Trial mode only if you're not a Gold member?!

  • Trial mode only if you're not a Gold member?!

    I had to have my account returned to Silver by XBL support today, to fix a problem with my payment methods.

    I haven't gotten around reactivating my Gold yet, but I fired up and noticed I'm only allowed to listen for 180 minutes because I don't currently have an XBL Gold membership.

    I don't understand. What exactly is the difference to whether I have Silver or Gold, considering I have to watch's ads and get asked 'are you still listening'* every hour so regardless? Is it part of some deal signed with Microsoft to only allow Silver members a brief trial, but then Gold members still have to endure the ads?

    Oh, and while I wrote this post, I noticed the remaining trial time kept ticking even though I wasn't playing any music.

    Nice one guys.

    *which, of course, skips to the next song when you say 'yes'.

    • Knapster01 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 17 jan. 2012, 11h47m
    As the platform holder, that's a question for Microsoft really. We don't have any bearing on what apps are available to Silver or Gold Xbox subscribers.

  • Were you aware that was a restriction they'd imposed? As I say, it seems an odd thing to do since the app works exactly the same otherwise and the ad revenue would be the same too.

    Thanks for the honest answer, by the way. Sorry for being a bit off.

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