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    • 26 avr. 2012, 15h05m
    Sorry to say I'm a bit disappointed. No cover version impressed me.
    Well next time there may be more I like :)

    01 Gerben Groeneveld - Not a fan of Bjorks but this is an interesting, delicate song.
    02 Millionaire - Don't know what to think of it. Don't know both bands involved.
    03 The Civil Wars - Like Chris Cornell's version better.Kind of same approach.
    04 The Corrs - The Corrs doing what they do best but I don't like it. Jimi ftw.
    05 Lucie Silvas - Same as with the Corrs. Metallic ftw.
    06 Japan - Solid own version. But I don't like the song itself.
    07 Nighwish - Don't know the original. Sounds like an European Song Contest song.
    08 Fever Ray - Intruiging song (cover)
    09 Kai Schumacher- Well done.
    10 Erlend Oye - Fine but I like the more happier original better.
    11 Sparklehorse - Lovely.
    12 Murderdolls - Love the song, decent cover.
    13 The Baseballs - Don't like what they do.
    14 Lisa Gerrard - Not bad, not good either.
    15 Smith - Sorry, nuffin special.

    Anno ACDC
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    • 26 avr. 2012, 19h30m
    01 Gerben Groeneveld - Ehh... honestly, I thought it was kinda bad.
    02 Millionaire - Not crazy about the production on this one.
    03 The Civil Wars - It's different, all I'm really going to say.
    04 The Corrs - I liked this. Though some of the components feel tacked on.
    05 Lucie Silvas - I like this more than the original, but that's not a big achievement.
    06 Japan - Meh
    07 Nighwish - Gouda. It's cheese, but cheese I can enjoy.
    08 Fever Ray - I liked it enough.
    09 Kai Schumacher- I know the cover is almost a perpendicular approach that there shouldn't be comparisons, but nice cover! His techniques improvised into the song gave me a couple of Woah! moments.
    10 Erlend Oye - Catchy.
    11 Sparklehorse - I was liking it until the voice kicked in.
    12 Murderdolls - Truthfully an okay cover but there's something about the video that makes me want to hate it.
    13 The Baseballs - Witty approach to "music of today", but this opinion is without fatigue from re-playability.
    14 Lisa Gerrard - I liked the dark country approach.
    15 Smith - Meh

  • Biscuit1978 said:
    I liked the majority of these actually. Some very interesting covers, especially song 10. My votes are as follows:

    12 points - Song 10
    10 ponts - Song 04
    8 points - Song 03
    7 points - Song 01
    6 points - Song 08
    5 points - Song 07
    4 points - Song 15
    3 points - Song 11
    2 points - Song 14
    1 points - Song 13

    I hope this is right or do you need the results in a PM?

    Hi biscuit! Yes you would normally PM the votes to me! Dont forget to comment on all the songs too!(copy and paste the running order list on page one and add your comments) also if you go back to page one of this thread you will see all the details regarding the voting process!


  • 01 Gerben Groeneveld - How am I gonna rate that, I don't know the original...if I go just by the song I found it, well, a bit boring, sorry

    02 Millionaire - Ex-Drummer is in my movie Top 10. Those Top 10 of movies that are the best movies forever to me. If you like that song or not, watch it. Seriously. I could not imagine anyone would not like that movie. The music is a different thing, either it's your taste or not - I know about 10 covers (seriously! You can find most of them on youtube so you can check on that if you want!) of "Mongoloid" by Devo, I like this one the best, and I also like the Version by Rummelsnuff, and I like Devo (in general).

    03 The Civil Wars - I think any version of that song can only be better than the original...I also got a cover version of the song by Alien Ant Farm here somewhere on a single...somewhere cos I don't really listen to it anymore.Hm I don't like the original as I said, however The Civil Wars make a better song out of it!!! (sorry, Jacko-Fans...) However, I like the female voice but don't like the male voice on it...so I say, not bad, but not great either in my ears.

    04 The Corrs - Good original, good cover! Enjoyed this one!

    05 Lucie Silvas - Nice violins, but that's about it...I don't even really like the original too much, I like old Metallica, the Black Album was too much "pop" to me in General...

    06 Japan - Oh I know the original and I also know the cover by Nick Cave...well if I had picked a cover of this I'd have picked Nick Cave's version then. This version doesn't really give me anything...

    07 Nighwish - Boy I hate this band, my boss, when I was working at the metal store, always played them...from all "Metal" (I am not really sure if this is "Metal" to my ears anyway) Bands in the world someone picked the band I dislike nearly the most (Only Cradle Of Filth is worse really)...ha ha...sorry, I'll be happy if they split! Objectively, the singer she ain't bad, but the keyboards, well...I think they are really, really bad...

    08 Fever Ray - Yep, my buddy would play that in his goth disco. I like the original version better but this is not bad, personally I would not buy it but it's really o.k.

    09 Kai Schumacher- Objectively I have to admit he knows how to play the piano well, but RATM is another band I really, really hate (sorry), but yeah, it is much better without Zack De LaRocha's vocals...it's really much better than listening to RATM who annoy me since they exist, so at least that's the positive thing I can say.

    10 Erlend Oye - Norwegians should always, in any case, play Black Metal!!! *Just kidding!!!* Since I don't know the original, hard to rate, but okay...

    11 Sparklehorse - Mh not bad. Voice ain't my kind at all but nice acoustic guitars :)

    12 Murderdolls - Well I like them much more than Slipknot! Saw em live 3 times, always a party despite the fact I really hate Slipknot, but this is so very different, so I don't mind Joey Jordison here. Nice cover, though close to the original...but well, this one has a much rougher, punkier touch, so yeah, I like that.

    13 The Baseballs - Oh no, another one ha ha ha...this is going really great for me this time. *lol* My rockabilly/psychobilly buddy keeps annoying me with this band eversince they first came up. They cover a lot of pop songs I don't like. Well, but I must say, this is still much better than the original, much, much, better!!! But that's easy. The original really annoys me on the radio a loooot. I'm not much into rockabilly, though. But that's just cos everytime I visit my buddy - and I really like him as a friend a lot, despite the music taste - floods me with it. I bet despite not being into the Genre I already know more Rockabilly and Psychobilly records than a person who's a fan but has just started collecting! Mh the only band I like of this genre so far is called Southern Culture On The Skids. Just wanted to mention that.

    14 Lisa Gerrard - finally something I can enjoy. Although Bob Dylan gets covered a lot. I got this as a cover of Frank Black & The Catholics, too. Though being a huge Frank Black Fan, I must admit this version is way more original...yeah it's great...

    15 Smith - I knew THE Smith but I did not know Smith. Ha, this is cool...ok ok, I can't be objective here cos it seems I get happy like a nut everytime I hear something from the 60s/70s. You can play like the most corny song from the 60s to me and I'll love it still...ha ok, I have a (very subjective) winner :)

    Need a bit more time to post all my points again, though...

  • The only Michael Jackson Cover by Alien Ant Farm I know of is Smooth Criminal

  • You are right :)

    and the mistake happened because I think "Billy Jean" and "Smooth Criminal" sound pretty much alike. Maybe I just don't understand mainstream pop though and my ears can't properly digest it and that's why I think that. But "Billy Jean is not my lover" sounds much the same to me than "you been hit by, you been struck by, a smooth criminal" I mean the melodies...yeah they are different but still they sound kind of, alike. You know like with an AC/DC song, I mean yeah, "Back in black" is not "Highway to hell" but you can't tell a big difference still, know what I mean ;)

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    • 28 avr. 2012, 5h25m

    Hey guys!

    You know this is my first time in this contest and the theme is interesting because Cover songs can be a double-edged sword for artists at times. I have yet to listen to all the songs. I'll get on that tomorrow and send in my votes jeje

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    • 28 avr. 2012, 11h35m
    01 Gerben Groeneveld : I’m not a fan of Bjork’s work and this version leaves me quite indifferent.

    02 Millionaire: I used to hate this band, but during the last year my opinion on the band has changed. This song is okay.

    03 The Civil Wars: Excellent remake, but in this case it’s impossible to make something which is worse than the original. Don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate the King of Pop, but I’d like to forget about Billie Jean asap.

    04 The Corrs: Definitely better than the original. It’s gonna be hard to find something better than this.

    05 Lucie Silvas: Goosebumps, but there’s still room for improvement.

    06 Japan: Good try, but overall quite disappointing

    07 Nightwish: Love this track!

    08 Fever Ray: Great discovery!

    09 Kai Schumacher: Another track I used to hate, but this version is exquisite. I’ll try to find more of this Mr. Schumacher

    10 Erlend Oye: I don’t know the original, but this is enjoyable

    11 Sparklehorse: How to make a song even more difficult? This song cannot be judged upon decently after only one spin.

    12 Murderdolls: Good riffs, but the vocals cannot please me the entire time.

    13 The Baseballs: Not familiar with the original. Nothing against this track.

    14 Lisa Gerrard: She can do better than this.

    15 Smith: Not my cup of tea, despite the good voice she has.

    Recommended group: The Last.fm Song Contest!

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    • 28 avr. 2012, 21h38m
    01 Gerben Groeneveld - Nice but the video reminds me of Bjork videos .
    The only song that I really liked from Bjork is Venus as a Boy .
    By the way Corinne Bailey Rae had done a cover to this song Venus as a Boy if someone had put this version it will definitely be in my top 5 .

    02 Millionaire - Too much noise it could be much better if it was a little quiet (I am very sorry) .

    03 The Civil Wars - Nice, but it could be much better .
    I heard a lot of cover versions of Michael Jackson songs . My familly alwasy litstened to Michael Jackson songs, I didn't liked him very much .

    04 The Corrs - You can guess that this is mine :)
    The album version Talk on Corners 1997 is with The Chieftains is very nice but I think that the Unplugged version is much better .
    I wanted to put something else but I could not find what I wanted, so I put this one because it didn't became a single and a hit like their cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac .

    05 Lucie Silvas - Nice, but her previous work was better then this cover .
    The original and the unplugged / live version were much better .

    06 Japan - I am very sorry but just no .

    07 Nightwish - It could be very good for the Eurovision Song Contest . (Sorry) .

    08 Fever Ray - I am very sorry again just no .

    09 Kai Schumacher - At last a cover that I like because it is instrumental and a good one .

    10 Erlend Oye - Very very nice . I have played this one four times !!!
    I don't know why but I like his voice .
    The only song that I really like from Kings of Convenience is I'd Rather Dance With You 2004 .

    11 Sparklehorse - Nice but it could be much better . I liked Wyclef Jean cover version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jqutCxpKLU .

    12 Murderdolls - Again too much noise . (I am very sorry)

    13 The Baseballs - Very cute .

    14 Lisa Gerrard - No comment . (Sorry) .

    15 Smith - Very nice .

  • 01 Gerben Groeneveld - I liked this. Nice cover and a delicate feel to the song.

    02 Millionaire - I really did not like this.

    03 The Civil Wars - I am not a Michael fan at all but this is actually very good.

    04 The Corrs - I have the album this is from and it is my favourite on the album. I love the way their harmonies blend. The instrumentation gives it a sort of 'elswehere' feel.

    05 Lucie Silvas – The perfect cover. Completely different from the original but still very very good.

    06 Japan – Not my cup of tea at all.

    07 Nightwish – I liked this. I found my head going to it.

    08 Fever Ray – She has a haunting voice and uses it to good effect in this one.

    09 Kai Schumacher – decent playing from a technical perspective but it's an awful song.

    10 Erlend Oye – I love the original and I love this too.

    11 Sparklehorse – I liked the acoustic feel and the voice was pleasing to the ear.

    12 Murderdolls – Definitely not for me. Too much noise and not enough music.

    13 The Baseballs – This creeps in to my scoring only because I really don't like the others. It's not bad but it's not particularly good either.

    14 Lisa Gerrard – This is far from her best but good enough for a couple of points.

    15 Smith – I liked this more than I thought I would. I like the musical styling.

    I'm in the middle of 15 things, all of them annoying
  • Re: You are right :)

    veggiecannibal2 said:
    and the mistake happened because I think "Billy Jean" and "Smooth Criminal" sound pretty much alike. Maybe I just don't understand mainstream pop though and my ears can't properly digest it and that's why I think that. But "Billy Jean is not my lover" sounds much the same to me than "you been hit by, you been struck by, a smooth criminal" I mean the melodies...yeah they are different but still they sound kind of, alike. You know like with an AC/DC song, I mean yeah, "Back in black" is not "Highway to hell" but you can't tell a big difference still, know what I mean ;)

    Yes I know what you mean xD Bringing AC/DC into it - I should have taken a Six Feet Under Version of their classics :D

  • TabooEv comments!

    01. Gerben Groeneveld - I surprisingly like this.

    02. Millionaire - It was a good cover until they started singing...

    03. The Civil Wars - These two sure know how to make good covers.

    04. The Corrs - I've never heard of them but I really dig this cover.

    05. Lucie Silvas – This one is very good one too

    06. Japan – Meh..

    07. Nightwish – I like Tarja and NW but I don't now about this..

    08. Fever Ray – This is really unique stuff..

    09. Kai Schumacher – Not too shabby jeje

    10. Erlend Oye – This one and the original are cool.

    11. Sparklehorse – This is pretty solid cover

    12. Murderdolls – Me no likey..

    13. The Baseballs – decent...

    14. Lisa Gerrard –

    15. Smith – Good cover and she has a great voice!

  • its late for me so my comments are rather brief!

    01 Gerben Groeneveld - yeah i like it, his vocals are bit tiresome, but not bad overall

    02 Millionaire - was never a massive fan of the original, but this was at least better!

    03 The Civil Wars - a decent cover, but to be honest Michael Jackson is a bit meh for me!!!

    04 The Corrs - i actually love it.

    05 Lucie Silvas - very nice cover! i dig it!

    06 Japan - this was only okay

    07 Nighwish - not my thing normally but really liked it!

    08 Fever Ray - not my fav by fever ray

    09 Kai Schumacher - ver clever, loving it

    10 Erlend Oye - love this cover

    11 Sparklehorse - i enjoyed this more the second time

    12 Murderdolls - not my thing but good nonetheless

    13 The Baseballs - love it, much better than the original

    14 Lisa Gerrard - love it, gonna be a very hard contest to vote for!

    15 Smith - not sure to be honest , mhhhhhh

  • 1.Gerben Groeneveld – I like this, but pretty much because the backing track is similar to the original
    2.Millionaire – Cool scratchy sound but not really for me
    3.The Civil Wars – Love their harmonies, their voices go well together. If I could choose again I would have put down Chet Faker – No Diggity, since he is a local and does a very soulful and sexy version and is getting a bit of airplay in Aus right now (FYI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIfFA8-RaHQ)
    4.The Corrs – I don’t like country much which this borders on but the Corrs use of strings is great
    5.Lucie Silvas – I like this take on Metallica
    6.Japan – Cool cover of a good song
    7.Nightwish – Don’t know the original, it’s not bad though
    8.Fever Ray – Dark but would have preferred a bit more vocals
    9.Kai Schumacher – Really enjoyed this rendition
    10.Erlend Oye – I like the stuff he has done in other projects, and this is very cool too
    11.Sparklehorse – Just covering this song will probably mean I will like it, this was pretty good
    12.Murderdolls – I like heavier music sometimes, and this is one of them
    13.The Baseballs – What a contrast from no.12 to this! Cool take on a song I don’t usually like
    14.Lisa Gerrard – Good cover
    15.Smith – Got better as it went on

  • Results will be announced in just under 1 hour and 30 mins!

  • 02. Millionaire - Bit noisy, was an ok listen

    03. The Civil Wars - Really nice cover

    04. The Corrs - Like this one a lot.

    05. Lucie Silvas – Original

    06. Japan – Found this alright

    07. Nightwish – Love Tarja and nightwish :D

    08. Fever Ray – Like this one

    09. Kai Schumacher – Enjoyed this

    10. Erlend Oye – Nice

    11. Sparklehorse – Good cover

    12. Murderdolls – Not into this one

    13. The Baseballs – Alright

    14. Lisa Gerrard – Eh not bad..

    15. Smith – Liked this one quite a lot

    Just in time..

  • just doing some last min checks! be ready in 10 mins! anyone here?

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    HI, I am here as always :)

  • hi lea, whats up? :)

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    Just listening to music .

  • **previously on LSC05**

    **theeefringe & or0gaz0man go on hike and get chased by a bull**
    **veggie and worldmusicwoman bond over the twilight movies**
    **biscuit1978 & thyjhy set up a secret alliance**
    **Jd_Jd_Jd & tiepgeit become pen pals**
    **Taboove & b-factor go shopping on record store day**

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    And how are you ?

  • Im good :) anybody else here, imma see if i can round up the gang!

  • right lets get this started!

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    Dun dun dun!

    Hey! jeje

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