• Ramez05 a dit :...
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    • 1 avr. 2007, 2h06m

    what makes your taste inconsistent?

    and if its not then why are you even in this group :)

    probably what makes my taste inconsistent is my love for mainstream pop before 2000 and my love of guitar virtuosity. the two styles usually dont go hand in hand.

  • No one understands my taste in music... that's how inconsistent I am

    I was quite the teenybopper in middle school and I guess it never completely left my system... I just added more music on top of it. I also went through a goth/punk phase at the beginning of high school that never completely went away either. That was followed by a heavy metal phase (this is actually the one that I really don't listen to much at all anymore). Then I went through a rap phase, etc. I just went through a lot of phases that all left me with some kind of music I'd never really given the chance before. I'm really just all over the place. Also because my three guilty pleasures are Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, and Brand New. I also have a soft spot for Beyonce haha

    I once had a boy tell me, "Etenesh, you listen to some really great music, but there's so much shit in between I don't even think it can even count. How can you listen to the Backstreet Boys after The Smiths? That's sacrilege." I'll never forget it lol

  • my music taste is just completely inconsistent and random. i'll go from listening to something completely like, mellow to listening to powerviolence. then i'll listen to some folk.

    much like dinothunder, i've gone through a lot of music phases, too. i had a pop punk/street punk phase. then got more into hardcore/metal. then got into folk music. and i went through a rap stage somewhere in between all of that. now i'm sort of a good mix with all of them. but when i tell people what sort of music i listen to i never really know what to say because i'm so inconsistent with what i like. oh well. i like my inconsistent music taste. [:

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  • i'm inconsistent mainly because i can't decide which genre of music i like better: straight up rock n fucking roll or the dance music shit they play in clubs. i also tend to like orchestral/movie scores as well. go fig.

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 6 avr. 2007, 17h59m
    My taste in music is usually defined by things that are certain "moments" in them. Things that catch my ear and I'm like"Fuck! What a climax!", I enjoy listening to things that challenge me. And each track that i listen to i like it to define a moment in life. Some music just fits how i feel or what im doing time to time.

  • My tastes are inconsistent probably because sometime I choose the artists I want to check up by the originality of their story or something else that is not music related. So I end up with a lot of different stuff.

    • cranalan a dit :...
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    • 6 avr. 2007, 22h12m

    all over the place

    it probably has something to do with the fact that i am currently listening to robert johnson (a prolific delta blues musician) and was listening to azure ray about 10 minutes ago and before that it was regina spektor and ratatat. my taste is not "genre" based, it's musician based.

    • Elleebelle a dit :...
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    • 7 avr. 2007, 19h26m
    I like a wide variety of music that seems to have nothing in common...I can listen to Tool,Coolio,Jeff Buckley,The Smiths,Outkast,Jonny Lang,XTC,The Cure,and Emerson, Lake & Palmer all in the same hour...maybe I have a problem?

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    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 7 avr. 2007, 19h51m
    some genres I like: alternative rock,anything remotely 'duyster',triphop,old school jazz,classical,French chanson,Dutch-speaking pop,noise,transcendental,female vocalists or any characteristic voice,opera,and lately also electronica/techno .. so go figure?

    basically,MUSIC NEEDS A SOUL and if it's real,I'll listen to almost everything.

    -- there's this thing called AEP and it calcutes how diverse your taste is (mine's 4.03):Click Here!

  • chaotic_mind said:
    -- there's this thing called AEP and it calcutes how diverse your taste is (mine's 4.03):Click Here!

    is high or low the equivalent of lots of diversity?

    i got 3.31

    • Ramez05 a dit :...
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    • 7 avr. 2007, 22h48m
    that thing doesnt rate diversity. it more or less rates how equally you distribute your listening time to music. if you listen to all artists on your charts equally, you get a perfect 5.

    • tomtotheC a dit :...
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    • 8 avr. 2007, 0h12m

    i like musical music

    i like music that is multi dimensional and original. i also like stuff that is off the wall and since i play instruments i like the blues and jazz cause its where the soul of musics at. and also i cant get enough psychedelic and classic rock and for the life of me i cant get sexy back by justin timberlake out of my head. if musics good i enjoy it

    • Vaknatt a dit :...
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    • 9 avr. 2007, 17h24m

    Inconsistent? Yes...

    Well, I like to play classical music and I love to play and listen to jazz but still can't keep my feet from dancing when a catchy song from almost anywhere in the more indieorientated world comes along.. Could be pure pop, reggae, some electronica, punk, rock.. YOu name it! And soulmusic, and swedish folk, and world... I guess you see what I mean.

  • my mp3 player holds such gems as Girls Aloud, Schubert, The Knife, Patrick Wolf, Snoop Dogg, etc etc.

    i will genuinely listen to anything really, if the song is catchy and has a good beat

    • marec7 a dit :...
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    • 10 avr. 2007, 1h05m

    All over the place......

    it seems like back in the day that I spent a good deal of time in one genre of music....now its everything! It all depends on my mood....currently for instance today Ive been from plain white t's to my morning jacket to jimmy eat world then who knows it could go to a little ray lamontagne or death cab, wilco or the roots?..see all over the place! And proud of it! It makes us more open to discovering new music, alot of people are probably missin out! sucks for them!

    • smithee65 a dit :...
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    • 10 avr. 2007, 13h56m
    i basically listen to indie, alternative, instrumental, post rock, electronica, electronic

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 10 avr. 2007, 21h21m
    I mostly listen to hardcore and experimental but I tend to listen to at least one artist in most popular genres.

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 11 avr. 2007, 18h13m
    on my current playlist:
    VNV Nation, Alexisonfire, VAST, The Mars Volta, Nine Inch Nails, Rise Against, Kent, Fugazi, Jack Off Jill, The Knife, as well as (of course) Clinic and Tori Amos. and one song by My Chemical Romance (which i blush about, ever so slightly).

    um, i like Dead Kennedys and Erasure, both.

    i think that thoroughly covers the 'inconsistent' bit.

    • Joiners a dit :...
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    • 11 avr. 2007, 22h37m
    chaotic_mind said:
    -- there's this thing called AEP and it calcutes how diverse your taste is (mine's 4.03):Click Here!

    That's pretty cool.

    3.4 Although.. it does have weaknesses.

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 12 avr. 2007, 2h28m
    inconsistent because..

    used to listen to hiphop back in the days..
    then discovered jazz & funk..
    and somehow got into indie (rock/pop)..

    although i mostly listen to guitar music at the moment..
    i need some hiphopbeats, jazztracks or classical music at times..

    • kelster9 a dit :...
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    • 12 avr. 2007, 3h04m
    I like many things.

    I like happy synth pop like Freezepop.
    I like indie brit pop like Maximo Park and Bloc Party.
    I like things from Mindless Self Indulgence to Queens of the Stone Age.

  • From extreme metal to folk and everything in between, thats how I role. Yo.

    silence is merely the absence of sound
  • inconsistent?. genres for the media. everyone should listen to what they like no matter which the genre is. think about it. its more natural.

    • monissim a dit :...
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    • 15 avr. 2007, 2h07m
    i like to listen to the Backstreet Boys. this probably makes my taste inconsistent.

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    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 15 avr. 2007, 20h48m
    Mine is inconsistent because I like music from every decade, and different genres for every decade.

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