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    • 19 mai 2011, 1h55m

    Any Nas Tracks I left out?

    Look over the studio album and unreleased, instrumentals, remixes, & unreleased track listing to see if I'm missing any

    I'm basing my Nas knowledge strictly on my collection but my collection may be incomplete.

    Illmatic (1994) and Illmatic 10th Anniversary (2004)
    It Was Written (1996) & The Firm: The Album (1997)
    I Am…The Autobiography (1999), Nastradamus (1999) & The Lost Tapes (2002)
    QB's Finest (2000), Stillmatic (2001) & God's Son (2002)
    Street's Disciple (2004) & Nas Greatest hits Vol 1 (2007)
    Hip Hop Is Dead (2006) & Untitled (2008)
    Distant Relatives (2010) + Upcoming 10th Nas album

    Tracks Featuring Nas over the Years (1991 to Present)

    not counting DJ mixes where the original verse was taken from another song unless it's better than the original

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    • 31 mai 2011, 1h41m
    Be Right
    1st verse reused for "We make the world go round"

    ...damn how come every time I send an update, a new verse pops up?...I enjoy the tracks but they always come a day too late

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