Won't play in background?

    • gage006 a dit :...
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    • 2 nov. 2009, 4h52m

    Won't play in background?

    Seriously guys? I was really excited about this program but that's a deal breaker. I'll never be using it because my Xbox is for playing games, not staring at my tv while it plays music.

  • Yeah...

    I was so excited until my friend smartly remarked that I had turned my TV into a radio.

    Like there's a problem with that!

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 4 nov. 2009, 14h51m
    This is a restriction imposed by Microsoft, not by Last.fm (and it's probably for complex architectural reasons). The iPod suffers in the same way - lots of great apps, but none of them can run in the background.

    It's probably not much consolation, but there's some interesting news in this interview about a forthcoming game, APB, which is like an MMORPG version of Crackdown/GTA. This game is going to feature some quite cool in-game scrobblng as you're driving around in cars:

    APB [...] is going to be the first game to scrobble. I am not sure how they explained it to you, but my understanding is when you are driving your car and you are listening to music, that music is actually streaming from your hard drive. It is not Last.fm streaming, it is you playing your music natively. But then what happens is we are able to scrobble that information. That is pretty cool, the first game that scrobbles.

    The next part that is really interesting, where you are bringing in more of the community element, is let's say a car pulled up next to you and they are playing music. We will, with the system, figure out if you have that on your hard drive, and if so, play that song. And if not, the interesting part is it will play a similar artist. So if your friend pulls up and is blaring hip hop, and we don't have that specific song, we will also play hip hop for you. I think that is kind of an interesting community angle.
    In-game scrobbling is cool - it's like an extension of the in-game ZiT feature in GTAIV - and if it was introduced in games like Rock Band too, that'd probably triple the amount of scrobbling that I do!

    • artgravity a dit :...
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    • 6 nov. 2009, 23h30m

    Background play is a must add feature for last.fm on X Box.

    In game scrobbling is all fine and good, if you have music on your X Box, or have a Windows Media Center PC set up to stream to your X Box, but if you are like me and don't have room for music on your X Box, and don't have a PC set up or media collection that can be streamed to your X Box, who cares? The new last.fm player for X Box is really cool, but I was extremely disappointed with the inability to provide the background play functionality that the built in player already has.

    Background play is a must add feature for last.fm on X Box.

    zer0Gee (hillout (ontroller
    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 9 nov. 2009, 23h22m
    Strictly speaking, it's a must-add feature for Microsoft, not Last.fm. ;)

  • This should happen asap. Last.fm is great, but so many people won't use it on the 360 if it won't work in game.

    • Mugguan a dit :...
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    • 17 nov. 2009, 11h54m
    well they put it on a GAMING console then made it stop you from playing games, seems a bit silly

    • ben-xo a dit :...
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    • 17 nov. 2009, 13h03m
    I personally would love to see background-play in Microsoft's Last.fm app - but even without that desirable feature, the app does bring one thing to the table that wasn't available to most people previously - and that's a very easy, natural way to get Last.fm to sound great in your living room.

    Check out my latest Drum'n'Bass mixes at http://www.mixcloud.com/benxo (it scrobbles)
  • I agree with the previous comments! The people want music while playing games!! ;)

    • McHone a dit :...
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    • 17 nov. 2009, 21h11m
    I like it a lot great idea but I wish it played in the backgrounf definetly!!!

    • ACMartin55 a dit :...
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    • 18 nov. 2009, 16h55m
    So LAME! I was really excited for this port only to find that if I wanted to keep listening to music I had to stay in the Last.fm app. I mean at least let me browse through my dashboard and marketplace while I listen to music, is it really that hard? If this is something MS held back in development, they wasted a lot of resources and time on this pointless port. It's easier for me to fire my netbook up, plug it in to my receiver and stream last.fm that way. Then I can at least use my TV for something useful rather than see the same band pictures over and over. You could have at least put a visualizer in there to make it somewhat cool...

    • darthuvius a dit :...
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    • 18 nov. 2009, 18h19m
    /signed for last.fm to function as background app

    • kuruptsoul a dit :...
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    • 18 nov. 2009, 19h11m
    Yeah, I found this out last night, I was bummed, but whatever, that's what my computer is for anyway

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 18 nov. 2009, 19h25m
    I also agree, that you can't play it as a background app. So lame.

  • I want it as a background app as well

  • it would be an awesome background app. disappointed but do like it at the present. i would just like it to be playable in the background, that's all we're asking.

    • troybrua a dit :...
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    • 3 déc. 2009, 22h23m

    Call to Action.

    Okay so how could we tell / convince Microsoft to enable Last.Fm to run in the background?

    • kolmer7 a dit :...
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    • 7 déc. 2009, 10h47m

    Re: Call to Action.

    troybrua said:
    Okay so how could we tell / convince Microsoft to enable Last.Fm to run in the background?

    This is most likely a money issue, seeing as Microsoft likes to charge people for ridiculous things. The only way would be for Last.fm to some how convince(pay) for Microsoft to make their WMP on the Xbox the only way to be able to scrobble Music to the users Last.fm website. Which will never happen. Their is a possibility that I could be 100% wrong and could be working on something in the near future.

    summer is coming
    • tigoe5 a dit :...
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    • 7 déc. 2009, 11h30m


    dont know what the issue is. I see last FM as effectivly a radio that plays on my TV and through my stereo, My wife and i love it and its on all the time and its a great way to be introduced to new music. Contry to pervioues posts you can use IPOD to play in the background while playing games, which i do, I also can stream from my PC. I appreciate that not everyone can do this but its relitivly simple to rip some CD,s to the 360 hard drive and your away! in my view Last FM is an awsome app!

  • You're

    missing the point. We want to be able to stream music from Last.fm in the background whilst playing games.

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 9 déc. 2009, 16h23m

    Re: Re: Call to Action.

    kolmer7 said:
    This is most likely a money issue
    I doubt that. More likely a copyright issue or similar; Microsoft probably don't want third-party developers to start making amendments to the Dashboard/Guide code. Hence why Facebook/Twitter/Last.fm/SkyTV can only be accessed via downloadable, standalone apps on the dashboard.

    • Kimmie21xo a dit :...
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    • 9 déc. 2009, 19h34m
    so sad that i have to have last.fm open and that it can't play in the background (dashboard) oh well.. not a big deal.. still love the fact that i have last.fm on my 360 now (: <3

    • FMLitsNick a dit :...
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    • 9 déc. 2009, 20h33m
    I am willing to bet that the main restriction that is preventing this from happening is the fact that the netcode when playing a game online would run significantly slower if a few people were streaming last.fm in the background. I would love to see it happen, but MS has to draw the line somewhere.... (unfortunately)

    • rjesps a dit :...
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    • 10 déc. 2009, 1h47m
    In an ideal world, you could stream last.fm and play games online at the same time. My guess is that if you were to stream last.fm at the same time as playing a game online (say Modern Warfare 2) you would probably see disruptions on one or both applications. If your system could not play both, then depending on how it is engineered, either last.fm would cut in and out and be really choppy or you might get OK streaming from last.fm and lag in your MW2 game and possibly loose connection from the game.

    • spacedvest a dit :...
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    • 10 déc. 2009, 3h55m
    I know it won't probably happen, but having last.fm as a background process so you can listen and play games would be awesome. However, if it is indeed impossible, I am still appreciative of the new app...I like how it plays pictures while songs play. Hopefully thoughts on implementing this will at least occur on the nextgen consoles.

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