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Leader : Mark_ms
Politique d'adhésion : Ouvert
Créé le : 4 oct. 2009
Description :
christian pop punk / punk / rock
Charlotte / North Carolina / США

Scott Taube - lead vocals, guitar
Josiah Prince - lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Justin Sams - bass guitar, backing vocals
Todd Davis - drums, percussion
Record Label : Forefront Records

Now at last we have a full-length project from the North Carolina natives. Unfortunately, the project isn't all-new, as only seven of the twelve songs released on Attention are actually new, as the rest were put out on the Oh Snap! EP in 2008 and its re-launch with an extra track earlier this year.

The album starts off with “Hello Jack,” a fast paced punk rock song which features a catchier tune than Stellar Kart, but resembles older Relient K as the song unfolds. The song makes plenty of musical twists and turns and eventually ends as a cutting-edge highlight.

Although the overall diversity among the up-tempo tracks isn't terribly high, Philmont succeeds at making every track an ear-catcher. The flawless “I Can't Stand To Fall,” which was on the Oh Snap! EP, uses typical fast-paced punk tunes to attract those who are looking for something to dance to. Although Philmont takes their cues from the best of the genre, their brief adoption of Relient K vocal style in the bridge won't inspire anyone to pick up their record based on originality. The "I Can't Stand To Fall" metaphorical play on "Tear down this wall" with ‘Tear down these walls/I'd climb but I can't stand to fall without You" is just one of the symbolic lyrics used by Philmont which is common among other clever punk rock artists. But when Philmont sings "as I'm assenting/I feel you with me/ you wait with outreached/ in case I fall back down" on the synth-filled “Back Down,” it will likely not endear fans to their songwriting abilities.

[2009] - Attention
01. Hello, Jack
02. To Say They Hit It Off Would Be An Understatement
03. I Can't Stand To Fall
04. Another Name
05. The Difference
06. Back Down
07. Setting Off
08. Letter To The Editor
09. My Hippocratic Oath
10. Photosynthetic
11. Where To Start
12. The Terminal

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  • thetreeskill

    Love the band, can't wait for the new album to come out. Found them the same day I found Capital Lights, which was the day after Capital Lights broke up. Woow!

    10 nov. 2009 Répondre
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