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Leader : belgradonja
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Créé le : 3 jan. 2010
Description :
This group is dedicated to the Outlaw Folk-Blues Lyrical Dream Music creation of the Serbian band Prkos Drumski.

The name of the band "Prkos Drumski” can roughly be translated to "Purslane Road". It is a peculiar flower on the road. The band is more a fellowship of friends more than an average band, where love, understanding and pure friendship is the core of their art, something which inflicts in the warmth and gentleness of the songs.

>Band members:

* Miloš Zubac (guitar, lyrics, lead vocal),
* Aleksandar Milivojević / Kum (guitar, vocal),
* Sonja Šešlija / Mala Fea (guitar, lyrics, lead vocal),
* Miloš Drobnjaković / Grievous Angel (bass, sfx, mandolin, blues harp),
* Vanja Srdić / Belgradonja (percussion).

Milos Zubac : "The songs have the colors of our dreams and hopes, more than fears and anxiety, I suppose. We have three songwriters in our crew - Sonja (aka Mala Fea), Isidora and me. We also share vocal parts in songs. Sometimes, not very often, we use lyrics from great poets... Nikita Stanesku was immense Romanian poet for example...and I composed and sang one of his songs. We love to join poetry with music."
Eddie Cooney / a Continental Drifter (R2 Rock'n'Reel Magazine): "They search their very hearts and souls for meaning while attempting to capture the elusive butterfly of beauty..."
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