Share your favorite Flyleaf moments.

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    • 26 nov. 2008, 12h58m

    Share your favorite Flyleaf moments.

    Like if you saw them live or even met the band tell your story here :)

  • Why hasn't anyone posted here! Gosh, guys.

    Fine, i'll share my amazing story. :) And it is a true story, believe it or not. Hands down one of the best things that has happened to me so far in my life.

    So...I went to see them in Boston (Flyleaf and Story of the Year Unite and Fight Tour), and me, my friend, and my dad were standing outside the venue and we were right by their tour bus. Of couse, my friend and I were joking around, saying how we should go up to their tour bus and tap on the windows or something stupid like that.

    Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw someone who looked extremely familiar. So I was staring at him like an idiot, and my dad scolded me for staring at the large man with the ginormous beard standing across the street. Then, I suddenly and explosively realized that it was Pat (the amazing bassist). I made this strange noise that I will probabley never be able to make again, and said to my friend "Oh my god, that's Pat!"

    She thought I was joking and kept saying "No way!" But, it was Pat, he was standing across the street with a rite aid bag in hand, just looking at the small crowd that was forming near the ticket window. Then he walked across the street to the tour bus, and, me being the complete geek that I am, I screamed, and I quote, "PAT I LOVE YOU!"

    So yeah. True story. Sameer (the amazing guitarist) and another woman (I think it was Kat their tour manager) came out shortly after Pat went in, and me and my friend were lucky enough, and he was nice enough to let us take a picture with him. Seriously, he was so nice. Flyleaf are an amazing band and they are amazing to their fans.

    THE END.

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