New eXperimental Music From New York

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    • 17 sept. 2009, 15h08m

    New eXperimental Music From New York

    Be First To Discover X: THC
    X: The Human Condition

    Brand new on Last FM,
    X: THC has been compared to
    Radiohead, Floyd and Nine Inch Nails among others...

    "X: The Human Condition" is a multimedia experiment...
    The live, dynamic concert performance by the music group X: THC,
    enhanced by emotionally charged film visuals,
    creates an uplifting and stimulating shock to the senses,
    that both entertains and provokes thought.

    Musically, X: THC Combines the multi-layered hypnotica of
    smoothly grooving electronic beats,
    warm emotive alternative indie rock,
    coldly induced new wave post-modernism,
    lush, heartfelt, romantic blue-eyed soul
    & classic songwriting,
    with an otherworldly experimental soundscape.

    X: THC breaks down the walls between musical genres,
    challenging categorization,
    while communicating performance through multiple sensory applications,
    known as "synesthesia".

    The live music and film multimedia experience examines
    the human condition, pulling you in to an alternate reality…

    Hypnotically delicious…
    It is a trance-inducing trip inside the human subconscious...

    Please check it out, comment, tag and share, because we are just starting out and need your support...:)

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