What do we want to see in the Playground?

  • What do we want to see in the Playground?

    Seems like a natural question to ask. So I'll provide my answer:

    I'd like to see a streamable version of last.fm that works on older mobile phones (specifically, a first generation Motorola Q that runs Windows Mobile 5). While I can get di.fm on my mobile phone, I am unable to get last.fm on my mobile phone. It would be nice if I could...

    So, I'm curious - what do other people want to see in the Playground?

    • Greg_x7 a dit :...
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    • 14 mai 2008, 9h20m
    Some of the stuff from Stats tuned up and made official and more stats, graphs and visualisations of data in those massive db's in general.

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    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 15 mai 2008, 1h17m
    something where you can get specific stats about specific users. Like artists that made the weekly top ten the most or what artists have stayed unchanged in the top 50 for the longest, etc

    • Rarn a dit :...
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    • 20 mai 2008, 0h28m
    Tons of stats for sure. Anything anyone can think of heh.

  • Well there is one feature I have been hoping for. Maybe the idea would be more appropriate for the last.fm beta, but the idea could be tested on the playground.

    Stats based on time played not play count

    I feel this would be a fairer representation of what I listen to most. This is mostly a problem when you listen to different genres. For example my overall top artist is Radiohead, the number two spot is taken by Plastikman. Now my guess is that most tracks by Plastikman are probably three times as long as those from Radiohead. Which would mean I have probably spent more time listening to my number two artist, although the play count is lower.

    I think the above can be applied in general to music genres. Most electronic music tracks are much longer then for example rock tracks. Which gives the latter a certain unfair advantage in my charts. This advantage is currently not weighted in the charts.

    I think the idea of calculating charts by play count is outdated and was more useful in the days when the only charts we had were those on the radio. If I spent an whole evening listening to some classical composition but it only consists of three parts it would still be at the bottom of my chart. To me that seems unfair.

  • Sustainability

    Another one just popped in to my head. Tracks have a certain live cycle. For example I suspect most popular music only gets listened to for a few moths and the almost never again. I suspect that most people won't be playing the Britney Spears albums in a few years.

    Of course this is partly a matter of tastes, still I think trends can be analyzed. For example. Radiohead has been dominating the charts for quite some time. This seems to indicate most people find a certain sustainability in these tracks. They don't get bored easily and will play the tracks for the years to come.

    Now if we could find a way to represent this. It could be useful if you don't have much money to spend on music and want to get your money's worth. An indicator for sustainability might be the length from the moment a track or album is first played to the moment the play count drops below a certain percentage of the total amount of tracks played that week.

    It is not a idea that's very easy tot execute, but it could be an statistic that's actually useful instead of just fun to watch. Maybe it could even be used to indicate if an track or album is a classic, if it has a very high sustainability.

    • klbostee a dit :...
    • Alumni
    • 28 mai 2008, 13h45m
    @Dirklectisch: Great ideas! You might want to have a look at this btw.

  • Awesome

    Thah link klbostee posted is really cool. I love to see my tastes and moods in a graphic representation... It'd be even better if it could be animated... Asking too much???

  • Design

    It´s fun and a good ideia to research, but it´s needed a better layout or design on it. Firstable on the colors and pixel resolution.


    Diego Belmonte
    • andrea_25 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 15 sept. 2008, 19h50m
    Greg_x7 said:
    Some of the stuff from Stats tuned up and made official and more stats, graphs and visualisations of data in those massive db's in general.

    i totally agree

    • amrhassan a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 9 oct. 2008, 4h38m
    we never had any time-of-the-day-based charts before. i'd like to see some that show the most popular artists, tracks or tags listened to within any given hour. each time would be converted to it's user's local time first of course. is that any good? i think it would be fun. maybe we can even make a radio out of it.

    • nillusius a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 14 nov. 2008, 13h09m

    shared playlists

    one thing I'd love to see is shared playlists. It would be great if you could create a playlist and have friends being able to add tracks to it

  • Where 2 start

    -New artist radio (only artists that are not in your library yet)
    -tag control over my groups and personal profile (I want to say that the music in this group IS: dark cabaret | singer-songwriter | ethereal | trip-hop so I can then go and have another group that is: Punk & Guitar-Virtuoso.

    This will prevent every single group from having Radiohead and Coldplay on their charts!

    I think that would be the most important feature ever. To make a station filled with certain tags.

    You could further make this better by having other group and profile options like "I want to hear xx% new music, or xx% of tag1 and a different percent of tag2. Oh wow would this start to make wonderful groups and stations ~!!!

    • davidsmind a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 27 nov. 2008, 22h30m

    Wikipedia Link For Artist Profile

    Considering many people already just copy and paste data from wikipedia anyway, It might be nice to have an artist profile be automatically filled out from a call to permanent wikipedia pages using the wikimedia API. That would help ensure the page be up to date when changes get made to the artists wikipedia page.


    Sort by how far they are from you, say you want to start a band or need a ride to a show or something. Doesnt help if the person lives on the other side of the country

    • akrde a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 16 jan. 2009, 17h11m

    Recommended Last.fm Radios

    I would love to see a recommendation page for Last.fm radios that are compatible the user's musical taste!

  • Dirklectisch's ideas sound awesome.

    • Infanta_ a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 5 juin 2009, 13h28m

    Shared scrobbling

    Would it be possible to find a way to scrobble for several users at once? So that for instance, when you listen to music with a friend, the track gets scrobbled on both profiles, as you're both actually listening to the music.

    • maninalift a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 16 juin 2009, 13h23m


    More sophisticated semantic framework for artists. The information could/should come from users so this is not a massive content-creation task.

    Ability to handle multiple artists with a given name.

    Ability to define individual artists, then say person X is in band Y.

    Ability to say A is the same song as B recorded by a different band or C is a different recording to A but is the same song recorded by the same band. Then say the song A/B/C was written by people Z and W.

    Stuff like that.

    • maninalift a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 22 juin 2009, 10h36m

    oh and...

    tracks by multiple artists

    • Bloopy a dit :...
    • Forum Moderator
    • 23 juin 2009, 21h51m

    Steerable Similar Artists

    How about a steerable similar artists algorithm? So you could look up a band and see 100% tag-based similar artists, or 100% listener-based similar artists, or some combination of both.

    In other words, if you steered it towards tag-based, you would get artists who have the most tags in common, and if you steered it towards listener-based, you would get artists who have the most listeners in common.

  • Monthly and Annual Personal Charts.

    How about if I wanted to see my top artists for May of 2008, or even all of 2007? Sounds like a simple but great feature, especially for the years to come when Last.fm will have been around for a while and I can see what I used to listen to.

    • vlabrecque a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 18 oct. 2009, 13h21m

    probably obvious

    per-artist radius for events

    (I'll travel 10 miles for this artists, 100 for that other one, and 500 for that last one.)

  • Re: shared playlists

    nillusius said:
    one thing I'd love to see is shared playlists. It would be great if you could create a playlist and have friends being able to add tracks to it

    yeah we are not doing enough with playlists! I have asked many times for a "search playlists" option. Making a playlist takes lots of time and it would be nice to find playlists other people made (inlcuding "love this playlist" option to be able to find the best ones)

  • Re: Recommended Last.fm Radios

    akrde said:
    I would love to see a recommendation page for Last.fm radios that are compatible the user's musical taste!

    love this one 2!! You know when you have been on last.fm a couple of years you dont get to find many new artists, you sort of flote around in your own taste so every option that lets you discover new artists would be great!

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