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Créé le : 28 oct. 2009
Description :
A game that rewards learning new music. It's not pointless - you score for surviving by playing new tracks.

Currently playing: Season 8 has ended

How does this game work
Each round the champion will look at your last played track or the track you are currently listening to. Based on the rules stated below you will either be kicked from the group or survive the round. When you become the longest survivor you will become the new champion. You will be allowed to do your own round and kick the members based on the rules stated below.
The goal of this game is to survive rounds by listening to new music.

You will be kicked from the group if
1 I know your last played artist or the artist you are currently playing.
2 You are playing a podcast or talkshow or have a podcast or talkshow as last played track.
3 You have not played new music for 3 days. I will check the recently added portion of your library. If the last track was added over 3 days ago you will be kicked.
4. You are playing the same artist as another member.

How a Round Works
1. I open all pages of the member list at the same time.
2. I kick people based on the above rules and send them a shout or personal message.
3. I post a list of members who played in the round showing who was kicked and why.

How Champions Works
1. If you become the longest surviving member you are the champion. (The members list is sorted chronologically in relation to joining time)
2. You get 24 hours to advance the game forward one round (following the steps above). You also score points as shown below.
3. After you have finished your round or 24 hours have passed (whichever comes first), you will leave the group and rejoin.
4. The leader and co-leader(s) are immune from kicking. Kicking them results in your expulsion and maybe the end of the group.
5. While it is not illegal to hunt down a member's last scrobbled artist, this practice will put you on a bad standard with the other members.

For a more detailed description how a round works, you should take a look at the following guidelines: Manual: How To Do A Round and Guideline to doing your round.

Scoring1 Members score 1 point for each round they survive.
2 The three longest surviving members score 1 point each.
3 A champion who fulfills all duties scores 2 points and gets to suggest an artist to be connected to the group.
4 Players who join halfway through a season will be granted starter points which equal the average survival points of all members in the prior round
5 A member who recruits a new member who stays in the group for at least 5 rounds will receive 1 point. Spamming is illegal. Ask the new member to tell me your name so I can give the correct points.

1. A season consists of 30 rounds.
2. The first three rounds of a season will be carried out by the leader(s) and/or guest(s).The guest preferable is not a member of Not Another Pointless Game and will be kicked after round 3.
3. At the end of each season the member with the most points is the winner.

Previous Season Winners:
1: Axel65
2: Crith
3: Apollyon-Nine and Axel65
4: min-thom
5: Egg21
6: tYhJyYsRuLeS and lgsunshine
7: Razorgrind_
8: min-thom, Alainn and rolandkirk

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ first.

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