More 'Folk' than 'Metal'

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    • 16 nov. 2011, 8h57m

    More 'Folk' than 'Metal'

    I'm looking for Folk Metal bands with more 'Folk' than 'Metal'.
    I mean bands like Korpiklaani and Eluveitie.

    Anyone got any suggestions?


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    • 7 jan. 2012, 2h32m
    Troll bends fir, celtibeerian...

  • Arkona, Storm, Manegarm, and Jar fit. Or rather, they have about equal parts folk and metal. You also might like these excellent folk albums by metal bands- Manegarm's Urminnes Havd: The Forest Sessions and Dornenriech's In Luft Geritzt.

  • More folk than metal? then these bands come to mind: Chariovalda and Wardruna.

  • Faun, Omnia. Wardruna, Storm (Nor), Sava, Korpiklaani, Any music to Eluveitie, The Moon and the Nightspirit, Hagalaz' Runedance, Elane, Dunkelschön, Cultus Ferox, Corvus Corax, and others...

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  • omnia is a very good example, and the album visor om slutet from finntroll

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