Lyric Book: "Love and Loud Colours"

    • cz_cz_cz a dit :...
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    • 22 jui. 2006, 23h07m

    Lyric Book: "Love and Loud Colours"

    Many of you who have been to the merchandise booth at the shows may already be aware of the existence of a book of Edward Ka-Spel lyrics from LPD, Tear Garden, and solo works. It is not comprehensive but is quite artfully done and authorized by Edward. My friend is the editor and publisher of the book so i thought i'd post a link here in case anyone was interested:

    The book comes with a CD-single featuring an exclusive four-part Ka-Spel creation, "090301".


    PS to Agnostik: I couldn't find "Needles" in the book but it's still worth checking out.

    • Chyekk a dit :...
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    • 21 sept. 2006, 0h24m

    Beautiful Book!

    And it is an absolutely beautiful book! This is not some cheap little booklet. It is a very well-done hard-bound book with nice illustrations. The lyrics for each song are printed in a different layout that is chosen particularly for the song and some have artwork to go along.

    There are places where I think there are small mistakes in the lyrics, but they were checked by Edward himself, so I'll defer to his authority!

    There are also some additional lyrics and writings that never made it onto any LPD songs.

    [Disclaimer, I also know the publisher, but I really do love this book.]

    • Horoma a dit :...
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    • 13 oct. 2006, 16h36m
    I personally didn't find the 4-track CD to be that special. But the book itself is truely wonderful, a great collection of lyrics with very nice illustrations. Highly recommended !

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    • 8 oct. 2007, 8h05m
    must get this

    • demaupin a dit :...
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    • 8 oct. 2007, 13h38m
    i agree, this is a very special book, made with love and careful attention -- a little treasure. glad to hear it's being re-released :)

    • redhalo a dit :...
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    • 30 oct. 2007, 21h35m

    Most definitely

    Have this, it is a beauty!

    Pick one up, you will not be disappointed!

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