Am I Post Techno?

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    • 14 fév. 2008, 12h17m

    Am I Post Techno?

    Hello, I define much of my music to be some kind of post techno... I'm deeply rooted in techno, early and newer stuff but in my own music I'm trying to get "that feeling", you know, and push it forward towards some kind of funk which sometimes leaks the 4/4 paradigm..bassdrums missing beats and so..the loops becomes fragmented and while you can consider them still loops while they are treated like little themes which I jam on through the full song... If I got you curious you can get some of it over these URLs.

    These tracks are not available on since I do not want to get higher stats ranking because I want to share my views and thoughts on music.

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  • shranz house might be the answer to post techno

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