notification won't go away

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    • 7 fév. 2012, 17h49m notification won't go away

    You know how there's a notification of the current playing song in the notification bar? Well, when I'm done listening to music, I press pause then go back to my home screen, and the notification is still there at the top of the screen with whatever song was playing when I paused it. Even if I log out, the notification is still there. The only thing that makes it go away is restarting my phone.

    I should note, however, that about half the time it does go away when it's supposed to. But the other half the time it hangs around and annoys me.


  • I Have the same problem.

    I Have the same problem.

  • Same problem. Could this be because for some reason the Android player lacks a stop button (Why)? The scrobbling notification shouldn't be persistent, though, and should go away after a certain period of detecting nonplaying.

    And for bug tracking purposes: Droid X2, Android 2.3.4, rooted.

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    • 21 fév. 2012, 16h10m
    If the "now scrobbling" notification gets stuck, you can clear it by launching the app, pressing the Menu button your phone and selecting "Settings", and then un-check the "Enable Scrobbling" checkbox which should clear the notification. You can then check the checkbox again to turn scrobbling support back on. We'll look into adding a timeout that will automatically clear it after a certain amount of time has passed in a future update.

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