actually gets 1.5 less overall than S&A yet it doesn't seem as dire.
    Counterparts was a sort of return to fom (I rated all tracks 6 or more) and Test For Echo wasn't too bad but they're both a long way from the classic 75-81 stuff.
    Edit: It rather seems tha Mr Pearts writing ability has shifted to books - sadly 'Ghost Rider' and 'Workin' Them Angels' seemed so much better concepts in a literary form.

  • Whaaaaat is everyone talking about? Vapor Trails rules. I know it has the worst audio quality ever, but the songs are awesome. Imagine if that got rerecorded/remixed. You would love it and I know you would, so try and look past it.

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    • 13 fév. 2010, 8h04m
    The most disappointing Rush album for me was Grace Under Pressure. First became a Rush fan when Moving Pictures was their new album. I also loved Signals so I was excited for Grace Under Pressure to come out. This seemed to be the start of their "nuclear war" theme in some of their songs. It didn't interest me at all. That along with the 1980's sound really made me lose interest in the band.

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    • 15 fév. 2010, 4h48m
    Hold Your Fire and Presto, without any doubt.

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    • 23 fév. 2010, 14h44m
    Vapor Trails ...... and to counter CustomGibsons worst track I would have to say the worst track is "Rivendell" off Fly By Night it is just a bit worse than "I Think I'm Going Bald" .... It is just horrible.

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    • 14 mars 2010, 14h42m

    Recent evidence suggests that a barrel full of monkeys is not half as much fun as previously claimed, and is, in fact, rather horrifying!
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  • I can't believe the number of people mentioning Signals, personally I love the album, it has the same dark atmosphere that set Moving Pictures apart from previous stuff. Also I revisited C.O.S after reading comments on this thread, played it full blast through headphones..............Brilliant...........Didacts and Narpets anyone?
    As for worst album....Well, it took me 2 or 3 years to fully appreciate Grace Under Pressure but I love it now....but I think it's got to be either Hold your Fire or Test for Echo. Not terrible albums just least favourite.......

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    • 1 avr. 2010, 21h40m
    I changed my mind: It's definitely Roll the Bones! It's just too stripped down/simple, too soft/poppy and most of all boring as hell. Conterparts comes second, it has some really good tunes, but also some boring ones.

    Recent evidence suggests that a barrel full of monkeys is not half as much fun as previously claimed, and is, in fact, rather horrifying!
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    • 26 fév. 2011, 1h00m

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    • 1 mars 2011, 10h50m
    I love all Rush albums and I got all of them, but if I got to choose one, will be Fly By Night, I don't know I like the album but not like the others,
    Greetings from Argentina!

  • I'd personally have to say that Vapor Trails is my least favorite album of theirs, but it's not because of the music on it; it's the audio quality of what's on there. Retrospective III included a redone Earthshine. While I still have the original album I deleted the digital track of the original Earthshine off my computer and replaced it with the one on Retrospective III. I listen to the redone one all the time. Alex Lifeson said if there was enough interest they'd consider re-recording all of Vapor Trails. I'd love for them to do it.

    As for the music itself I'd probably have to put Power Windows as my least favorite. Even my favorite tracks off the album are among my least favorite overall. Their first album would be a very close second. A lot of people seem to like Working Man, and I've never found myself to enjoy it. The entire album feels as if they were trying to emulate Zeppelin, and I don't much care for Led Zeppelin.

    I even like a lot of their softer stuff like what was done during the late part of their synth era. That's pretty much what I like about Rush. I can have my favorite tracks out of their entire discography and hardly ever get bored of it because from one album to the next nothing's ever the same. A lot of people turned away from Rush after they moved on from the style of music they liked. I say they're first missing the point of Rush and second they're missing a lot of good music.

  • how can anyone say their least favorite is Test For Echo? Personally its one of my favorite albums. Id have to say the "worst" in my opinion is their self titled album. With that being said, I LOVE everything Rush has ever made!

    • KeIemvor a dit :...
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    • 22 mars 2011, 12h58m
    Roll the Bones. Way too stripped down and poppy songwriting aswell as a damn weak production.

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    • 24 mars 2011, 3h39m
    Okay, first off, Moving Pictures is amazing and second, Power Windows was just painful to listen to. That gets my vote.

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    • 28 mars 2011, 4h38m

    Easy and simple....

    There isn't one...

  • i vote for Hold Your fire, it has some good stuff, is a good album, but in general is the worst album

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