Who's seen NO live?

    • solarno a dit :...
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    • 19 déc. 2005, 1h48m

    Who's seen NO live?

    Unfortunately, I have never seen New Order live. They rarely perform in North America anymore, and it's probably been at least a decade since they've played in Southern California.

    I'm curious to know what their live shows have been like.

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    Redundency is a virtue.
    Redundency is a virtue.
  • i saw them in london in july. it was amazing. it was an outdoor festival show in hyde park (the next week they used most of the same stages for live 8). 25,000 people, a slight rain, everyone was singing along to every song. it was transcendent.

    they generally seemed very happy to be there--hooky in particular runs around grinning like an idiot. they played a couple JD songs and so forth, and while they played a lot of songs from siren's call, they didn't seem to favor any one particular era in their song selections--they played a song from every record, it seemed like.

    generally everyone i know who's seen them live in the past couple years has come out of it madly in love with new order all over again. definitely something to do before you die.

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    • pazifist a dit :...
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    • 19 déc. 2005, 13h29m
    I saw them in June, was also amzing, alos an outdoor festival. about 40,000 people, but not everybody watched them, because they played from 00:30 until 2:00 and some were tired*g*...
    I missed a little bit interactivity with the audience: they didn't talk more than 8 words with us and Peter Hook posed a little bit too much in front of the camera, but the music topped everything. The cool synthesizer-thingy, which Bernard Sumner played, was cool, too. He even danced a little bit*g*...I even was in the first row, cause most of the people who watched Beck before, rather watched System of a Down (just not my music)

    They played a little bit of everything, but mostly the new album. Also they played "Love will tear us apart" by Joy Division. I noticed that many fans came the far way from Great Britain or France just to see New Order. I talked to a French NO-fan, who knew a lot about them...

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    • Mr_Fran a dit :...
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    • 20 déc. 2005, 14h00m
    Who's goin to see em at MancAid in January? I get the feelin its gonna be a mint night, would be even better if Barney joins up with Marr for an Electronic reunion...

  • I saw them in 1989, at an outdoor venue in America. It was a great show, and I even still have the T-shirt I bought (which of course doesn't fit anymore). It's been such a long time, I don't really remember what they played, though I do have several bootlegs from that tour (and many others). I do remember dancing during the entire New Order set.

    The opening bands were the Sugarcubes and Public Image Ltd. Though I was excited to also see Pil, they weren't that great, too arena-rockish at that stage of their career.

  • Unfortunately not, which really sucks. :(

    Last time they came to Australia was for a Big Day Out a while (maybe 4 or 5 years?) back, and I hadn't even heard of them then, as I would have been around 16. :(

    I heard rumours that they were going to play an Australia show as part of the WFTSC tour, but didn't see anything about it after that. Oh well, maybe I can visit England when I'm rich. :)

    • Mr_Fran a dit :...
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    • 21 jan. 2006, 20h13m
    Anyone else going on Saturday? I've heard theyre doin another full Joy Division set, which is a shame really - after 6hrs of top music, we're gonna be in the mood for some piss up anthems but i'm sure I won't complain when it comes to it.

    Still, only twenty minutes or so is gonna be a wasted chance - would anyone care if 'Nine Black Alps' got chopped off the bill to make some room for a proper set (fuckin moshers)?

    • solarno a dit :...
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    • 26 jan. 2006, 5h52m
    Make sure you give us the full run down on the show Mr. Fran. Some of us will have to live vicariously through you on this one.

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    Redundency is a virtue.
    Redundency is a virtue.
    • Mr_Fran a dit :...
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    • 29 jan. 2006, 12h35m
    Right you are then...

    Top night! Real sense of occasion, lots of collaborations and covers etc. between the acts. Full lineup: Domino Bones (Bez's new band), Utah Saints (DJ), Nine Black Alps, 808 State (woo!), Johnny Marr & The Healers, Andy Rourke, Greame Park (DJ), Mani (DJ), Stephen Fretwell, Badly Drawn Boy, Elbow, Doves and, of course... NEW ORD-AH!

    Just before comin on, Barney and Jonny Marr joined Doves in playin Vicious (Lou Reed) and Hit The North (The Fall) so everyone was really up for it by the time the boys came on.

    Setlist (as I remember)-
    1. Transmission
    2. She's Lost Control
    3. Atmosphere
    4. Shadowplay
    5. Twenty Four Hours (oh yeah!)
    6. Warsaw
    7. Love Will Tear Us Apart
    8. Ceremony

    Typically hyped up crowd, very raucous and erm, dangerous during Twenty Four Hours and Transmission (that song is gonna kill me at gig one of these days). Ceremony was a brilliant closer and everyone was singin along to every word. Hmm, they seemed more reserved than normal though- Barney an Hooky weren't goin as mad for it... perhaps they finally decided to try and do the JD songs, you know, properly.

    Still sorry that they didnt get longer, or play any New Order (well, cept Ceremony) but I'm certainly not complaining. The whole gig was wrapped up with a massive Live8 style singalong of Wrote For Luck with Shaun makin an appearance alongside them all.

    Fuckin mint!

  • I am completely breaking things in a jealous rage over here, that sounds like it was fantastic.

    • pixelix a dit :...
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    • 6 fév. 2006, 23h04m
    I *finally* saw them, after being a fan since around Technique, last year at their homecoming gig at the Manchester Apollo. A Certain Ratio were support.

    Barney and co were *superb*. I was right at the front and enjoyed every second. Here's some pictures of the gig: http://www.pixelix.co.uk/photosite/main.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=16803

    • Mr_Fran a dit :...
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    • 7 fév. 2006, 13h55m
    Good pics! Lookin at them, you mustve been stood pretty near to me...

    • Mr_Fran a dit :...
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    • 21 avr. 2006, 16h32m
    Wayhey! Got my tickets for the Liverpool show on July 8th - anybody else? Interested to know what the 'big top' is like... Should be a good summer evening!

    Anybody in Mancunia tonight might wanna pop into the Star & Garter (back of Piccadilly Station, Fairfield St.) cos its NEW ORRRDAAH DISCOO time! Thats right, a whole night of New Order, Electronic, The Other Two, Monaco, Revenge plus others for a measly £4. Anyone whose been to the infamous Smiths Disco will know that these nights are guaranteed fun, so come on!

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 29 avr. 2006, 12h30m
    Sun, Feb 03 2002
    Claremont Showgrounds - Perth, Western Australia AUSTRALIA

    Crystal, Transmission, Regret, Ceremony, 60 Miles An Hour, Atmosphere, Close Range, Bizarre Love Triangle, True Faith, Temptation, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Blue Monday

    happened to be at the airport when they came into the city
    and a bar the night before they played

    Peter Hook came in to the bar yelling at Bernard because he wouldnt come in

  • Beg to differ

    I saw NO in Toronto around the time of the Republic album and it was an awful show.

    They played badly, Barney couldn't hold a tune to save his life, and people in the audience were just looking incredulously at each other as to whether they were really watching a band they loved so much.

    The warm up was 808 State and they were excellent by comparison and I am not a fan.

    I admit though I am still a BIG NO fan and will always buy their albums, no matter what. Siren's Call was genius IMHO.

    • connelld a dit :...
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    • 19 oct. 2006, 13h23m

    Scotland Glasgow Carling Academy, 19 October 2006

    I'm looking forward to watching New Order tonight in Scotland at Glasgow Carling Academy. I tried to find out who was supporting them last night and how they played but couldn't see any reviews.

    I've seen them twice before, once at Glasgow Barrowlands and once at T in the park festival. Can't remember too much of the later as I was a bit worst for wear (What a waste) but the night they played Barrowlands was excellent. Funny thing was that the following night they walked of mid set after an arguement so I definately went on the right night.

    I also seen Electronic in 1991 at Glasgow Barrowlands. They didn't really go beyond the album tracks and although it wasn't a great concert it was okay. All I remember was that Johnny Marr stood at the edge of the stage and virtually couldn't be seen from centre front of the audience.

    I still haven't seen Gillian Gilbert live.

  • connelld said:
    I still haven't seen Gillian Gilbert live.

    Isn't she a retired mum now?

    • YonHASH_20 a dit :...
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    • 8 nov. 2006, 15h22m

    NO at the continent

    Is there any hope, that NO would play somewhere near Czech Republic or at Roskilde festival? What do you think?

    • caseyzxc a dit :...
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    • 23 nov. 2006, 23h58m

    NO London Oct27

    I had the fortune to see New Order at London Wembley arena in October. As an experience, it was a great show ; to see one your favorite bands performing live. Musically, however, the music was pretty average, and the sound mix was bad. The guitars were way too loud and distorted. Hooky's bass lines came through pretty clear and Steve's drumming was precise as ever. From what I've read in the past, NO's live shows can be a bit dodgey; they are definitely a better studio band than a live band. Still, the experience of just being there is much better than the music itself.
    You can download sound files of the London show as well as a show in Buenos Aires on Nov 18 from neworderonline.com. Go to the Forum section and at the forum called Ceremony , you can find downloads for these shows.
    Incidentally, there is talk that this recent tour may be their last, which seems reasonable as they are getting on in years a bit and have no recent album to support. There are rumored to be seven songs from the Sirens Call sessions that haven't been released but there are no plans and their record company, Warner, aren't supporting them because they aren't big sellers.
    Gillian dropped out of the band after Get Ready was recorded because she couldn't tour because her and Steve's daughter was very ill at the time.

    • Liuvv a dit :...
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    • 25 nov. 2006, 22h00m

    I did!

    November 11th, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I waited 12 years to see them, and it was a wonderful gig!

  • I did too

    November 16th, Vivo Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One of the five best days of my life, ever:)

    The setlist:

    Crystal, Regret, Ceremony, These Days, Transmission, Krafty, Waiting For The Sirens' Call, Turn, Your Silent Face, True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle, Temptation, The Perfect Kiss, Blue Monday, She's Lost Control, Love Vigilantes, Love Will Tear Us Apart.

    Above, an Youtube video of "Love Will Tear Us Apart", made by me in this gig. Enjoy!

    • Liuvv a dit :...
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    • 30 nov. 2006, 1h29m
    Nice video, Expedito, good quality! But my friend went to Rio and said the sound was terrible, is it true? Fortunately, we had no such problems in BH, although Bernard did complain at the end of each song about one instrument being too loud or too low.

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  • i saw them in october in Glasgow. Managed to get in the front row

    lets wreck the joint
    • barnoceros a dit :...
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    • 14 jan. 2007, 2h25m
    I'm lucky enough to have seen them live twice, both in Auckland New Zealand (1987 and 2003)


    (check out my New Order and Joy Division collections... free for NO and JD fans)

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    • galgo23 a dit :...
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    • 29 jan. 2007, 3h06m
    yes, and they were great (nearly) every time. and i look forward to the next time! =)

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