*EVEN* easier way of Installing Audioscrobbler plugin for MediaMonkey!

  • *EVEN* easier way of Installing Audioscrobbler plugin for MediaMonkey!

    Originally posted here

    1) Download this plugin to Mediamonkey/Plugins: http://www.thorrune.net/filedump/gen_wa2_scrobbler.dll

    2) Install Last.fm, but do not install winamp plugin or make last.fm think you have winamp at all. You can still have other plugins, I think.

    3)Start MediaMonkey, and Last.fm should start automatically, PROBABLY WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING WHY!! (LOL)

    4) Start scrobbling. could it be any easier?'

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    • colekins a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 29 oct. 2006, 1h34m
    thanks. this worked great for me.

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 11 nov. 2006, 22h32m
    worked for me too

    very simple

    • risser a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 28 nov. 2006, 13h26m
    This does work nicely. However, note that if you have previously installed Scrobbler by faking a WinAmp.exe in your MediaMonkey folder, you will have to remove it, or it will automatically find and link Scrobbler to that exe.

    Once i did that it allowed me to associate it with MediaMonkey.exe.



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    • mwkdesign a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 30 déc. 2006, 21h20m
    This hasnt worked for me. I started with a new instalation of both. The audioscobbler v2 is showing up in my Options/Player/General plugins. But I cannot configure it. the configure button does nothing. So there is no way to turn audioscrobbler on.

    Please help.


  • yeah same here, iwoayhtoewiye help(?)

  • weird, i didnt do anything different and i swear out of nowhere it started working. woohoo


  • werd.

    It worked here as well. Using MediaMonkey and Last.fm 1.1.0 (winamp plugin 2.0.30)

    • evandena a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 26 jan. 2007, 5h37m
    worked like a charm. If you had MM open while installing the Winamp plugin, make sure you restart MM to get it working.

    • sgtret a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 28 jan. 2007, 20h41m

    Installed, started, restarted, jump-started, worked.

    I was getting ready to say it didn't work when, in the middle of song, Media Monkey shut down on its own. When I restarted, bingo, it was working. I must've forgotten the part about the pixie dust! >G<

    • RottynDawg a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 1 fév. 2007, 3h42m
    Works like a champ...thank you for posting this!

    • Himemi a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 4 fév. 2007, 17h44m
    thanks =D

    • lajevardi a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 30 mars 2007, 6h54m

    "..He who saddens at thought of idleness, cannot be idle..
    And he's awake, who thinks himself asleep.."
    --John Keats
    • siaush a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 6 avr. 2007, 6h31m
    Not working for me... It did displayed on the Now Playing page but didn't update the recent played list. Can anyone help please?

    • lajevardi a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 11 avr. 2007, 20h43m
    hey siaush,
    this trick will not work any longer with new version of MediaMonkey.

    "..He who saddens at thought of idleness, cannot be idle..
    And he's awake, who thinks himself asleep.."
    --John Keats
    • DFWDraco76 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 29 avr. 2007, 6h15m
    hrm. ok. so now I've got the Last.fm player showing up in my system tray - and have to have it there in order to "srobble"?

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 5 mai 2007, 22h19m
    works a treat, thanks

    draco yes - it wont be runnign otherwise.

    • TalSh a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 24 mai 2007, 11h46m
    Does this work if you only have MM open and not the Last.fm client?

    • redfox82 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 25 mai 2007, 20h26m
    Worked perfectly, cheers!

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 1 juin 2007, 20h21m

    it worked......

    but do i have to always have the lastfm player for it to work always?, that would suck

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 2 juin 2007, 8h21m
    Yes you do, and I'm pretty convinced that people worried about having to have it open all the time are pretty anal. It's actually a fairly useful app, and uses all of 3 megs of ram when in the systray. Unless you are running a 386 I don't see what the problem is.

    • eoan a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 29 juin 2007, 15h37m
    Works for me.. Ace.

    • StDan a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 1 jui. 2007, 9h32m
    Hello, first post.
    Iv`e got v 2.55.998 can I do this? I can only find
    an MM.exe down in winnt not in the main MM folder.
    I`m probably missing something...where will I find the hard way alternative?

    • Danilo7 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 5 jui. 2007, 23h55m
    Thanks Man

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