Real Pop, Not Teenybop!

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Leader : Xylemicarious
Politique d'adhésion : Ouvert
Créé le : 21 juin 2006
Description :
Many people associate the word 'pop' with music like Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and other crap. While the word may be short for 'popular,' we know that the meaning has evolved from meaning...

A group for the lovers of good pop.
Join if that describes you.

Other groups that deserve to be joined (In my opinion):
Ugly Charts Anonymous- You know who you are.
We Like Bands That Use A Variety Of Instruments- The group I inherited. Instruments are awesome; the more, the merrier.
Teenagers Who Don't Like Emo- I love these people. They are beautiful.
Batman is so totally post-punk- I agree.
musical attention defecit disorder (M.A.D.D.) is a dirty awful sin. Repent here.- See name.
Indie is not a Genre- Duh.
You do NOT like 'everything!'- If you are in this group, you don't like teenybop. So join.
Spaz Dancers Anonymous- Spaz dancing is my favorite hobby.
Landlocked Wench-Smacking, Landlubber-Flogging, Rum-Drinking, Treasure-Plundering, Cutlass-Weilding, Shanty-Singing Badass Pirates- Unleash the pirate within.
Bet you didn't know how much you were missing out on, eh?

Oh, and for those who were wondering about the group picture, it says "Less of this" under the makeup and "More of this" under the guitars. But of course you already knew that because you're a smart person.

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