• musiBLOG[gone2soon RIP michael j jackson]

    26 juin 2009, 23h18m par djraghkstar

    if u dont already have this.

    please allow me to share it with you.

    please email me and i will send it to you w/o delay.

    the song:

    better on the other side feat. p diddy. the game. polo da don. chris brown. mario winans & boyz II men

    i cried literally while hearing this.

    im crying now as i listen to it & type to you.

    str8 up.

    if u kno me u kno how i am when mike is played in the club & i dance or when i play it wherever i am.

    as i heard the news yesterday & as you all kno from my twitter feed

    this time yesterday, i was deeply distraught.

    holding on to any shred of hope that all the reports would be wrong.

    see, i was going to see the tour in the UK.

    & for the first time in my life.

    i was going to be able to see him, scream in the arena while hes onstage, feel

    the music live & close my eyes open them & live a dream ive had since i was very young.


    quite frankly would have had an good opportunity to finally meet him. (i kept that
    under wraps til now)

    being around several celebreties, knowing them personally & at various times i
    dont get startstruck at all.

    (ok maybe when i met clive davis or had dinner with babyface)

    but i truly feel like a piece of me was taken away.

    i love michael jackson.

    now and forever i will.

    im deeply sadden'd still.

    but i rejoice in the music that he has left us with.

    im playing michael jackson out of my respect & love for him & his music.

    feel free to play my library.

    its for my enjoyment & yours.

    i hope that u will reminisce with me also.

    peace, love and music.



    michaels fanatically musical desciple.

    ~dj raghkstar
  • musiBLOG [nineteenninetynine]

    21 juin 2009, 13h51m par djraghkstar

    ive been here on for 15 days


    the 1 thousandth 9 hundredth and ninety 9th song played on my page is...

    guess what kids:

    yep! u guess'd it.




    its gonna take 9 spins for it to take the top spot on the charts.

    and lets get a little deeper than that.

    check this

    there are 6 letters in the name p-r-i-n-c-e

    flip the number around and its "9"

    crazy right?


    lets go 9 play!

    it starts now.

    join the celebration.

    ~dj яaghksтaя™ [ /]

  • Review: Morris Day And The Time @ Winstar Casino ee oh ee oh

    15 jui. 2008, 21h56m par UncleGropey

    Time: 8 pm, July 12
    Place: Winstar Casino, Thackerville, OK
    Mission: Walk, Bird, and Oak Tree with Morris Day and The Time

    Accepting this mission was no hard decision for Guirrel and me, and upon arrival in theatre, we quickly parked, procured entrance papers ($20 apiece), hit our respective port-a-potties (ewww), and staked out a base in General Admission behind all the attendees who had brought their own lawn chairs (this was pretty well everyone but us), but who needs to sit down when Morris is on stage? Nobody, that’s who.

    But it turns out that after 30 minutes of a karaoke warm-up act that includes some guy who sounds like Biz Markie singing Easy Like Sunday Morning, apparently you need to sit down so badly that some event staff guy walks up and offers you free passes into the VIP area where there are chairs, because that’s when some event staff guy walked up and offered us free passes into the VIP area where there were chairs. Sweet, now instead of being back by the control board guys, we were 6 rows from the center of the stage just in time for Morris Day and The Time to take the stage…

    There are few performers as cool as Morris Day, and none cooler. The man is, in fact, so cool that he even has a song titled, um, “Cool”, and this is how the show opened. During the song, to emphasize how utterly and devastatingly cool not only Morris, but the whole freaking situation is, the audience spells “cool” in sign language. What could be cooler than that?

    What could be cooler than that?

    Next up, the mandatory couple of songs from the new album… but they weren’t too long. They weren’t that bad. And then they were over so that the real stuff could be gotten to. Stuff like:

    The Oak Tree - this song’s corresponding dance involves sticking your hands out like you are yourself an oak tree. Not a fir, not an ash. You are a god damned oak tree, motherfucker.

    777-9311 - the title of the song is a phone number. I believe this predates Tommy Tutone, and if it doesn’t… fuck Tommy Tutone.

    The Walk - the dance for this song is kind of hard to do in the crowd, because as you may have guessed, it involves walking (hard to do in a sea of people). Also this is the song that inspired me to get into wearing Stacy Adams shoes, and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

    My Drawers - A personal favorite of mine, also one of the Jay and Silent Bob movies features Jay singing the bit that goes “Whose drawers? MY drawers!”

    Gigalos Get Lonely Too - The only slow song of the set, it is a sobering look at the loneliness level of giggalos. Not to be confused with Juggalos, who are bound to be several, several times more lonely than that.

    The Bird - Easily more outrageous than the Oak Tree or The Walk, this dance demands the spreading of the arms to full length and flapping them up and down like a condor, and, as I personally learned, if you are the only honkey doing this in a sea of black folks, those black folks will buckle over and laugh mightily as they grab their neighbors and point at you.

    Yes, for a few magical moments, I was more entertaining than Morris.

    Of course, the last song in a Morris Day And The Time show is always Jungle Love, and buildup involves getting the whole crowd chanting “O EE O EE O” over and over for quite some time before the song begins, and if you are my friend Seeth, that’s what’s going on in that voicemail I left you. Of course the song is nailed, and everyone goes wild…

    As the show ended, I was left with even more admiration for Morris and the band… these guys did a live show and danced all around for an hour and a half on what had been a 100 degree day, in zoot suits! I was pretty hot just being there in a t-shirt, and these guys were wearing zoot suits!

    They are probably full of freezer packs or something.
  • Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

    31 mars 2008, 11h36m par ted1986

    I just have to write an article about these two gems of the R&B/Soul community!

    Ever since I broke away from the mainstream pop music of the 80s and got into listening to R&B music, there's been a certain sound I have loved and I didn't know how to put my finger on it. I particularly enjoyed listening to Alexander O'Neal and The S.O.S. Band and they definately had a very similar sound and feel to their music along with Cherrelle, Janet Jackson, New Edition and the song Human by The Human League. For ages I couldn't work out what made them all so similar (similar as they all had a stunning strong sound) when I had the fortune of stumbling accross this wikipedia article on Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. From then on, I realised that all the above artists's producers were Jam & Lewis and I went on to discover many more great hits they produced and I purchased Alexander O'Neal's classic album Hearsay with fabolous hits like Criticise,Never Knew Love Like This,Hearsay, and Fake amongst many others.

    In my opinion, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis deserve to win the award of best R&B producers of all time. Oh wait..., they already have lol on The 2007 Cedric Muhammad and Black Coffee Program beating out Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre, Teddy Riley, DJ Premier, Holland Dozier and Holland, Kanye West, Babyface, The Bomb Squad, Gamble and Huff, Timbaland, and Phil Spector.

    My next purchase on ebay will definately be the 1986 S.O.S. band album Sands Of Time, what a gem that was! I love The Finest, Even When You Sleep and the smooth title track Sand Of Time, smooth being the best word to sum up most of Jam & Lewis's work.

    Can't believe they're still managing to bring artists to the top 10 even now! Shows they've stood the test of time. Their music will always have a very special place in the history of R&B/Soul. Probably because of their immaculate, smooth, relaxing, strong sounds and their ability to produce classic funky dance tracks and smooth slow jams.

    May their talent be appreciated for many years to come, I certainly won't be throwing out my S.O.S Band, Alexander O'Neal and Human League albums in a hurry!