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  • Instrumental Music

    What are your favorite instrumental pieces of music?

    Try to refrain from classical stuff since classical is almost exclusively instrumental anyway.

    At the moment, mine are:
    Gryphon - Lament
    Explosions in the Sky - The Only Moment We Were Alone
    Mono - Are You There
    Anglagard - Sista Somrar
    maudlin of the Well - Interlude 3

    • rand0mnez a dit :...
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    • 12 avr. 2007, 0h47m
    Rush-La Villa Strangiato
    Rush-Where's My Thing?
    Pink Floyd-One of These Days
    Pink Floyd-Atom Heart Mother Suite
    Pink Floyd-Interstellar Overdrive
    Yes-Mood For A Day
    Porcupine Tree-Wedding Nails
    The Who-Underture
    Jethro Tull-Bourée
    The Allman Brothers Band-Jessica

    • Anaiyak a dit :...
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    • 12 avr. 2007, 1h53m
    Liqiud Tension Experiment - If you're a DT fan you should check this out

    Red Sparowes - Post-rock

    Pelican - Post-rock

    • Ollemann a dit :...
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    • 12 avr. 2007, 7h58m
    Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34

    And Pelican's works are great. :)

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    • Gezzaia a dit :...
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    • 12 avr. 2007, 8h13m
    Recently discovered (not necessarily my favourite, still checking out): God Is An Astronaut

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    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 12 avr. 2007, 11h23m
    I like music with complicated instrumental arrangement, or more simple but having some bautiful soundscapes, layers etc. This subject is close to my heart. Here's my selection of instrumental masterpieces:

    1. Ending Credits- so simple, but yet full of genius.

    2. Misirlou- the power of simplicity again; track known from Pulp Fiction.

    3. The Blue Danube- my favorite classical composition.

    4. Voyage 34- genius of Steven Wiloson focused in one track.

    5. Trombas- it's a celtic folk song with beautiful harmony.

    6. Toccata in D minor- short composition showing the Bach's gift.

    7. Kveldssang- atmospheric music from great album Kveldssanger.

    8. Fife & Drum- acoustic composition showing the abilities of these two virtuosos.
    9. Day Five- wonderful melodic post rock from U.S.

    10. Equinoxe 4- spacey atmosphere, masterful simplicity

    There is a lot more,for instance great Mike Oldfield's albums: The Songs of Distant Earth and Guitars and many many others...

    • Ollemann a dit :...
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    • 12 avr. 2007, 17h10m
    How could I forget One of these days by Pink Floyd, by the way? |:

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  • Dream Theater - Hell's Kitchen
    Dream Theater - Erotomania
    Dream Theater - The Ytse Jam
    Dream Theater - The Dance Of Eternity
    Dream Theater - Ouverture 1928
    Dream Theater - Stream Of Consciousness
    Dream Theater - Ouverture


    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 12 avr. 2007, 18h58m
    I agree with you on Overture. I love it.

    • Ollemann a dit :...
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    • 13 avr. 2007, 10h19m
    Lol, all DT and no Pink Floyd? Shame on you. You know you love Pink Floyd. ^^

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    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 15 avr. 2007, 4h38m
    Manhattan by Eric Johnson
    Jordrok by Anglagard
    Mediterranean Sundance by Al di Meola
    Icarus' Dream Suite Op.4 by Yngwie Malmsteem
    Airegin by Wes Montgomery
    Building the Church by Steve Vai
    Cause We've Ended As Lovers by Jeff Beck
    In Their Darkened Shrines: IV. Ruins by Nile
    Ending Credits and Patturns in the Ivy by Opeth
    Mad Russian's Christmas by Trans-Siberian Orchestra (or pretty much anything instrumental by TSO.)
    YYZ by Rush

    I have too many to list.

  • A small list of what was on my mind..

  • At the moment my instrumental favorite is Placebo's Bulletproof Cupid!

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    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 2 mai 2007, 20h09m
  • I guess Red Sparoweswill always remain a favourite of mine when it comes to instrumental music

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    • dr_gore a dit :...
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    • 21 sept. 2007, 13h31m
    My favourite instrumental music at this time is:
    Gino D'Auri (spanish guitar)
    Buckethead (avantgarde)
    Bill Evans (piano jazz)

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    • tuplawee a dit :...
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    • 22 sept. 2007, 15h42m
    Ok, I know there a lot of metalheads on this group, so you all better check out Blotted Science, who just released their first album, featuring Ron Jarzombek (Spastic Ink), Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse) and the drummer from Behold... The Arctopus.

    Just give it a listen. I was completly floored when I heard the record. Friggin' amazing stuff!

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 2 fév. 2008, 4h19m
    The Allman Brothers Band - Jessica (yay for this one getting mentioned already. It's an amazing song)
    Edgar Winter - Frankenstein
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Fanfare For The Common Man

    • Looger23 a dit :...
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    • 7 fév. 2008, 4h55m
    Soft Machine - Facelift
    Soft Machine - Slightly All The Time
    Soft Machine - Out-Bloody-Rageous

    The whole Album (Third) is just great, great, great. ;)

    Fred - Pachanga
    One Shot - I Had A Dream Part III & IV
    Present - Souls For Sale (Part VI)
    King Crimson - Mars

    And a special price to Ruins and some of their medleys: Classical Music Medley, Hard Rock Medley, Progressive Rock Medley, Mahavishnu Orchestra Medley. ;)

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 11 fév. 2008, 21h34m
    Camel - The Snow Goose (all of it)
    Pain of Salvation - Dryad of the Woods
    King Crimson - Red
    Gentle Giant - The Boys In the Band

  • Try 65daysofstatic if you like a tinge of electronic/drum and bass to your instrumental rock, Godspeed You Black Emperor for a more drawn out, crescendo based, orchestral edge. Also, I can't believe nobody has mentioned Mogwai! There's also Guthrie Govan if you're into the eclectic, virtuoso guitarist thing, and Praxis for a more funk metal vibe. All highly recommended.

    • Solarion a dit :...
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    • 25 fév. 2008, 11h21m
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor as a general.

    Our Happiest Days Slowly Began to Turn into Dust - Red Sparowes

    Burning Sky - Porcupine Tree (love that stair guitar)

    Weathered Stone
    Daylight Burn
    for random electronic. Weathered Stone is weird, but so interesting.

    The Dance of Eternity is easily their best instrumental.

    That's all I can see now...

    • kirmizihap a dit :...
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    • 23 mars 2008, 11h28m
    mercan dede
    ömer faruk tekbilek

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