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    • 16 fév. 2008, 21h25m

    Exposure: Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong


    I don't usually let NME fodder sully my shell-likes but these guys are funny. Ridiculously silly name too. Made my day.

    Happy indie pop, of course. There's nothing to tag in yet, apart from this one track. Only a matter of time. It'll annoy some of you, to have indie pop in our radio, but the rest, bet my grin's bigger than yours! :D


    Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong - Lucio Starts Fires


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    • 17 fév. 2008, 17h58m

    Video: The Imagined Village - Cold Hailey Rainy Night (Live on Later)

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    • 18 fév. 2008, 18h54m

    Exposure: The Gutter Twins


    The Gutter Twins is a project led by Mark Lanegan and Greg Dulli.

    As you might expect, the music is and but also adds in the mix.

    Their new album, Saturnalia, is out 3 March in the UK. You can hear a few tracks on their MySpace or listen to the album in full.

    In a recent promo gig, they included a few covers. One of them was Massive Attack's Live With Me. They kept the darkness and put a rock twist to trip-hop. I love it.


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    • 20 fév. 2008, 14h44m

    Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree on MySpace

    Goldfrapp have uploaded their new album, Seventh Tree, in its entirety on their MySpace ahead of release day, 25 Feb.

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    • 21 fév. 2008, 1h57m

    Journal: A Brief History Of...Punk, by BadgerJohn31

    A Brief History Of...Punk, by BadgerJohn31.


    A Brief History of...Punk explains how important location was to the genre, from CBGB’s in New York to the famous Sex Pistols show attended by future members of The Buzzcocks, The Fall, and Joy Division. The show’s first segment explains that punk arose as a response to the pretentiousness of Progressive Rock – by the mid 70s there was a perceived need for a type music that anyone could play – and illustrates the proto-punk bands most influential to punks first stars. The second half of the show analyzes the limited extent to which punk became a diverse genre and how soon post-punk emerged as a separate genre. The final portion assesses punk’s possible downfall in its frequent lyrical immaturity.

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    • 23 fév. 2008, 3h21m

    Journal: A Brief History Of...Post-Punk, by BadgerJohn31

    A Brief History Of...Post-Punk, by BadgerJohn31.


    A Brief History of...Post-Punk takes a look at the experimentation that took place (led mostly by British bands) in the wake of Punk. Despite the fact that many Punk bands had been opposed to complex artistic musical forms - Punk was a reaction against Progressive Rock - a number of Punk artists began combining their Punk sound with a range of music, from the arty music of David Bowie and Brian Eno to Disco and Funk. The first half of the show shows these origins and attempts to find a dividing line between Punk and Post-Punk. The second half of the show just fills out the genre by showing the variety of experimental sounds that arose in the aftermath of Punk, the sounds that carried British music into the 80s.

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    • 23 fév. 2008, 3h23m

    Journal: A Brief History Of...Old-School Hip-Hop, by BadgerJohn31

    A Brief History Of...Old-School Hip-Hop, by BadgerJohn31.


    A Brief History of...Hip-Hop traces the rise of Hip-Hop from the very first Hip-Hop recording to the artist that brought the music to a national audience. Along the way, the show emphasizes that Hip-Hop was at first party music and nothing more. The show also explains the origin of race conflict in Hip-Hop and shows just how fast true DJ-ing was bypassed in favor of remixes.

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    • 23 fév. 2008, 3h25m

    Business: Little harmony in music download debate

    LONDON, Feb 22 (Reuters) - The bruised and bloodied music industry appears finally to be winning its battle to force Internet providers to act over illegal downloading, after years of seeing its wishes fall largely on deaf ears.
    Britain said on Friday it would impose legislation on Internet service providers (ISPs) in 2009 if they did not work with the music and film industries to curb illegal file-sharing.
    France has introduced a policy of denying Internet access to those who repeatedly download illegally.
    And in the United States, ISP Comcast Corp has complained that customers overwhelm the network by using file-sharing applications like BitTorrent.
    But the plan is hotly contested by British ISPs, who argue they are mere conduits and not responsible for content, while analysts caution that those engaged in piracy will simply discover new methods to share music without paying.
    The developments follow years of lobbying by the music industry -- which has been turned upside down by illegal downloading -- and latterly by calls for help from the powerful movie business.
    Global music sales fell around 10 percent in 2007 and the industry estimates that only one in 20 of the tracks downloaded was licensed, costing the industry potentially billions of dollars.
    "This is a major turning point," John Kennedy, the head of the international music trade body, the IFPI, told Reuters.
    "Three years ago I stood up in Brussels and appealed for help from the ISPs and initially I got a very warm reception. But since then there has been almost no cooperation."
    The music and film industries argue that ISPs benefit from the songs and movies available online, making their Internet connection more valuable, but they have done little to counter the rampant piracy that can follow.
    Under one plan by the IFPI, the trade body would search peer-to-peer networks like Limewire to identify those heavily sharing files.
    It would then take a screen grab, noting the IP address, number of files shared and the time and date, which could be passed on to the ISP for a warning letter to be sent. If the user does not desist, they could lose their Internet connection.
    But a spokesman for ISPA, the body that represents ISPs, said there were many problems with the suggestion, such as who would pay for the enforcement.
    Nick McDonald, an intellectual property expert at law firm Browne Jacobson, also questioned what would stop infringers from simply joining another ISP.
    "A system of data exchange would need to be implemented and this would require unparalleled cooperation between competitors," he said.
    The music industry, and increasingly the movie business, has been forced to seek legal means after seeing piracy eat into its business. But high profile law cases around the world have yet to deter illegal downloaders.
    A report due out in the next few weeks by media law firm Wiggin and Entertainment Media Research suggests 70 percent of users who download unauthorised content said they would stop downloading illegally if they received an ISP warning.
    And that would be welcomed. The British Video Association estimates that online piracy in the download market alone costs the audio visual industry around 53 million pounds ($104 million).
    At the annual industry meeting in Cannes earlier this year, Janus Friis, who once terrified the media industry with file-sharing network KaZaa, said the music industry was beginning to move from "stick" to "carrot" approach, citing legal online services and Imeem as leading examples.
    And Screen Digest music analyst Dan Cryan agrees that this is the route the industry needs to take.
    "I'm just not sure this ISP plan will change much regarding piracy," he told Reuters. "(There are) other systems that get around this, where you can't see who is uploading."
    "I'm afraid the horse has bolted and the only way the record industry is going to be able to contain piracy is to offer better services at a price that is right."

    Source: The Guardian

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    • 23 fév. 2008, 17h29m

    Exposure: Emily Loizeau

    Amazon UK

    Not sure if this is a re-release or not for French singer Emily Loizeau. I think it might be. L'Autre Bout Du Monde was originally released in 2006 to critical and public acclaim and is re-released this month.

    Her music combines with more modern material from artists such as Tom Waits and Bob Dylan. Singing in both French and English, the final effect is a fresh twist on .

    The track, London town featuring Andrew Bird, is in our February Streamers.


    Video for L'Autre Bout Du Monde

    Fantastic video for Je Suis Jalouse or Jalouse

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    • 24 fév. 2008, 5h20m

    Entertainment: EMI 'accidentally' release Art Brut single

    Indie rockers Art Brut have questioned their record company's decision to release new single 'Pump Up The Volume'.

    Label EMI released the track and an accompanying video, recorded from Australian television footage, without telling the band.

    "Attention, the Internet! It seems Art Brut have accidentally released a single," the group wrote on their website.

    "Pick up any thread of incompetence and it will usually lead you to a record company. That's right, it seems EMI have decided to release 'Pump Up the Volume' without informing [the band]."

    The band added that the abrupt release made it impossible to promote the track.

    "Adding to this curious new marketing stratagem of discouraging sales, EMI have chosen to make the song available via download only. So no luck in the record shacks either."

    The track is available through

    Source: Digital Spy

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    • 25 fév. 2008, 17h36m

    That's The Way...

    Cold and boring outside, so I've been busy on Acid Pro again.
    Free download for you lucky lucky people...

    That's The Way


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    • 25 fév. 2008, 19h27m

    Journal: M83 – New single, New album, New tour, by Champersnova

    M83 – New single, New album, New tour, by champersnova.


    M83 aka Anthony Gonzalez is back on duty with a brand new album: Saturdays=Youth to be released on April 15th on Mute. The very first single Couleurs is to be digitally out by February 26th including an exclusive remix by Jori Hulkkonen.

    Couleurs sounds like a fulfilling first impression accelarating my positive expectations on the new album. Gonzalez who has worked with producers Ken Thomas (Sigur Rós, The Sugarcubes, Cocteau Twins, Suede and Clinic) and Ewan Pearson (Tracey Thorn, The Rapture, and Ladytron) is heroicly fomenting the divine shoegazing feel seething out through the melodramatic noise density collapsed with the under cover soothing vocals. This is good!! Both summery and dark; moving and tranquillizing at the same time. Just like Ulrich Schnauss. It shall probably give you a moment to respectfully commemorate the Cocteau Twins whose spirit has enriched the music to touch our skin and inspired such great bands up to date.

    I've found Couleurs (instrumental) online and added it to our February Streamers playlist.

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    • 27 fév. 2008, 21h09m

    Exposure: The Opiates

    Remember Electribe 101? Well, she's back. Billie Ray Martin's new project is The Opiates, with Robert Solheim. So far, all I've found it what's in There's nothing else online or in YouTube, apart from what's on their MySpace.

    They have an album coming soon - Hollywood Under The Knife - although their EP is out next week, 3rd March. Sounds like they might be all the best bits of Electribe 101 with added Chicago house and Detroit techno.

    If you're in the UK, US or Germany, go check out the full tracks before they take them away from us(!) The rest of you, I've tagged the whole page 'my gang 08' to appear in our Featured Albums 08 radio (see my sig).

    My poor indie-fatigued ears are ecstatic over this find. Thanks to pellitero for the recommendation to the group.

    The sound - , , , , , , , , end of the night, meet , (who else sounds like her anyway?). They're citing Kraftwerk and The Carpenters as influences. Works for me. Group The Opiates.

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    • 28 fév. 2008, 0h34m

    Tea Break: Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child

    Here come the drums, here come the drums!

    (Vote Saxon)

    Rogue Traders- Voodoo Child


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    • 29 fév. 2008, 2h16m

    Journal: A Brief History of Post-Disco, by BadgerJohn31

    A Brief History of Post-Disco, by BadgerJohn31.


    A Brief History of...Post-Disco follows Disco's direct descendants into the underground clubs of Continental Europe, New York, and Chicago where various musicians experimented with the Disco sound. The beginning of the show looks at the type of Disco that became popular in these underground clubs. The middle portion explores some of the more experimental sounds that evolved from that basic Disco dance groove. The final portion of the show explores the popular explosion of Disco's greatest grandchild, House music. The major theme throughout the show is that Disco never really died and further, that Disco was the most important form of dance music in the second half of the 20th century.

    This show was intended to get us from Disco's peak in 1977 to House music's popularity in both the US and UK in about 1990. Since many of these songs are long dance grooves and since the period covered is quite long, the show ended up being rather shallow in its coverage. For this show only, I will include some of the songs we cut (I'll put them in italics as bonus tracks) to help fill in the argument that Disco never really died.

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    • 29 fév. 2008, 17h52m

    Exposure: NEON NEON

    Amazon UK

    The new video for Neon Neon's new single, I Lust You, is supposed to be on MTV UK now, but I'm having trouble accessing it. As soon as it's on YouTube, I'll grab it. It's due for release on 24 March.

    Their current single, Raquel, is available for download on iTunes now and on limited edition picture disc direct from Lex Records.

    Neon Neon is a collaborative project between Gruff Rhys (of Super Furry Animals), Boom Bip and friends. They're from Wales and the sound is . They're rather deliciously 80s in places and even go in 'I Told Her On Alderaan'. Trick For Treat is electro disco trip-hop. Is there such a thing?? There is now, lol!

    Their debut album, Stainless Style, is due 17 March, available for pre-order now.

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    • 29 fév. 2008, 18h56m

    Exposure: DJ Dolores

    He shouldn't need 'exposing', he's massive and highly respected in Brazil, but here goes, let's see what we can do to get him on the world arena.

    DJ Dolores was a key figure in the mangue beat scene, which arose in the city of Recife, Brazil in the early 90s. Extremely run down and poor, and with twice the national average murder rate, Recife became the new centre for cultural creativity. The music that came out was distinctly urban, a mixture of modern life expressed through hip-hop and electronica mixed with traditional rhythms such as and .

    is also known as , , .

    DJ Dolores appears under electronica in Wiki's list of Brazilian musicians.

    From his MySpace:

    DJ Dolores (aka Helder Aragão) has been active in the ebullient musical scene of his hometown Recife since his collaboration with Mangue Beat originators Chico Science and Nação Zumbi in the late ‘80s. He then worked as a graphic designer, TV documentary producer, soundtrack composer for films and theatre before adopting the turntables and sampler as a means of expression. He has remixed tracks for Gilberto Gil, Tribalistas, Fernanda Porto and Taraf de Haïdouks, was invited to take part (alongside David Byrne and the Beastie Boys) in Wired Magazine's Rip, Mash, Sample, Share project in support of the Creative Commons licenses, wrote and recorded soundtrack music for Brazilian films A Máquina and Narradores de Javé, and has won several awards in Brazil and abroad (including the 2004 BBC World Music Award, in the ‘club global’ category). His previous albums came out in 2002 (Contraditório) and 2005 (Aparelhagem) DJ Dolores is definitely at the forefront of a new movement which reappropriates some of the country’s neglected traditions, especially those popular styles traditionally shunned by the establishment, and brings them to a wider audience, thus bridging the gaps between poor & rich, young & old, and showing that there’s an amazingly rich musical world beyond samba and bossa nova..

    You can hear tracks from the new album, 1 Real, due for release next week on 3rd March, on his MySpace now.

    Amazon UK

    Video - short 6 min film of DJ Dolores talking about the music scene in Recife and his new album.

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    • 29 fév. 2008, 19h45m

    Exposure: Cadence Weapon

    Amazon UK

    Cadence Weapon mashes with a bit of everything. Literally. There's nothing else like it. It could easily be a dog's dinner, but it's not. Predominant genres are , and .

    I've got the new single, In Search of the Youth Crew, in our February Streamers playlist. You can also download it for free from their MySpace, where you can hear the new album, Afterparty Babies, in its entirety. It is due for release next week, 3rd March.

    Video - Sharks.

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    • 29 fév. 2008, 21h13m

    Charity - Crisis Consequences

    More indie, but it's in a good cause, and quite imaginatively done, so I'll add it here.

    Consequences is the great and good in Indie coming together to raise money for Crisis, the charity for homelessness.

    A big event is scheduled for this weekend, 2nd March, at the Roundhouse in Camden, North London. Appearing will be: Paul Weller, Supergrass, Graham Coxon, Dirty Pretty Things, New Young Pony Club, Drew McConnell, Andy Rourke, The Noisettes, Pearl Lowe and Ed Harcourt.

    They have recorded the charity single like the children's game consequences - where one person writes something, folds up the paper, passes it to the next person who writes something, folds it and passes it on, etc. At the end, they unfold the paper to read what everyone wrote to see how it goes together.

    Paul Epworth is the producer who solved the problem of recording a song in this way. He went back to the 60s, Phil Spector style of recording, with lots of people playing the same instruments. There's no computer editing, everything is played live. Read more here.

    Crisis Consequences, Behind the scenes, part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Introduction, featuring various artists.

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    • 29 fév. 2008, 21h45m

    Free Downloads - Various Artists in contemporary classical, avant-garde, jazz

    It’s not just rock bands such as Radiohead that are selling their wares direct over the internet. Hordes of contemporary avant-garde, classical and jazz composers are using the web to publish and sell their creations. Last week, we heard of the top violinist Tasmin Little releasing her latest recording, The Naked Violin, free as a download (available from tomorrow; ).

    Maria Schneider, a Grammy-winning, New York-based composer of luscious, wide-vista “big band” music, gave up on the record industry several years ago. She now markets herself entirely online, and is critical of the way the business treats composers and musicians. “With a record label, you make nothing,” she says. “I looked at the numbers and decided to eliminate the label, publisher anddistributor, and market myself direct to my fans.” She signed up to ArtistShare ( ), an innovative American website that encourages fans to fund artistic projects, from contemporary music, in all its forms, to film and dance. Schneider’s fans stumped up about £60,000 for her latest album, Sky Blue, and, thanks to two recent Grammy nominations, ArtistShare founder Brian Camelio believes the album could notch up £250,000 in direct sales in the next two years.

    Fans of ArtistShare composers sign up to a tiered membership. Depending on how much they pay – from £500 for “bronze” membership to £9,000 for an “executive producer” role – they qualify for a mention on the album and other perks, including multimedia downloads of rehearsals, interviews and recording sessions, as well as VIP tickets to live performances. Since its launch in 2003, ArtistShare has signed up more than 100 composers, musicians and film-makers. Each artist retains control and ownership of their output; the company takes 15% of sales.

    In the UK, too, there is a growing band of composers for whom the internet is proving a lifeline. Through websites such as Critical Notice ( ), promoted by the British Music Information Centre (BMIC;, leading contemporary composers sell their work direct as MP3 downloads.

    Howard Felton, senior manager at the BMIC, says: “The internet is incredibly important for modern composers because there aren’t any contemporary classical-music labels as such. The internet is going to become the main way of selling this kind of music.”

    David Ferguson, chairman of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters (BACS, ), agrees: “The record industry, particularly the majors, has been poor at supporting serious contemporary music,” he says, “so the internet is taking its place. What it gives composers is access to a global audience, which is essential to be commercially viable these days.”

    The BACS is this year launching an online-only label, Academy Recordings, this year. And Tutti ( ), a long-standing digital distributor of new music, is expanding to allow composers to promote their work and sell digital downloads via the site for a monthly fee and commission of about 25%. Tutti’s founder, Sarah Rodgers, says: “This is going to be the year when contemporary music truly goes digital. ”

    Some composers are happy to go it alone. Graham Fitkin (, a leading British composer whose latest album, Still Warm, incorporates classical harps and sampled electronica, used to have record deals with leading labels, but now publishes everything through his website. “The net has given me total creative control and put me in touch with a global audience,” he says. “I get orders for my CDs and scores from all around the world, and sell more sheet music in the USA than in the UK.”

    The web is becoming an invaluable tool for the distribution and promotion of new music.

    Source: Times Online (Jan 13)

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    • 29 fév. 2008, 22h26m

    Laura Marling - Alas I Cannot Swim

    Amazon UK

    Laura Marling's debut album, Alas I Cannot Swim, was released earlier this month.

    I like the clarity of sound, intelligent, thoughtful lyrics, and her voice, which reminds me of Sandy Denny. Her style is . If Emmy the Great is, well, great, then Laura Marling is sophisticated and further up the excellence ladder, leaving Kate Nash et al way, way behind.


    Video - Ghosts

    Video - New Romantic

    Video - My Manic and I

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    • 1 mars 2008, 1h35m

    The Kills - Midnight Boom

    Amazon UK, due 10 March.

    To my mind, The Kills pick up from where The White Stripes left off. They take and run with it through , , , , and, dare I say it, . It's not so indie as to bore me, so it's in. Looking forward to tagging the new album, Midnight Boom, as soon as it's uploaded in


    I've got u r a fever and Tape Song in our February Streamers.

    Video - u r a fever

    Video - Cheap and Cheerful

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    • 1 mars 2008, 1h45m

    Beach House - Devotion

    Amazon UK, 3rd March.

    Beach House make sleepy, dreamy, lazy, dozy . People like me will tag them '' and look forward to every track. I'm tagging the new album, Devotion, to appear in our featured albums 08 radio. It'll break up all the weird and wonderful sounds in there very well.


    Video - You Came To Me

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    • 1 mars 2008, 2h21m

    Autechre - Quaristice

    Amazon UK, 3 March.

    Good, sound Manchester band, I love Autechre. They're very Chiller Cabinet, though I'm not sure if they've been featured. Probably have.

    Autechre practically invented , experimenting with , and with more abstract and remote forms of music such as . When you hear them, you'll recognise their influence on later artists. They've been around since the late 80s and their new album, Quaristice, is their ninth.


    Video - WNSN

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    • 1 mars 2008, 2h53m

    Exposure: Correcto

    Amazon UK, 25 Feb.

    Oh alright, they're indie, but you listen to Do It Better and tell me it's no good.

    Correcto are a bit of a Scottish supergroup. Their drummer, Paul Thompson, is also the drummer for Franz Ferdinand. Their bassist, Patrick Doyle, is from The Royal We. The vocalist is Danny Saunders who sounds the spit of Pete Shelley. All in all, it's generic indie, but slightly above average, and reminscent of all the bands I like, such as The Buzzcocks, so they're in.


    Video - Do It Better

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