• Nightwish and the Anette situation (October 2012)

    18 oct. 2012, 18h16m par Aravis17

    Bye Bye Beautiful

    I'm not glued to Facebook or Twitter and Nightwish's homepage is not one of my permanent tabs, so I guess that’s why I didn’t know about this until two weeks after it happened.

    But I know now, thanks to the update picture on Nightwish's Lastfm page with Floor Jansen.

    I am beyond words about this. I now understand how the Tarjaholics felt.

    Now, I'm not crazy. I am a Nightwish supporter first and foremost and whoever they bring in now I will try to love as much as the past two. But I found Nightwish right after the Tarja split, so I always loved both singers. I never though Anette deserved the crap she got; she really was trying to please. I also thought she was a real sweetheart. I devoted my time to defending her, and now she's gone after only two albums.

    Tuomas, are you becoming Morten Veland? A new singer for every album, a la Sirenia (though hopefully Ailyn will stay for a third album...yes I love her and their sound; Enigma of Life is my favorite Sirenia album -- sue me)?

    Now, according to the rumors, the band came to this decision after Anette fell sick and couldn't do the Denver, Colorado show. She became upset when the band decided to bring in the girls from Kamelot to perform in her place.

    Okay, so Anette seems like an arrogant diva here, just like Tarja seemed near the end, putting her feelings ahead of the band's needs. But take a minute and empathize. Her self-confidence has always been low given that she replaced Tarja, knowing full well she didn't have that operatic ability. Tuomas took the band in another direction with Anette, but some of the rabid Tarja fans still couldn't take it. I'm pretty sure they threw things at her during one show a few years ago. So for her to realize that the band was going to perform anyway, while she's sick in the hospital by herself in a foreign country, and everyone she knows is at the concert, that's got to sting. She probably felt like they were throwing her away because of her illness, something she couldn't help. She probably already felt disposable given that people are still whining to bring Tarja back after seven years.

    Side note: By the way, for people who just cannot get over what happened seven years ago: Tarja was going to QUIT after what would have been her “Dark Passion Play” anyway. Nightwish is Tuomas’ baby and he was not going to let her tell him when to stop. If life had gone on Tarja’s way, Imaginaerum wouldn’t exist, let alone plans for an eighth. She is not coming back, nor would she if she hadn’t been fired. Deal with it. I admire her vocals, but saying “I’m not surprised” to this news was just rude. Graciousness, diva, graciousness. Be the better person.

    Now, I understand how the fans feel, too. They saved up money to see their favorite band who might never come to Colorado again, given that they are from Finland. I get it. But you can't pretend that you've never had selfish, self-doubting feelings before. Anette is human. I was very upset when the closest they came to me was Philadelphia, almost three states away, and I was in the middle of my fall semester. As an English major, I can't miss a single reading assignment or I'll fall way behind. So I couldn't even consider going.

    Now I'll never get to see Anette perform with them. I'm hurt by this. The way they revealed the fact was very abrupt. "Oh, she's better! We'll be performing tomorrow!" Next day: "Yeah, we've decided to part ways. Sorry!"

    Seriously, Nightwish?

    Now, on to Floor Jansen.

    I loved her with After Forever. I love her with ReVamp. But these bands were hers. I first heard of Tarja with Nightwish. I first heard of Anette with Nightwish. I know bands sometimes split or share members, but every time this happened, I didn't care or know about one of the bands involved, i.e. Atrocity and Liv Kristine of Theatre of Tragedy becoming Leaves' Eyes. But here, (as with Delain’s Martijn leaving Within Temptation), someone had to leave one band to be with the other. Liv is no longer the vocalist of Theatre of Tragedy. To borrow a vocalist from a well-established band to be the new singer for another well-established band at the same time feels strange to me (but it can work; see Christian Liljegren of Divinefire, Audiovision, and Golden Resurrection).

    Yes, I know, she's only temporary for the rest of the tour. But we don't know how this will pan out for the future. Why take a new band photo with someone who’s only filling in to finish the tour?

    She might decide she can handle both Nightwish and ReVamp. And I do think she has the vocal ability to handle both Anette and Tarja songs. But her style is more power and less symphonic. I don't know how well she'll fit in.

    Another rumor is that Tuomas has been talking to Floor since last November (2011) about coming in for the end of Imaginaerum US tour as a replacement. Either we can assume he was already thinking about getting rid of Anette (regret?) or he was used to her getting sick / needing to take care of her young son and wanted a seasoned singer to support the band if need be. I want to assume it's the latter.

    I have my own theory. How can Tuomas evolve past Imaginaerum, with such epic bombast and a silver screen debut? What more can he possibly come up with, especially with Anette? How can he evolve her sound further? The only thing he could possibly think of is to change singers again, or...combine bands. How much more “epic” could that be? NightVamp. Really, do you think he's not considering it? Another possible idea of his would be guest vocalists, a la Delain’s Lucidity.

    In all, this was very surprising news and I just wish both parties well for the future. Though…I Want My Tears Back. :P
  • Wall to Floor: Nightwishes for the Future

    3 oct. 2012, 3h33m par nable7

    Fans of , , and Nightwish worldwide have undoubtedly heard that Anette Olzon has parted ways with the band. Though it seemed sudden to the public, they were not openly ungraceful about the break and had already already prepared a fascinating choice for fill-in vocalist in Floor Jansen current front-woman for ReVamp and venerable vocalist of the late, great After Forever. You can read the official statement from the band here:

    Floor was pulled from a studio session with ReVamp to board a plane for Seattle and last night's performance: Mon 1 Oct – Imaginaerum North American Tour 2012. Besides a week's notice to practice on her own, she had a grand total of 2 hours to prepare with the band before stepping on stage, this from conversations with the band backstage following the concert.

    From my conversations with fans in the lineup before the show, awareness of the vocalist changeover seemed to be around 50%. Those who were aware also knew who Floor was and just how awesome it was going to be to hear her perform with Nightwish. And, yes, that number included me. Following the opening performance of Kamelot who recently announced that their fill-in vocalist Tommy Karevik had become the new permanent vocalist, hopes were high that Floor would become the same for Nightwish after this tour. And after her performance last night… well, we all agreed we were right, she should stay.

    Given how precious little time Floor Jansen had before joining Nightwish on stage in Seattle, her performance was spectacular, if not flawless. I observed 2 false starts. But again considering how abruptly this was done, and how structurally complex Nightwish's music is, 2 noticeable mistakes in 90 minutes is beyond exceptional. It was also fun to see Floor exploring the space as a performer: pumping arms to syncopated shots from the band like a 1940's-era band leader and appropriately overacting along with some of Anette's more signature lines. As a superior vocalist in most ways to Anette Olzon, Floor's performance was spot-on, alternately nailing and surpassing the former vocalists spunky style.

    I did not meet the band as a journalist so I did not poll them for official statements. But I am under the impression that Floor's long-term presence is not out of the question, so here's my official stance on the subject if it's not already clear: Floor is the greatest vocalist so far to emerge. In range of tone, Floor can sing from to and everything in-between on the same line. The only other vocalist I've heard with so much variety is the much lesser known Maria Brink (In This Moment) who sings the other half of the spectrum from to doing both well and ranging freely in between. As such the world's foremost singer would be a perfect match for the world's foremost project. So here's hope that Nightwish's Imaginarium tour finishes well and that Floor Jansen stays on as the new front-woman.

  • Late review of Imaginaerum

    29 jui. 2012, 15h02m par Aravis17

    I keep posting short reviews of new albums I buy on DeviantART, which I realized is counter-productive. Yes, most of my art are photo-manipulations of bands (Nightwish, Within Temptation, Delain, Indica, etc) but no one really cares beyond the pictures. As this is a music site, I feel posting them here will create more conversation. We'll see.



    Nightwish is the nourishment of my soul.

    I cannot pick a favorite, but the tracks most listened to so far are:

    Last Ride of the Day Best song next to I Want My Tears Back in terms of "hyper," "epic," and melody.
    I Want My Tears Back Oh, that interlude. I cannot sit still during that interlude. Even sitting, I'm headbanging and jumping as best I can. So hyper, and I love it!
    Rest Calm I really adore this one because I've known so many people who've died; and I feel as if they are speaking to me through this song.
    Turn Loose the Mermaids A beautiful ballad that I love to sing!
    Ghost River A good "metal" song -- nice imagery and many headbanging moments.
    Song of Myself The first half with singing. I'm one of those people who don't like "Love." I know it will work in the movie, but there needed to be at least an album edit of the song. I don't want to listen to ten minutes of people jabbering...or at least that's what it sounded like as it kept going. Plus, some of the lyrics of "Love" are odd at best. Tuomas, you didn't connect with me there.

    The Imaginaerum medley is nice in that it is a little taste of all the great compositions Tuomas made for the album, ingeniously combined and orchestrated.

    Scaretale is a masterpiece just because it's so interesting to listen to. It's the one song I'm not yearning to sing, just experience. The epic of the album. Anette outdoes herself in her passion to distort her voice to create the mood. If this had been on the album of a new band and not Nightwish, people would be praising her, not still comparing her to Tarja.

    The Crow, the Owl and the Dove is beautiful in its own way, but is a departure from metal in its simplicity. Not a complaint, it's a nice side road we're taken down as a rest from the bombastic power. Slow, Love, Slow and Turn Loose the Mermaids do this as well, but both in their unique way (the former jazz, the latter a soft ballad with a bit of a Western-esque interlude and a Celtic coda).

    Slow, Love, Slow is like "Love" from Song of Myself in that people love it or hate it. I love it. It's not typical Nightwish, but that's the point. It's called evolving. Besides, it is the only song on the album of its kind, meaning Tuomas is not about to make Nightwish a "jazz metal" band. Am I the only one who feels that he is brilliant for even thinking of incorporating jazz into metal? Plus, Anette's vocal is stunning here.

    I'm definitely learning the words to Taikatalvi. I wish it was longer. I love Marco crooning in Finnish.

    (Troy and the uilleann pipe have my permission to become permanent members of the band. Yes, Tuomas, I'm talking to you).
  • Videos made by myself..

    4 juin 2011, 22h10m par am_wish

  • What I think about Dark Passion Play

    7 fév. 2010, 12h05m par JimKnopf-

    Quote from here.

    I think Dark Passion Play has two not-album-related problems:
    Everyone has Tarja's voice and Once's shitty, pseydo-heavy and totally overproduced guitar sound in mind.

    I often read "you can't hear the guitar" bla and stuff like that. I tell you, it's bullshit.
    And who was that calling the nice guitar riff after Cadence of Her Last Breath's solo "just noise" - wtf?

    When I first heard DPP back in 2007 (wow nearly 3 years passed, Time for a new effort, isn't it?), I couldn't really get into it. Main reason would be that I just heard Oceanborn and Angels Fall First by that time and DPP was totally different compared to this two (not to Once but as I said I didn't knew Once back then, not even Nemo). I put it aside an listened to some other stuff like In Flames and other metal bands (I was just getting into metal). Well about a year later I was getting all the missing Nightwish albums and really started to like them.

    DPP definitely grew on me very much, I think it's my second favourite with Century Child, first is (STILL) Oceanborn. I find Wishmaster is just a copy of Oceanborn, while DPP is like Once, just better. Overall better production (not that wannabe heavy guitar sound and C-tuning), better orchestral arrangements, better voice - let me explain before you hang me: I'm not a big fan of female vocalists and Anette sounds more pleasent to my ears =)

    My favourite songs are Sahara, Master Passion Greed (instrumental, because the lyrics are fuckin' stupid), Cadence of Her Last Breath, The Poet and the Pendulum and Last of the Wilds. It also has weaker songs, but all Nightwish albums have those, even Oceanborn.
    Sahara is just awesome. The atmosphere is OMGWTFZOMG-great, everything fits perfectly: the heavy guitar riffs, the orchestra, the bass (really, really great bass, especially in the parts with guitar breaks!), Anette's voice and the lyrics. The picture of the Desert Of Colours Goab (btw read Michael Ende - The Neverending Story please) popped up in my head :)
    The next great thing about the album is the diversity, it was a great idea to incoporate those folk elements with Last Of The Wilds and The Islander. Especially LotW is awesome and really fun to play on guitar (I still have to figure out that insane second solo, damn).
    Master Passion Greed is pure aggression, I like it. Cadence Of Her Last Breath features nice vocal lines, also the guitar solo and the riff afterwards rock big time.
    I don't think I have to write much about TPATP, it's overlength but awesome. Plus I think the parts flow nicely into each other and I once thought the last part is boring, well that changed^^ "Worse" than Beauty of the Beast but better than Ghost Love Score and FantasMic (everyone forgets about that one, eh?).
    The other songs are pretty ok, Amaranth is pretty good at being a single (haha), but I really don't like Bye Bye Beautiful, that song is nearly as bad as Wish I Had an Angel (that song sucks, imho not worth being a Nightwish song lol).

    I don't count Escapist (without "The") as a DPP-track. It's one the best Nightwish songs, though.
    Also it's really sad they weren't allowed to release The Heart Asks Pleasure First :(((


    ps: The one who discoveres the Wintersun joke gets a cookie.
  • Apocalyptica & Nightwish @ Hartwall Arena

    21 sept. 2009, 15h38m par cursarion

    Sat 19 Sep – Dark Passion Play World Tour

    If I remember right, this concert was tour finale for both Nightwish and Apocalyptica.

    Long story short, I'll gather the main points for each aspect of the event.

    Firstly, the organization just sucked. There seemed to be kind of three highlights in their agenda:
    1) Treat the crowd like a stampede
    2) Suck off every penny they have
    3) Avoid deaths inside the Arena, lawsuits are expensive

    So, they treated the crowd like they were cattle, victims for leeching and pigs in one of those highly automated profit-proof pig farms of death. We also spent almost two hours in a panic-like mess, I don't know how many got hurt in it but I know the security even used violence against the crowd, apparently without a (good) reason. No cameras/no food/no drinks policy was a pain in the ass. You couldn't even take a small juicebox bought from the shops of the hallways to the concert. That's just simply fucking with the audience, nothing more. I don't even get into detail with the exalted prices they had.

    Secondly, Apocalyptica's gig seemed bit tired. First thing I noticed was the low quality of sounds - you could only hear one instrument at a time for most of the gig. It of course depended on the location of the listener, but where I was then it sounded horrible. I also mentioned the tiredness. On a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 is total disaster, 3 is a normal gig and 5 is perfection, I'd say they deserved a 2. Sure it's been a long tour, but it seemed bit... Well, not enough. I don't know though how the supporting role affected it. Anyway, their set included only one (positive) surprise for me, the rest were easy to guess.

    They had Antti "Hyrde" Hyyrynen from Stam1na doing the guest vocals. He sucked, comparing to both likes of Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica and actually to any singer who could've possibly been there. Wasn't simply good, really.

    Apocalyptica set:

    Wherever I May Roam (Metallica cover)
    Refuse/Resist (Sepultura cover)
    One (Metallica cover)
    I'm Not Jesus
    Last Hope
    Seek & Destroy (Metallica cover)
    Inquisition Symphony (Sepultura cover)
    I Don't Care
    Hall of the Mountain King (composed by Edvard Grieg)

    I think that's quite correct, though I don't know about intro or outro.

    Lastly, Nightwish. In short I'd say they did a routine concert. Definitely not bad, but when I've seen them before they've seemed to have more energy. So on that aspect and musically it wasn't nothing special (but nothing bad either). The sounds sucked a bit during Nightwish's show as well, but it got better as the concert went on. It must have sucked to be stuck at some very distant seat, though. They promised us some surprises for this special last show, and the surprises worked quite well. "The Siren" and "While Your Lips Are Still Red" were amazing with violin, "Ever Dream" and "Ghost Love Score" were great to hear. "Wishmaster" was quite different from the original, and ended up being a nice song, but not what it used to be. "Walking in the Air" was very different from what it is on Oceanborn. I didn't really even recognize it at first, and I can't really claim that would be a good thing. It wasn't nostalgic for me in any way really, though it sounded nice. It was kind of like they would've played some very random cover song acoustic there. They played "Meadows of Heaven" for the first time there. Predictable, as Anette sung it at some point in some kind special occasion that can be seen from YouTube. I've never loved the song - it's nice and all, but the gospel parts... *brr* So it was something like "ok" for me to watch. I saw Tapio Wilska in the hallway and kind of hoped for Pharaoh, Devil or 10th Man, but no... Also the cellists of Apocalyptica could've perhaps visited on a song like Kuolema tekee taiteilijan. Well, it was pretty okay as it was anyway.

    Highlights of the concert for me were "Ever Dream", "Romanticide", "The Siren", "While Your Lips Are Still Red", "Sahara" (perhaps) and "Ghost Love Score". And the bad picks... Well, "Amaranth" was in a terrible spot, right after "Romanticide". Imagine, that energetic bastard there taking the atmosphere through the roof, the tempo and the aggression, simply the metal and awesomeness in that song... And then you get a poppish radio hit. To put it in one word: bleh. Another blaster, or a very beautiful ballad would've worked a lot better. "Nemo" suffered same fate as well, although its spot after "The Poet and the Pendulum" wasn't as bad. "Wish I Had an Angel" was predictably the last song, and I already started walking when it came. Heard too many times. I heard they played "The Heart Asks Pleasure First" as an outro (from tape) when they were bowing at the crowd. That's a song they were planning to cover on Dark Passion Play (or at least on B-side of one of its singles) but their plans stopped when the song's composer didn't allow the band to release it. So it was something quite special to see, especially if the song is not going to be released at all, ever. I don't know if the composer changes his mind, but I can't really blame him. The atmosphere on the cover is very different from original, and if he doesn't like it, well... It's okay by me. The original appeared in the film "The Piano", by the way.

    I didn't mention the emotional side yet. Between "Ghost Love Score" and "Wish I Had an Angel" there were long speeches. They thanked the crew and the crowd and such, I don't remember the exact words nor the jokes, but point was that. Then the crowd hurrayed at them really long and they really seemed to like it... They just looked back and stood there, hopefully appreciating more than feeling uncomfortable or something. That's something every Nightwish fan would've wanted to see.

    What else... Well, the stage. Tuomas was in his boat and they had these platforms on back of the stage, left and right. Emppu and Marco occasionally went there, and the violinist was there as well. The flames and the pyrotechnics were great, there were lots of bombs. We faced also two confetti rains, "snowfall" and "rain". Big bands with their toys... Anyway, that side was what you could expect, great. Lighting as well. One more spectacular thing was when during "The Islander" and "Walking in the Air" the lights were shut and the crowd held up their lighters, cellphones and cameras... It looked fantastic.

    Nightwish set:

    Intro (Finlandia)
    7 Days to the Wolves
    Ever Dream
    The Siren
    While Your Lips Are Still Red
    The Poet and the Pendulum
    Dark Chest of Wonders
    The Islander
    Walking in the Air
    Last of the Wilds
    Meadows of Heaven
    Ghost Love Score
    Wish I Had an Angel
    Outro (The Heart Asks Pleasure First)

    Guest performances:
    Pekka Kuusisto - Violin (on "The Siren" and "While Your Lips Are Still Red")
    Troy Donockley - Bagpipes, flute, etc. (on "Finlandia", "The Islander", "Last of the Wilds" and "Meadows of Heaven")

    And I could add something about the fans... I was in the line for 19 hours and slept on the ground with other fans. The atmosphere there was great. Of course, on Saturday we saw lot of cutting in the line and so on, but the people were singing together also outside, before the concert.

    Anyway, as a summary I state the following:
    very poor organizing + perfect concert != perfect experience

    If bands want to make everything perfect for the listener, they could look into that part as well, if they can. That kind of "pay or starve" attitude from the organizers doesn't really elevate the mood of the audience. Of course the concert is what matters the most, but that kind of exploitation policies really annoy a lot. I'll maybe look deeper into who's responsible and boycott their doings in the future.
  • Red Warrior: End of an Era (Tarja/Nightwish/Hans Zimmer Fan Video) (Now in HD)

    25 août 2009, 23h11m par nDroae

    Sometime around late 2007 or early 2008, shortly after I was introduced to Nightwish through End of an Era, I had the idea of completing the 30-odd seconds of Red Warrior, the track from The Last Samurai which opened the concert, using footage from the 50-minute documentary on the DVD. I'm glad I waited until now to do it, as I wouldn't have been nearly as pleased by the result if I'd done it before I was ready.

    Feel free to interpret this video however you like. As for myself, I am fond of all of these musicians (and Anette). What happened was tragic, but no good can come of vilifying anyone. In the end, I believe it was for the best, like the parting of Paul and Barnabas (albeit less gracefully handled, by both sides). Any way, enjoy the video, unless you don't like Tarja, in which case you should find something better to do with your time than watch it. :-P The Red Warrior video has three roughly separated subjects: setup (the situation); Tarja's last days with Nightwish; and Nightwish's last days on the Once tour.

    EDIT: Watch in HD:

    I should add, I have a degree in Media Communications with an emphasis in film studies, so I consider this professional practice. :-P

    The Last Samurai soundtrack:

    End of an Era DVD:

    End of an Era Blu-ray (just released a couple of months ago):

    Other relevant links: Hans Zimmer, Tarja, Tarja Turunen, Dark Chest of Wonders, John Two-Hawks....
  • The Meaning of Metal Research Project Making Progress, More Participants also…

    31 déc. 2009, 8h14m par thyyhc

    A research group of a faculty member and graduate students in the University of North Carolina system are conducting a multi-year study of the meaning of metal music. The research project was started in summer 2008 and its main data consists of questionnaires and interviews on the meaning of metal to the different participants of the subculture, e.g. artists, fans, members of metal media, and concert organizers. Responses to the questionnaire—intended for all metal fans—are a key proportion of the research material, and the members of the research group hope to receive as many new questionnaire responses as possible. You can access the questionnaire and find further information on the project at

    Even though the research is still in the process of acquiring empirical material for study, some early results have also been produced. The first 200 responses have been analyzed and used as a basis for authoring two research articles: "Am I Evil ? - The Meaning of Metal Music to its Fans" and "Blame, Shame, and Fame - Metal Music and Local Meanings in a Global Scene." Both articles were accepted and presented in academic conferences in 2009, one in Finland and the other one in the US, and they are currently under review for publication in academic journals. Material from the research was also studied as part of a graduate level class on the social significance and cultural influences of Hip-Hop, Punk, and Metal in the Fall of 2009.

    The research group will be gathering material for the study at least until the end of 2010 in order to acquire a satisfactory amount of research material for extensive analyses and sufficiently generalizable results. In conclusion of the project, the comprehensive research results will be presented in a written publication.

    Send email to drmetal AT or metal_culture AT, or check for more information.
  • The annual FINNISH METAL AWARDS voting is once again open for public.

    2 nov. 2009, 8h01m par thyyhc

    The annual FINNISH METAL AWARDS voting is once again open for public.

    The fifth Finnish Metal Awards gala will reward the best in Finnish metal in conjunction with the Helsinki Metal Meeting, on February 20th, 2010.

    The elite on Finnish metal artists will be awarded in seven different categories, and as it should be, the decision belongs the to the metal devouring public, Finnish and international. Complaining and bitching about the same bands winning everything every year helps nobody, so let the correct opinion be known and cast Your vote!

    The voting has been opened at this location!

    Please note: International voters don't need to understand the intro text, just fill in the blanks on the voting form, and PLEASE, as this is the FINNISH metal awards, only Finnish artists/bands and their achievements during the year 2009 are eligible in the voting. The voting uses an e-mail verification, so please submit yours in the bottom of the form.

    The voting closes January 31st, 2010 at 23:59 Finnish time. Finnish Metal Awards Gala will be held at Helsinki Cable Factory, Saturday February 20th, 2010.


    FINNISH METAL AWARDS palkitsee jo viidettä kertaa vuoden parhaat kotimaiset hevit Helsinki Metal Meetingin yhteydessä 20. helmikuuta 2010.

    Parhautta palkitaan tuttuun tapaan seitsemässä eri kategoriassa ja valinnan teette jälleen te, kotimaisen raskaan musiikin seuraajat. Itsekseen jupiseminen ei anna palkintoja kenellekään, joten anna äänesi kuulua virallisessa FMA-äänestyksessä tässä ja nyt.


    Äänestysaika päättyy 31. tammikuuta 2010 klo 23:59. Finnish Metal Awards -palkintogaala järjestetään Helsinki Metal Meetingissä, Kaapelitehtaalla lauantaina 20.2.2010.

    Kaikkien äänestykseen osallistuneiden kesken arvotaan levypalkintoja sekä Finnish Metal Expon pääsylippuja. Voittajat julkaistaan Imperiumin verkkosivuilla helmikuun ensimmäisen viikon aikana.
  • Nightwish Setlist September 10th 2008

    13 sept. 2008, 5h48m par onewiththewaves