track.scrobble issue in Android

  • track.scrobble issue in Android

    iam writing code for in android.
    As i was trying to scrobble using url =
    it gives me response code as : 403.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <lfm status="failed">
    <error code="3">Invalid Method - No method with that name in this package</error></lfm>
    as i have used request type as post, but then also it is not giving me proper response.
    pls give me suggestion to solve this problem that iam facing in android.

    i have also made post request to the root url using Rest Client addon of Firefox browser.
    With all parameters (including the 'method') sent in the POST body.

    then also iam geting response as:
    <error code="3">Invalid Method - No method with that name in this package</error>

    here authtoken and api_signature is calculated as :
    authToken = MD5.getHashString("xxxxxxx" + MD5.getHashString("xxxxxxxx"));
    api_sig = MD5.getHashString("album"+album+"api_key"+api_key+

  • I got the solution.

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