• ...H..A.L..O...

    27 avr. 2007, 23h14m par Scarismatic

    Genocide Organ
    Dead World
    Sunn 0)))

    Нeбo oбтянутoe пaутнoй пpoвoдoв cвepxу, zeмля нaмepтвo пpибитaя acфaльтoм cниzу и бecќoнeчныe ќубoмeтpы пыли и cмoѓa вoќpуѓ нaвceѓдa въeлиcь в cozнaниe, вoccozдaв cвoю вepcию иллюzии cущecтвoвaния в этoм миpe. Ќaќ будтo тaќ былo вceѓдa - уpбaниcтичecќoe ѓeттo, нaceлeннoe cущecтвaми c минимaльным нaбopoм жиzнeнныx фунќџий для oбecпeчeния paбoты жeлezoбeтoннoѓo мexaниzмa, этоѓо мexaничecќoѓo живoтнoѓo, ќoтopoe coжpaлo pazoм все достижения чeлoвeчecќoй џивилиzaџиии и тeпepь методично пepeвapивaeт вмecтe c биoлoѓичecќими тeльџaми, ќoпoщaщимиcя внутpи.

    Живыe эмoџии иcчezли в иzлучениях paдиoвoлн и бecќoнeчныx пpoвoдax элeќтpocвяzи, в эcэмэcќax и жидќиx ќpиcтaлax мoнитopoв, в џифpoвыx мaтpиџax ќoмпьютepнoй инфopмaџии и пepeдaтчиќax cпутниќoв cвяzи. Aтpoфиpoвaннaя чeлoвeчнocть, утилиzaџия души, эмoџиoнaльный pacпaд, xoлoд cтaли вмecтo тeплa плoти, жeлezнaя џиничнaя внeшнocть вмecтo дуxoвныx внутpeннocтeй, тexнoѓeннo peaлиzoвaннaя утoпия вмecтo cвeтлыx ѓpёz.

    Лишь вepa ocлeпилa вcю эту пceвдo жиzнь, pazуќpacив нaдeждaми нa cвeтлoe будующee, и џивилиzaџия вce пpoдoлжaeт жить пo aвтoмaтиzиpoвaннoй инepџии. A впepeди пpocтиpaютcя лишь лaбиpинты бecќoнeчныx жeлezнoбeтoнныx ќopидopoв, oщeтинeнныx pжaвыми ќapќacaми, ѓдe ѓудит ѓипнoтичecќий ѓимн пoxopoн чeлoвeчecтвa, zaживo zaxopoннeнoѓo в пoтpeблeнии cвoиx coбcтвeнныx твopeний.

    A вeдь ќaќ будтo мoжнo вce cпacти, нo интepecнo нaблюдaть имeннo za pazpушeниeм и мeчтaть o тoм, чтo бы былo ecли oнo жилo и чтo бы былo, ecли zaпуcтить эту жиzнь zaнoвo... cтoит ли..?

    np HALO - 20,000 Tonnes of Machinery to Smash Matter

    Sky covered by the web of wires above, earth firmly nailed by an asphalt below and the endless cubic meters of dust and smog around forever imprint in consciousness, recreating the version of illusion of existence in this world. As though so was always is the urbanism ghetto, inhabited by creatures with the minimum set of vital functions for providing of work of reinforced-concrete mechanism, this mechanical animal which guzzled together all achievements of human civilization and now overcooks together with biological bodies inwardly.

    Human emotions disappeared in the radiations of radio waves endless wires of connections, in SMS and liquid crystals of monitors, in digital matrices computer information and transmitters of satellites of connection. Atrophied humaneness, utilization of soul, emotional disinteration, cold steel instead of heat of flesh, ferrous cynical exterior in place of spiritual the entrails, technogenic realized utopia in place of sweet dreams.

    Only a faith blinded all this pseudo life in hopes on light future, and civilization all continues to live on the automated inertia. And ahead of the labyrinths of endless iron-concrete corridors with rust frameworks, where buzzes the hypnotic hymn of funerals of the humanity buried alive in consumption of the owns achievement.

    Maybe it is possible to rescue everything, but it is interestingly to look exactly after destruction and to dream about what would be if it lived and what would be, if to start this life anew... but need to try..?

    np HALO - 20,000 Tonnes of Machinery to Smash Matter
  • New Sikth Album ?

    8 juin 2006, 10h44m par drommk

    your opinion about Sikth new album ?
  • Best guitar solos?

    23 mai 2006, 23h14m par mXc

    Im in the mood to hear a really good guitar solo, one thats fast as hell, technical, hard, goes on for days, and has sweeps up the ass.
    So what are your favorite guitar solos?

    A few of my faves:
    The Number Twelve Looks Like You cover of My Sharona.
    They have a few good songs with amiazing guitar solos like in Civeta Dei and Jesus and Tori but the My Sharona one is just so fast and long I could jizz.

    Between the Buried and Me Selkies: The Endless Obsession
    The sweeps! So fucking beautiful While intense at the same time.

    Black Daliah Murder Statutory Ape
    The only reason I listen to this band is because of the guitar solos.

    Acacia Strain Noah Will Be Your Grave
    Not the most technical solo, just the most intense and hard.

    Arch Enemy Taking Back My Soul
    I just love how they throw several throughout the song. Note: this song MUST be listened to after listening to the intro Enter the Machine.

    Now to throw a in a bunch more artists with good guitar solos to get people to view this journal.
    God Forbid
    All That Remains
    System of a Down
    fall of troy
    Swarm of the Lotus
    Blackheart Eulogy
    As I Lay Dying
    Avenged Sevenfold
    Jimi Hendrix
    Yngwie Malmsteen

    Im getting around to the suggested, I gotta give some a few more listens but here is what I have so far.

    1.DragonForce - Through The Fire And Flames
    Wow fast doesn't begin to describe. The only thing they lack is hardness and intensity.
    1.John Petrucci -Glasgow Kiss
    Kinda boring in the begining but the end is awesome.
    3. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
    Beautiful and epic
    4.Megadeath - Lucretia
    I like it a lot, it just sounds so 80s
    5.Megadeth - Hangar 18
    Awesome solo work, but its thrown in repeatedly and never gets into a good flow, everytime I start to get into it, it stops then starts all over again.
    6.Roadrunner United - In The Fire
    Not only a much better song then the other, but actually a better solo as well
    7.Unearth-Zombie Autopilot
    Im not much of an Unearth fan but this guitar solo was pretty good, just not as good as anything done by Adam Dutkiewicz's other proteges All That Remains.
    8.Roadrunner United - The Dagger
    pretty good
    9.Judas Priest - A Touch Of Evil
    It was long but, I just didn't think it was all that great.
    10.Protest the Hero - Blindfolds Aside
    I actually like this song a lot but the solo wasn't too particularly amaizing.
    11.Lamb of God - Purified
    I love Lamb of God but thier solo's just never really impress me.
    12.Death-Voice of the soul
    The sleepy music over top of it just kinda took me out of it.
    13.Built to Spill - Carry the Zero
    Didn't impress me all that much
  • (bruits de fond) #3 - fanzine gratuit - téléchargeable sur

    19 mai 2006, 14h28m par drommk

    le flyer ici :

    Au sommaire de ce numéro :

    un joli dossier Snot, Cave In, Pelican, The Elektrocution

    un report des volcaniques de mars,

    un dossier hxc avec Lights Out, Piece By Piece, AT RISK, SOS

    ainsi que les chroniques de Danishmendt, Cafe Flesh, Geneva, Amen Ra, Jr Ewing, The Gathering, Firecrackers, Earth, Mansfield Tya et Sikh

    le tout disponible sur :

    avec les deux premiers numéros.

    Bonne lecture aux francophones & n'hésitez pas à laisser des commentaires !
  • Tool - 10,000 days

    5 mai 2006, 10h39m par drommk

    What do you think of Tool last album ?

    leave your comments