Remembering the Hair Bands, Metal Of the 80's 90's

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Many artist moved on from the 80' to the early 90's about 1997 The metal heads, or Hair bands of the 80's was being pushed out while alternative was taking over around mid to late 1997.

My first 16th birthday gift was a David Bowie 45 record and a purple rain 45 that was purple by Prince, I’d later find out that heavy music was going to be my kind of music i had listened to a lot of 50’s 60’s 70’s music and had practiced with my vocals. Now it was 80’s so my new albums that a cousin gave me was Kiss and Motley Crue’ Theater of Pain album, this included the live wire album, and the shout at the devil album.

Man I would get down and practice the songs later knowing them by heart. It inspired me even more so I began to go deeper with Ratt, ACDC, Krokus Vanhalen and many other knew hard and heavy bands, that were considered a heavy metal in the 80’s. Now all see that type as hair bands, men with tight spandex or jeans, with long hair and was a mothers nightmare for us girls. plastering posters of our dream guy all over our walls dressing the part acting the part of a rock star.
After moving to Missouri yet a 10th time because my parents had split in 76 or so id become more open to explore more.

This is where the fun began, as soon as I turned 21 I hit the rock clubs and bars were id soon be part of a band working for them as a roadie or fan club president and during that time I'd meet Jani Lane of warrant, Ozzy, Firehouse and Quiet Riot bands that would perform or hang out at the Lonestar in Westport Kansas City Mo.
This is where id also team up with a few unsigned bands such as Madatchu, Brasskitten, and Foxy Foxy and work for them or do something in the line of fan club stuff this is how i was able to friend up with those major labels.
I moved on after that and help in a band as a lead for Vortex band a few of my friends and I created vortex we didn't make much of it.
So I moved to Branson Mo and reformed my own band again calling it Vortex. We did well I'd also do open mic night at a club under a restaurant at nights after being there then would have to return home after a long journey in music. I'd make my way back to KC to a son whom past away.
I stopped doing anything in music far as singing but did a bit of work in the unsigned area and met up with more majors again, doing radio shows I would do and moved on to just work with that or DJ and do Promotions, Manage or Produce music for unsigned bands.

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