API call for "Translate foreign artist names to English"?

  • API call for "Translate foreign artist names to English"?

    Autocorrect changes the names for my Japanese artists into Kanji. This is good, because it's correct.

    However, looking at a list of names in an alphabet I don't understand is pretty much useless to me. Thankfully, the website has an option to automatically translate these names back into "English".

    I'm developing a little script that uses the API and pulls down artist names. Is there any way to get these translations via the API?

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    • 15 mars 2012, 21h41m
    http://www.last.fm/api/show/artist.getInfo has a "lang" Parameter but it's only for the wiki. Maybe you can look into musicbrainz.org

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  • Thanks, that's what I ended up doing. For anyone else who wants to do this, I've made a Ruby gem: https://github.com/xiongchiamiov/englify .

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