Your top 10 Post-Punk bands

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    • 21 avr. 2009, 18h15m

    Your top 10 Post-Punk bands

    So im bored, lets see your favourites. Find some trends of rating, maybe inspiration to further divulgence into the great world of post-punk/related groups.

    1. Killing Joke
    2. Magazine
    3. The Fall
    4. And Also The Trees
    5. The Psychedelic furs
    6. Swell Maps
    7. The Teardrop Explodes
    8. PIL
    9. Wire
    10. Echo And The Bunnymen

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    • 22 avr. 2009, 16h14m
    1. Fad Gadget
    2. Bauhaus
    3. Burning Image
    4. Virgin Prunes
    5. Theatre of Hate
    6. Ausgang
    7. Joy Division
    8. The Damned
    9. Echo and the Bunnymen
    10. Magazine

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    • 23 avr. 2009, 22h50m
    1. Magazine
    2. The Sound
    3. Liquid Liquid
    4. Josef K
    5. Wire
    6. Pere Ubu
    7. Television
    8. A Certain Ratio
    9. The Fall
    10. The Birthday Party

    Ohman that was harder than I thought it would be. I hate ranking things. Would have liked to get Au Pairs, The Slits and Orange Juice in there but what ya gonna do?

  • 1. Cindytalk
    2. Sex Gang Children
    3. The Sound
    4. And Also the Trees
    5. The Jesus and Mary Chain
    6. Grauzone
    7. Joy Division
    8. Killing Joke
    9. Scratch Acid
    10. Bauhaus

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    • 24 avr. 2009, 0h42m
    I hate rating things like this in order of preference, yet I keep coming back and doing top ten lists...

    Oh well. These are simply ten of the Post-Punk/Alternative/Indie bands who inspired me personally the most.

    1. Siouxsie and the Banshees
    2. New Order (Joy Division goes here too, of course)
    3. Echo & the Bunnymen
    4. Nena
    5. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
    6. Sonic Youth
    7. Hüsker Dü
    8. Love and Rockets
    9. The Church
    10. The Jam

    Honourable Mentions/Rule Bending:

    There are quite a few others I could mention whose impact has been smaller either historically or for me personally for whatever reason: Shotuouts go to the likes of The Buggles, Cocteau Twins, The Psychedelic Furs, Wire, The Comsat Angels. and Talking Heads who all should most certainly not be forgotten.

    Depending on how you define "post-punk" I could also have added artists as musically diverse as Laurie Anderson, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and even Iron Maiden.

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  • Interesting seeing everyone's lists! Here's mine:

    1. Television
    2. Wire
    3. Magazine
    4. PiL
    5. The Feelies
    6. Felt
    7. Orange Juice
    8. Gang of Four
    9. Joy Division
    10. Josef K.

    Some of them probably aren't strictly "Post Punk" but whatever.

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    • 24 avr. 2009, 7h10m
    Yeah, I know what you guys mean about ratings like this. I don't really mean strictly what is better or worse, just more the subjective passion you have for the bands I guess. I mean you could just derive it from listens more if you so choose, A few bands in my list are interchangeable I will admit. I think most of us tend to have those few real favourites close to heart though.

    • Pogofied a dit :...
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    • 25 avr. 2009, 7h05m
    1. joy division
    2. the birthday party
    3. bauhaus

    and the rest is just here and there like red lorry yellow lorry or new model army but i wouldn't call them favorites.

  • 1. Echo And The Bunnymen
    2. Joy Division
    3. Felt
    4. The Fall
    5. New Order
    6. Siouxsie & The Banshees
    7. Wire
    8. The Sound
    9. Magazine
    10. PIL

  • 01 - Killing Joke
    02 - KUKL
    03 - Tubeway Army
    04 - The Fall
    05 - Klaus Nomi
    06 - Ausweis (France)
    07 - Theyr (Iceland)
    08 - Siekiera (Poland)
    09 - Joy Division
    10 - Shoc Corridor

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  • 1 - Joy Division
    2 - Siouxsie and the Banshees
    3 - The Slits
    4 - Gang Of Four
    5 - Au Pairs
    6 - The Raincoats
    7 - Theatre of Hate
    8 - The Pop group
    9 - Delta 5
    10 - The Birthday Party

    Not easy to rank these, as others have said. If I did it again in a week it would probably be different (apart from Joy Division at the top). Hard to leave out PIL / The Fall / Bauhaus.

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    • 28 avr. 2009, 22h10m
    1. The Chameleons
    2. Magazine
    3. Wire
    4. The Psychedelic Furs
    5. Television
    6. Sad Lovers and Giants
    7. This Heat
    8. The Fall
    9. Swell Maps
    10. The Danse Society

    • Tychom a dit :...
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    • 29 avr. 2009, 12h55m
    Recently at least it would have to go something like this,

    01. The Fall
    02. Liliput
    03. Liquid Liquid
    04. Dolly Mixture
    05. Television Personalities
    06. Bush Tetras
    07. Public Image Ltd.
    08. Y Pants
    09. Lizzy Mercier Descloux
    10. ESG

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    • 30 avr. 2009, 5h47m
    1. Wire
    2. Magazine
    3. Nightingales
    4. Savage Republic
    5. The Monochrome Set
    6. Mission of Burma
    7. Josef K
    8. Swell Maps
    9. The Sound
    10. A Certain Ratio

    not really in order, except for wire who remain my perennial favorite. if you want to consider devo and wall of voodoo postpunk then go ahead and add them to the top of the list, as they're my among my favorite bands, but i thought people might consider them more "new wave" (i don't).

  • order varies daily.. some nto strictly PP, blah blah blah...

    1 Killing Joke
    2. Swans
    3. Joy Division
    4. Gang of Four
    5. The Pop Group
    6. Public Image
    7. A Certain Ratio
    8. Echo and The Bunnymen
    9. Siouxsie and the Banshees
    10. Flipper

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  • Swans deserve to be at the top of any "best" list, even if they don't belong there ;D

  • Siouxsie & the Banshees
    The Cure
    Cocteau Twins
    The Chameleons
    Echo & the Bunnymen
    Gene Loves Jezebel
    Joy Division
    Killing Joke
    The Church

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  • St D. Swans early music is as post-punk as it gets. I am sure you disagree - c'est la vie.

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  • Magazine
    Public Image Ltd.
    They Must Be Russians
    Diagram Brothers
    Blue Orchids
    Kan Kan
    Television Personalities
    Modern English
    Boots For Dancing
    Swell Maps
    Music For Pleasure
    Colou Radio
    The Associates
    The Monochrome Set

    • MagicMofo a dit :...
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    • 8 mai 2009, 17h29m
    Joy Division
    Gang Of Four
    Killing Joke
    Mission of Burma
    The Sound
    The Fall
    The Pop Group
    The Cure
    A Certain Ratio
    Liquid Liquid
    Pere Ubu

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    • 12 mai 2009, 15h19m
    In no particular order (except for Joy Division who remain on top!):

    1.Joy Division
    2.The Fall
    3.Gang of Four
    5.Public Image Ltd.
    6.Echo & the Bunnymen
    7.Orange Juice
    9.Teardrop Explodes
    10.Mission of Burma

    • Rickll a dit :...
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    • 15 mai 2009, 22h36m
    1. Joy Division
    2. New Order
    3. The Cure
    4. The Sound
    5. Cocteau Twins
    6. Fertile Reality
    7. Doomsday Reflex
    8. The Chameleons
    9. Ride
    10. Dead Can Dance

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    • 19 mai 2009, 18h44m
    1. Joy Division
    2. Gang of Four
    3. The Cure
    4. The Chameleons
    5. Altered Images
    6. The Fall
    7. Siouxsie and the Banshees
    8. New Order
    9. PiL
    10.The Raincoats

  • One important band left off..........

    How come no one nominated Christian Death in their top spot, they are amazing, also no mention of KUKL, Bjorks early band or what about 9353 from DC????


    Johnny No Name
  • I take back the

    KUKL statement I re read and caught my mistake............

    Johnny No Name
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