13 jui. 2007, 19h30m par Rexy666

    Info @:
    Cold Blooded

    As placed on the main page of C-B -->Cold Blooded

    You can vote for DIR EN GREY in the kerrang! awards 2007!!

    DO IT!! O:

    Here is what you do! Got to this page and fill in your details on the right then click 'start voting' button > from here you will be taken to a page with categories - CHOOSE THE Best "International BAND" CATEGORY!! (on the right) or the new comer OR ALL!! haha im going nuts on the newcomer section, album section and international band section xD

    Then you can type in DIR EN GREY and hit the vote button --- YOU CAN DO THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN LETS GET THEM IN!

    Also if you buy next weeks issue of Kerrang there is a vote slip in it, fill it in with Dir en grey as your vote and all the other stiuff required and send it off. Next weeks issue also has an A3 poster of Dir en grey in it!!!! :laughing: :laughing:

    get to work!! :D vote em over and over because it lets you vote again as many times as you like after!!!

    5 mars 2007, 19h45m par Rexy666 fucking read it read on bitches!
    I told you i would try my hardest with my petition, my site, my Diru UK street teaming and everything i've done and spent time on with my friends Metzli & Jack,

    heres the story.
    And thus today began a shit day of days...well alright it was okay o.O

    i get home to find jon has mailed me, so i mail back and chat some more about the MUCC concert coming up this month.

    He then suddenly mails me with 'Phone me on this number NOW'

    i mailed back with 'oooo why so? O:'

    and he responded those three.......heavenly words to me...


    O_________________________________________________O <--- that was my face

    and so i phone and talk, the first sentance made me tremble, and shake all over and nearly break in to tears...'They have confirmed a date to play in london'

    i nearly had a screaming mental fit and i couldnt actually eat my dinner because i was nearly hyperventilating xD

    we talked more, he said basically i was now allowed the right tell everybody, yeah we have been sneaky you see >.O i have had to keep my big mouth shut for for what seems like FOREVER about the posability, and now its CONFIRMED i have been given confermation first under Jon that Dir en grey will be Playing in London, on the 2nd of august.

    He told me tickets and prices are being discussed and he will let me know as soon as he does so i can spread the info like he said i can about the confirmation ^^

    he also noted the current venue for their showing is put down as Carling achademy Islington. Now - i know from D'espairs Ray this venue isnt impressive one bit, and Diru in there, there is not going to be enough room for fans, not at ALL and they'd so not like it in there its FAR to cramped for a band of Dirus stature.
    its tiny....800? i don think it can fit that many...

    so i informed him of this issue, and he said he is going to notify them about its capacity and give them a few other venue options. he is going to pressure for a slightly bigger venue than this if possible and one thats obviously - secure.

    ^________________^ as soon as he knows anything else, i will and that means - YOU WILL TOO!

    :333333 FUCKING ENJOY YOUR DAY!!! :D I KNOW I WILL!!! *Flails* XD

    *is shaking all over and buzzing like a thousand vibrators in a box*



    Cold Blooded Dir en grey Fansite & UK Street Team
    Dir en grey UK Street Team
  • Calling all Japanese music listeners! i need your help!!

    2 mars 2007, 20h01m par Rexy666

    "This Questionnaire is for my college project, i have been given an assignment to create or re-create a magazine cover, and also make a poster for or with the magazine. There is going to be two or three of these Questionnaire's, this is the first and it is on ideas for the front cover design and the bands i want to include in the design.......................... "

    i need you guys n gals to fill it out as seriously as possible please it is actually for my work at college, that i will need to work from so yuh ^_^

    The rest of the info is in the link :3 please help me out ^_______^ !!

    The Questionnaire

    S'ankyu in advance ~ :B

    31 jan. 2007, 17h20m par Rexy666

    Hey guys n gals

    im calling all DIR EN GREY fans of the world to unite!! XD nah im sick of missing my fave band, they go around the uk and never on it, me and several friends don't own the money (us being poor little students) to travel across to the rest of europe to see them preform!! we want them on home soil - want them to realise we love them just as much here!! so come on help us silly poor brits out XD! visit the petition page bellow to sign it, we want them in london at least kay >=O XD

    The petition page

    My myspace blog has banners for spreading round, over myspace, blogs anything already coded so just slect the code of the coloured banner you desire to use and copy it =]
    Blog with Banners

    Thanks so much!!! :D